Ed Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 4: The Power of Rage!

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Ed Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 4: The Power of Rage!

Post  SSJ5G on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:11 pm

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z: Episode Four: The Power of Rage!

Previously, in Ep. 3, the Eds were battling a whole unit of Humanoids. However, unexpected allies for the Eds came out of nowhere to help battle the Humanoids. Desperate, the Humanoid named Kram called in more Androids for help in exterminating the Saiyans. Now, after witnessing Sarah getting injured, Ed is willing to crush the enemies without mercy…

(Ed's body is still emitting the red aura, only much bigger this time.)

Michael: Hmmm! It seems he's already mastered the Kaio-ken! But it seems he doesn't know that yet! Probably has to do with the rage he has towards the Humanoids.

(In a location 50 meters away from the fight, the other Saiyans are keeping the Cul-De-Sac kids safe.)

Edd: W-Will they be all right?

Eddy: I think so, Double Dee. From what I can feel, Ed's power is insanely huge, but it's not as big as the other guy's.

Bowen: Heh. That's not surprising. Michael can take on both of us(Although both of us can overpower him.). His power level is resting, but it's still bigger than ours. The range of his power is at least 30000-60000 G's. When he's not using the Kaio-ken, of course.

Edd: Kaio-ken?

Eddy: Kai-whatta whatta whatta?

Chase: Kaio-ken. It's a technique which can raise your strength to pretty high levels.

Bowen: Like my normal power level, for instance, is 25000 G's-50000 G's.

Chase: And mine is 28000 G's-55000 G's.

Bowen: But with the Kaio-ken, its range is 56000 G's-80000 G's.

Chase: And mine is 63000 G's-90000 G's.

Bowen: But Michael's is 76000 G's-109000 G's.

Eddy: Are you serious!

Edd: So what would Ed's power level be?

Bowen: Well, judging from the aura surrounding him and his rage… I'd say it's at least 18000 G's, but it's still increasing!

Edd: I-Incredible! Ed is that strong?

Eddy: I knew Bristle Hair was strong, but not THIS strong.

(Back at the fray.)

Ed: You mutant menaces hurt my baby sister, and I will make sure you suffer for it.

Kram: Then make us suffer, boy!

Ed: I will gladly mutilate you with my grape jelly of justice! HAAAAAAAA!

(Ed disappears in a blinding flash. Then he reappears in front of Kram and unleashes a devastating combo on the Humanoid.)

Ed: Taste my *Steak Combo Platter!

*Since Ed's attacks and phrases are usually based on food, comic books, and video games, I decided to name one of his moves after a combo platter.

Kram: Oof! Augh! Argh! Org! Urk!

(Ed then side kicks his opponent, which leaves Kram flying towards the other Humanoids. The result is Kram hitting the Humanoids like bowling pins.)

Michael: Clever, Ed! Very clever!

(Ed follows up by blasting some of the Humanoids with a Kamehameha, killing them in the process. He flies towards one of the falling Humanoids, grabs him and throws him toward two other Humanoids. He quickly flies above them and uses a completely new move he thought up while attacking Kram.)

Ed: Eat this! Sphere of the Sphinx!

(A large ball of green energy begins to form between Ed's hands.)

Michael: Hmmm…That looks a lot like the Big Bang Attack Chase uses…

(After the sphere of energy reaches its full power, Ed releases it, enveloping the Humanoids.)


(The ball of energy falls to the street and detonates, causing a massive explosion.)

Michael: That's nine down, four to go.

(Kram and the other three Humanoids regain their balance and prepare an energy attack.)

Kram: Men! It's time to use the Proxy-Beam!

Humanoid 6: But sir, I don't think that will be enough to-


(The four Humanoids put themselves in a diamond-shaped position. They begin chanting and an odd illumination appears.)

Kram: May we take leaps and bounds…

Humanoid 12: By besting our enemies…

Humanoid 9: And surviving every war…

Humanoid 6: And by being the greatest…

(Spheres of energy appear in each Humanoid's hands.)


(The Humanoids fire off their energy attacks and the beams combine into one, big-ass blast.)

Ed: You'd better hope your attack is strong enough, mutants, CUZ' *I'M A FIRIN' MA' LAZAR!

*The YouTuber SSJ5G made Ed use this phrase while he was fighting Androids.

(Ed fires off a Kamehameha.)

(Both attacks collide.)


(The beams from both sides struggle to best one another.)

Ed: Hrrrrrghhh!

Kram: Keep pushing! We have him now!

(The Proxy-Beam gets bigger and begins pushing back the Kamehameha.)

Ed: Unnnnggghh!

Michael: Uh-oh. I better help him.

(Michael flies to Ed's side and prepares a Kamehameha.)

Michael: All right, f-kheads, you want a Beam Struggle? You got a Beam Struggle!


(Michael fires off a Kamehameha larger than Ed's.)


Kram: D-Dammit! Damn that Saiyan!

Michael: Ed! You have to push with all your might! Use your full power!

Ed: Nnnngghh! !

(Ed's beam grows and the Beam Struggle begins pushing the other way.)

Kram: M-More power!

Humanoid 6: We're pushing with all we've got, sir!

Kram: We're losing ground!

(The Kamehameha gets closer and closer as the Proxy-Beam gets weaker.)


(The Proxy Beam completely dissipates [also means disintegrates].)


(The Humanoids are caught in the blast.)


(The beam rips the Humanoids apart and obliterates them.)

Ed: Haff…Hoof…

Michael: You okay, Ed? Come on, I barely even broke a sweat during that Beam Struggle!

Ed: Huff…Gasp…

(Back at the far-off location.)

Eddy: Ok, that was waaaayyy too close even from here!

Edd: Intriguing, more like!

Bowen: Hah! That's nothing compared to when Michael and Drew start duking it out!

Chase: Yeah. When those two start clashin', it's just plain destruction, through and through. Although Corey serves as a worthy opponent as well. And Zach.

Edd: Corey? Drew? Zach? I believe I've heard of their names before, although I can't remember where… Oh! I know! Are they the three teenagers who led the U.S. coalition against the League of Schools in the School Wars?

Bowen: Right on the money. But they were also Saiyans.

Edd: Really?

Bowen: Believe me, if they weren't, then they would've been killed in the first battle and the Superintendents would've ruled the world.

(At this time, Michael is helping Ed stand up.)

Michael: Geez, Ed. You're just like Corey said, strong, but a huge pain in the ass…

Ed: Do you want me to find a chicken for you?

Michael: Errrr….no thanks…

Ed: Oh, come on! It's fun to pet and play fetch with!

Michael: I just hope Corey and the other two are finished up in Lemon Brook.

(Meanwhile, in Lemon Brook Electrical Facilities…)

Corey: Well, that should be the last of 'em, I hope.

Drew: I didn't think that there were so many frickin' Balnaans crawling around this place.

Zach: Tch. Whatever. Were you scared, chicken wuss?

Drew: Screw you!

Zach: Ha ha! Just as I thought! You are a chicken wuss!

Corey: Cut it out, you two. We have more business to wrap up in Peach Creek.

Drew: Didn't Michael, Bowen, and Chase already move in on that area?

Corey: Yes, but you can't expect them to destroy those scrap piles in two days. Plus, he did mention that he was trying to recruit more Saiyans.

Drew: Did he find any?

Corey: As far as I know, no. He didn't say anything about it-

(Corey's wristwatch begins to sound a Dragonball Z tune.)

Corey: -yet.

(Corey presses the receive button on his watch.)

Corey: Corey speaking. Who is this?

(An image of Michael pops up on the screen.)

Michael: Hey, Corey. It's me.

Corey: I'm quite aware of that, thank you very much.

Michael: Listen, I think I've found some new recruits.

Corey: Really? Who are they?

Michael: Well, they're the ones you reported to me about.

Corey: Oh! You mean the guy wearing a sock over his head, the guy with three hairs, and the guy with the monobrow?

Michael: Yep. That's them.

Corey: Have you verified their Saiyan heritage?

Michael: I didn't need to see that much to verify it. Ed, the monobrow one, took down 9 Humanoids all by himself! The last four I had to help him with.

Corey: Nine Humanoids, huh? That's lot more than what I expected out of that guy. What techniques did he use?

Michael: Well, he used the Kamehameha, the Kaio-ken, and something that looked like a Big Bang Attack.

Corey: The Kamehameha AND the Kaio-ken! Wow, he must be pretty strong. So where are you right now?

Michael: I'm still at Peach Creek. I believe the enemy has set up camp pretty close to our location, otherwise these Android and Humanoid waves wouldn't be so frequent.

Corey: Are you sure about that?

Michael: If Androids or Humanoids didn't do this, who did?

(The watch camera focuses on a wrecked house.)

Corey: All right, I get it.

Michael: If you're finished dealing with those Balnaans, then I would appreciate it if you hauled your tailed ass over here, because some civilians were injured during the fight. So right now, we're in a vulnerable position.

Corey: Got it.

Michael: Oh! I almost forgot! Any contact from the other teams yet?

Corey: The only team I've been receiving transmissions from is you guys.

Michael: Hmmm… That's odd. You think they ran into a whole regiment?

Corey: Possibly. What you going to do about it?

Michael: I'll try to get in contact with the others and see if they found out anything. You?

Corey: I have to make sure this area is completely secure before I go.

Michael: I understand. Michael out.

(The transmission cuts off.)

Corey: Well, guys, looks like we've got an assload of Androids and Humanoids to deal with next, so get ready.

Drew: Androids, huh?

Zach: Finally! I was really getting tired of fighting those damn Balnaans.

(Back at the Cul-De-Sac.)

Bowen: Did he find out anything?

Michael: Unfortunately, no. He said that he was receiving transmissions only from us.

Chase: Crap. Guess we're all alone for now.

Michael: Don't worry about that. Corey and his cousins will head over here as soon as they're done securing Lemon Brook.

Chase: How long?

Michael: It took us two days to get here, since there were so many Hornets around. There shouldn't be too many left, so it should take them one day.

Chase: Let's hope we can hold out until then.

Michael: Don't worry. We'll let the Eds handle the next wave to come.


Michael: What? It's just a bunch of piles of walking scraps.

Edd: But what if we get killed?

Michael: You won't. Trust me.

Eddy: Yeah, brainiac! Grow some balls!

Ed: Balls! I like *blue balls!

*This is a Sonic reference. For those of you who haven't even heard of Sonic, then look it up.

Eddy: Not those kind of balls, Monobrow…

Edd: I'm not sure about this…

After hearing the disturbing news that the other teams have not communicated with Corey, Michael decides to try to communicate with the other teams himself. However, they have to take care of the injured neighborhood kids of the Cul-De-Sac for one day! Can they hold out in that allotted time, or will they fail in protecting the innocent? Find out on the next episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!


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