Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 16: The Anchor's Worth

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 16: The Anchor's Worth

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Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z: Episode 16: The Anchor’s Worth

Corey ran toward a pile of jet black rocks, which glimmered under the light from the two moons that sat in the sky. Panting, he ganders over the rocks, searching for whatever had been making those loud noises. He tried to recall what Michael, or at least, what he thought to be Michael, told him.
Corey smacked his head a bit, trying to jog his memory. “He said something about an someone and his anchor or something…and he mentioned ‘Oozaru’…” Corey thought to himself. Before he arrived, he felt something paining his head, but he couldn’t recall what it was. Afterward, everything seemed to go blank for a second, and then he found himself in this dark place. For the first time since he arrived, he felt cold and alone…

Not far off, Michael watched over Corey. Michael slumped himself on an emerald green rock, yawning and analyzing what Corey was doing. Michael lazily said to himself, “Looks like Corey can’t tell what’s left or right in here*. Can’t say I blame him. It ain’t natural finding yourself in a dark place all of a sudden.”

*This means Corey has no idea what’s going on.

Corey panted, looking around to see if he was alone yet. The chilling atmosphere gripped him at his insides and he clutched his stomach. The footfalls came closer, ever so closer. They synched with Corey’s heartbeat, which was drumming loudly in Corey’s ears.

Michael sighed and continued watching Corey’s progress, or rather, waiting for him to move. “Corey’s going to have to face his Oozaru eventually, it’s not going to wait for him to be ready,” Michael mused to himself.

And soon enough, the giant ape came around from the towering rock columns and cliffs. It roared, having found its target, and blasted a yellow stream of light from its mouth, which exploded, covering the entire sky in bright yellow. Corey, having finally made up his mind to face this creature, stood up and readied himself.

“Okay, I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but if you’re looking for a fight, I’ll give you one!” Corey yelled, challenging the monster. For a moment, the Oozaru stared at Corey, and it suddenly disappeared. Corey gaped, and he looked around for the giant ape he’d been looking dead in the eye just then.

A voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “What are you looking at, kid?” Corey jumped back, and found himself looking at his own reflection. No, not a reflection, more like a clone…
The figure was dressed in exactly the same garb Corey was wearing, only, they were black and his skin was red, his hair white, and his eyes glinted red.

Corey interrogated, “Who the hell are you?” The figure laughed mockingly, then said, “I’d have thought you had that figured that out, Corey. Heh heh…” Corey felt a twinge of annoyance. The figure continued, “I’m what you might call your shadow self, the yin of your yang(Or was it the other way around?), the opposite of yourself. But truly, I am simply the representation of anger, a manifestation, if you will.” The figure chuckled while Corey tried to take in and figure what he was saying. “I am simply the anger and wrath…” The figure pointed at Corey, “of you…Corey…” Corey nearly choked on the air at the sound of his own name. But then he felt himself exhaling suddenly, he didn’t know why.

He realized that he had been punched in the stomach, which sent him flying into the rocks! The impact nearly shattered his spine, which caused him to cough up blood. The figure then followed up by forcing Corey through the rock matter. He threw Corey up into the air and attempted to uppercut him, but Corey moved quickly enough and attempted to get behind, but he saw the a green light emanating from the figure’s finger.

“Kohai Bimu*.” The figure chanted. The beam enlarged and enveloped Corey. The result was a devastating explosion which not only covered the whole atmosphere, but destroyed the surrounding rock formations.

*Devastation Beam

Corey went flying like a limp doll, screaming in agony. The figure flew after, but Corey smirked and dodged the figure’s move. Red aura quickly surrounded Corey and he put his hands out.

Corey: (Kaio-ken x15) KAMEHAMEHA!!!

The explosion was smaller than the last, but the energy was more dense. Michael looked on, grinning at Corey’s resistance. “Not bad for a scrawny kid. But..! That Oozaru Corey ain’t going down that easy…” The smoke and energy dissipated with a wave of Oozaru Corey’s hand, which he now held out toward Corey.

“Kamehameha.” Oozaru Corey said calmly. An explosion of bright red light engulfed the entire environment, bringing ruin to everything in range. Michael continued to watch the awesome display of power brought on by both fighters, yet he could not help but feel concern at how easily Oozaru Corey was overpowering Corey.

Corey vomited blood, as he bled in every conceivable body part. He fell to his knees, pain overflowing Corey’s every nerve. Oozaru Corey slowly floated down, clicking his tongue at Corey’s futile efforts to fight. “Tsk, tsk, tsk…I’d have expected better from you, Corey. Oh well, I’m sure you won’t need to fight anymore, seeing as how weak and pathetic you are. I’m taking over this body, and I’ll use it the right way…”

It was at this point Michael could sit no longer, knowing that Corey’s life was in jeopardy. Oozaru Corey put out his finger and prepared to kill Corey. Michael grabbed Oozaru Corey’s hand. Oozaru Corey’s hand burned from the power that just flowed through Michael’s body. Oozaru Corey pulled his hand away, which sizzled and crackled.

Michael chuckled and mused, “I know I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but I guess I don’t have a choice.” Both of the Coreys gaped at what the sight that beheld them…

“Now you face me, Oozaru…” Michael taunted. Corey was about to protest, but Michael chanted: “Bakudo No. 56: Tsuki no Jubaku*”

*Chains of the Moon
Bakudo spells are originally from Bleach

“What the hell? I can’t move! Shit!” Corey struggled, but Michael assured him, “The chains are strongest when in sight of the full moon, thus, it’ll be impossible for you to break out…” Michael faced his opponent and readied himself.


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