Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 15: The Oozaru's Rage

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 15: The Oozaru's Rage

Post  SSJ mike on Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:33 pm

Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 15: The Oozaru’s Rage

Kaio-ken x15 Zach: Sorry, Corey…This is for your own good…

Michael: …(thinking) I can’t feel a bit of emotion in Corey. His mind’s form must be at Oozaru Cliffs…That won’t be good… He has to prove his stability in emotional reserves…If he fails this test, there’ll be plenty of telling what the Oozaru will do…
His physical form won’t be weakened enough for him to regain control if Zach beats him; he’ll die if more of us attempt to stop him. Guess I’ll have to go inside his mind…

Within Corey’s mind, something triggers Corey’s anger to the point of an emotional test… Michael, having experienced this before attempts to enter the brain world of Corey. The world is highly secluded by dark clouds and jagged earth formations, an omen that signified this land would taste destruction once more.

Michael looks around, taking in the scenery of the area of conflict between instability and control. He closes his eyes, remembering the first time uncontrollable anger had gripped him and whisked him away to another world.

Michael: Ah.. This takes me right back…

Michael continues to survey the scenery in which Corey’s mind was situated. He then noticed a limping figure and saw it was Corey, looking around as though he knew nothing.

Corey: (thinking) What the heck just happened..? One minute I get blasted into a building and I got so angry I got a headache… and blacked out… Now this..!?

Michael: (thinking) Better act as though I’m some trial, otherwise he won’t attempt to regain independent control of the Oozaru…

Corey notices Michael and limps to him. He puts on a look of relief, seeing a familiar face.

Corey: Michael! Thank God! I was beginning to think I was all alone or dead…


Corey: ??? Uhhh…Michael?

Michael: …You aren’t dead…yet… But you will be soon enough once I take over…

Corey: Take…over..?

Michael punches Corey, sending him flying, although he tried to hold back. Corey goes soaring and bounces back off a rock formation. Michael walks up to him and talks in a pretentious mocking tone.

Michael: Brat! Did you really believe you were safe?

Corey: Urrgghhh…M-Michael…What are you…?

Michael: Michael? Oh… I’m sorry… I haven’t gotten used to this new body, you see… I’m the Oozaru within Michael…you see…The fool got so angered that he let his guard down…!

Corey: …N-no way…!

Michael: Yes…It’s not my business to mess with HIS anchor, though…

Corey: H-his anchor..?

Michael: …Yes, HIS. You are the anchor for YOUR inner rage…

Michael lifts him by the scruff of his neck and pretends to smile maliciously.

Michael: You see…When a Saiyan’s emotional state is pushed to such extremities, they all end up here…to prove their worth to their beasts of rage. You have reached that point…

Off in the distance, giant footfalls sound. Michael drops Corey back down and disappears.

Corey: ! What the--!?

Michael’s voice resonates inside Corey’s brain.

Michael’s voice: You’d better get ready, boy… Friendly advice, don’t get angry at this challenge…

Corey: (thinking) What the f--k is he talking about!? I’m already pissed about what he just did!

Michael reappears at safe distance from Corey and notices the approaching Oozaru.

Michael: (thinking) Corey’s always been easy to become enraged. Playing Castlevania on NES, losing some stupid thing, having to hear the same argument over and over again.. This definitely won’t be easy for him..

Corey: Ngghh… Gotta move…
Michael continues watching Corey as he jerks toward a safe place.

Michael: (thinking) Corey’s going to have to keep his cool if he wants to have any chance of beating the Oozaru, or getting out alive…

Corey: Dammit!

Corey curses as he falls over, and he notices the footfalls coming closer as the earth rumbled more loudly.

Corey looks up and sees a giant silhouette with red glowing eyes. It then makes a motion to stomp, but Corey scrambles his way out.

Corey: Dyaaghh! W-what the hell?!

By the time he recovers and looks back up, the form has dissipated. Michael continues his observation, noting to himself.

Michael: (thinking) Interesting…so the Oozaru’s decided to take on a smaller physical form… In my time, the form was that of my own… So it’ll be likely the Oozaru will look like Corey…

And Michael’s prediction wasn’t far off, as another form appeared in the guise of Corey, but with the same red glowing eyes as the Oozaru…

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