Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 9: Onward, Space Flunkies!(Nearly Lost Episode)

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 9: Onward, Space Flunkies!(Nearly Lost Episode)

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 9: Onward, Space Flunkies!

Edd: So if we attach the Electromagnetic Pulsars with the Flux Capacitor, then we should emplace a boost accelerator, which by my calculations..

Bowen: Comes up to 278,961,534 meters per second, somewhat slower than the speed of light, if we retain a higher speed than light, then that may create…

Edd: …a dimensional rip that may behave like a black hole and give birth to destruction on a galactic scale, thus turning the Milky Way into nothing but a blank vacuum of space…

Bowen: …meaning that we should not emplace an accelerator than can veer us up above said speed…

The intellectuals debate about their building craft, carefully determining the consequences of each piece of tech installed in the Purple Comet*, as they have dubbed it. The other Saiyans are still training extremely hard, having sparring matches against each other as so:
Jimmy/Johnny 2x4

*Purple Comet-a gag off DBZ, which is actually the name of a combination move by Burter and Jeice of the Ginyu Special Force.

Due to the initially high power of the veterans, the newbies sparred first, starting with Jimmy v. Johnny 2x4. Johnny and Plank geared up in their Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonder Wood costumes, while Jimmy took on the appearance of a Muay Thai martial artist.*

*Muay Thai means Science of the 8 Limbs. One of the most famous users of this style is Tony Jaa, as seen in The Protector and Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior. Jimmy had also dressed up like this in A Fistful of Ed.

Cap. MH made his first move by swinging the bo staff* which Splinter was placed upon at Jimmy’s head, but Jimmy ducked in time and tried to retaliate with an uppercut to Cap. MH’s jaw. The fruit head leapt into the air, levitating.

*Bo Staff-a long straight staff utilized in terms of both karate and kung fu.

Cap. MH: Phew! What’s that? You’re right, Splinter! It’d be better if this was one-on-one!

Melonhead threw the staff down at Jimmy, like a dart to a target. The tactic worked, as Jimmy staggered back and even better, much to Cap. MH’s comfort, Splinter landed safely on the ground.

Johnny: That the best ya got, chump?

Johnny taunted Jimmy. This action only ended up in the peaking of Jimmy’s anger. And so, Jimmy launched himself at Johnny, clashing with him. The battle literally escalated to a whole new level, elevating in sky. Jimmy smacked his open palm on Johnny’s stomach, blasting him away with a large ki blast. Johnny went soaring, Jimmy flew after him, his azure-colored aura blasting behind him.
Jimmy tried to land a hay bale on Johnny, but Johnny arched back, his legs flying upward at Jimmy’s jaw. Jimmy blocked with his knee, punched Johnny’s feet away and axe kicked him down to the ground.
Upon impact, a large hole had been created. Jimmy couldn’t see anything due to the smoke, but Johnny charged right out, head butting his curly-haired opponent. Jimmy went flying and fell to the ground, clutching his stomach in pain, coughing and drooling blood. Johnny’s Melon Headgear cracked and fell apart from the blow. It showed that Johnny had a large bloody spot on his head.
Jimmy and Johnny passed out, but they awoke ten minutes later. This spar ended in a draw.

Michael calculated their power levels; the results were that Jimmy’s was at least 5,120 and Johnny’s 5,132. It was interesting at how close their strength came.

Then it was Corey vs. Eddy. Of course, Eddy’s short temper won him this spar, which came as a surprise to everyone. Eddy’s power level seemed to come up to 12,000.

Rolf and Kevin sparred fiercely, both of them throwing around insults and punches at each other.

Rolf: Kevin the Jock Boy can’t even compare to Lower-Than-A-Wee-Roach-Eddy!

This statement irked Kevin, and he used the 4-Nin No Zanzo Kogeki* or 4 Nin No Zanzo-ken**.

*Quadruple Afterimage Attack
**Quadruple Afterimage Fist

Kevin punched Rolf in the face, disappeared, elbowed him in the lower spinal area, disappeared, kneed him to the stomach, disappeared once more, and kicked him in the face. Rolf had attempted to retaliate against this combo, but ultimately failed.
Thus, Kevin triumphed in this spar, leaving three more matches to go.

Nazz and Sarah started off with Sarah taking a heavy punch to her abdomen. She quickly recovered and kicked back, throwing a large ki blast at Nazz. Nazz popped out of the smoke, flying upward and utilized a Renzoku Energiasaruto*.

*Continuous Energy Assault, derived from Renzoku Energy Dan. More Ki blasts are thrown, however.
-The attack involves rapidly firing ki blasts in succession, with the clincher as two heavy Ki Blasts merged and thrown.

Sarah proved a hard target to hit, flying around like a bee. She flew headfirst into a rusty wrecking ball, which Nazz took as an opportunity to strike her with the Daburu Energi Boru*.

*Double Energy Ball, the clincher of Renzoku Energiasaruto.

As the large yellow Ki sphere came down, Sarah made good use of the wrecking ball she ran into and punched it up to stop the Energy Ball. The effect was very similar to that of a shrapnel grenade. Nazz coughed and wheezed as she squinted and strained her eyes searching through the smoke.

Sarah: Kuchu-shi Kikku!*

*Aerial Death Kick- The user launches in the air, with their dominant leg outstretched, kicks their opponent. Effective Areas: Jaw, Solar Plexus(Middle point between chest and abdomen), Rib, Stomach. (For men, groin.)

The move landed on Nazz’s stomach, who coughed a little blood. Sarah elbowed and pushed her down to the ground with a Ki blast that looked like a Rasengan.

Sarah: Rasen Kyanonboru!*

*Spiraling Cannonball- A Ki blast very similar to Rasengan(as seen in the Naruto series), except it tends to stick onto the target and will detonate once the target hits some type of surface. If the target is launched upward, then the attack will dissipate after 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

The blue explosion created a huge crater in the junkyard. Bowen and Edd threw a fit about their work being interrupted and suggested that their spar be taken farther away.
And so, Sarah was victorious in this spar.

Urik was up against Ed and Chase, who were agreed to team up against him. Chase and Ed tried frontal assault and Urik countered, but only Chase disappeared and attacked from behind. Now in their trap, Chase and Ed pulled off their special team combo:
The Wombo Combo.*

*Wombo Combo-an internet meme off of the popular Super Smash Bros. Series. As its name suggests, it is a two person attack involving one target in middle. When the target is damaged enough, he or she is smashed off the field of combat, thus losing.

Urik was combo kicked by both Ed and Chase after they decided they juggled him in the air with their judo throws and punches enough. He was sent flying into the largest junk pile in the Junkyard. And so it was proven Urik couldn’t stand up to the teamwork of Ed and Chase.

Lastly, came the three-way spar between the Zach, Drew, and Michael. A large silence followed in respect to the warriors, each eyeing one another carefully. Suddenly, they all moved in at the same time; it seemed that they were just charging at each other,
However, Chase and Urik saw what the others didn’t; they were just too fast. They clashed, each time with one, two, or even all three of them getting hit. They finally met at the middle, soaring upwards as they continued fighting. Michael was smashed down by Drew and Zach.
Michael put his feet in an odd formation and began chanting.
Michael: KA….ME….HA…

Urik and Chase recognized this tactic.

Urik: ! That move! It’s…!

Chase: The Feet Kamehameha!

Michael: ME……HAAA!

Michael blasted the blue light from his feet, shooting out his hands to uppercut both Drew and Zach. He didn’t stop there, as he flew up to them and put his hands in front of Zach and Drew and chanted once more.

Michael: KAMEHAME….

Zach and Drew recovered from the punches just in time to see Michael’s hands in front of them.


Both of them were blasted away by the blinding flashes of light, falling to the ground, but quickly regaining their composure, they boosted their strength with the Kaio-ken x4 and tried to blast Michael away with the Kamehameha and the Final Burst Cannon.
However, when the smoke cleared, all they saw was a distorted form of Michael.

Zach: What the--!?

Drew: An afterimage!?

Michael: Yoo-hoo! Behind you!

The duo glanced behind them to see Michael cupping his hands in front of his chest.


*Neo Tri-Beam- one of Tien’s(Tienshinhan)signature moves. This technique drains the life energy of the user, which, if utilized too much, can kill them.

Drew dodged out of the way while Zach took the full force of the attack. Zach saw a flash, and then felt himself on the dirt and metal of the junk pile. Drew stared at his opponent, smiled and then went False Super Saiyan. Michael grinned and transformed as well.

Michael: I’ve been looking forward to fighting you in this form for a long time, Drew.

Drew: My thoughts exactly, old friend.

They flew towards each other and got into a fighting frenzy. Each blow given, each blow blocked, created large shockwaves which created craters in the ground and shattered junk piles.
Drew disappeared and tried to knee Michael in the back of the head, but Michael sensed the Ki behind him. He grabbed Drew’s leg with both hands and then flew down like a comet, with Drew’s leg in hold. He threw Drew at one of the junk piles. However, Drew regained his composure and called out two words:


*Split Form

Like a cell, Drew split into two and trapped Michael in a pincer attack. They kicked him up, backed away from each other and put their index and middle fingers in front of their foreheads.


This tactic met only failure, as Michael disappeared and hit Drew #1 towards Drew #2. Michael disappeared and put his hand on Drew #2’s chest, blasting him with a Ki blast, sending him spinning towards Drew #1. They both collided into each other, and Drew was one once more.
Drew and Michael were at their limits and they could not keep up the fight any longer. They both reverted to their normal states and lowered themselves to the ground.

Michael: Haff…Huff…You’ve certainly…been training…

Drew: Same…Wheeze…to you…

It was around this time that Bowen and Edd finished up with their modifications to the van. They called out to the group.

Bowen: Hey! We’re all set to go now!

The Saiyans came up to the van to find it had been completely renovated. The paint job was redone, the rusty wheels replaced with state of the art tires, and it had many more changes.
The inside, however, was pimped out, looking different from its original shape and décor. The water bed was now foldable, the front was very similar to a spaceship’s, had a GPS plasma flat screen TV, and it also had extranet access.

Eddy: Whoa! This’d fetch a good pot of gold!

Chase: What is it with you and money, Eddy?

As everyone familiarized with their ride, Bowen and Edd fired up the engines and prepared to take to the air. However, just as they lifted off, loud bangs and crashes were heard from outside. Zach and Corey kicked open the van's back door and saw several androids armed with what appeared to be plasma missile launchers, grenade launching guns, and MIRV’s.

Zach: @#$%! Looks like those androids are pissed about us destroying the other scrap piles!

Corey: Aw, dammit! They even got Fat Man’s*!

*Fat Man-A weapon used in the video game Fallout 3, it’s basically a weapon that launches mini-nukes. It has been formatted to have even more destructive properties that could kill even a Saiyan with a power level of 60,000.

Bowen: Should we fight back!?

Michael: Hell no! Had a bad experience with those babies! Those things could blow the crap out of anything, even a Saiyan!

Beta Commander G-4 MK 3: Keep firing on them, troops! Avenge our brothers!

Edd: What should we do!?

Drew: Get the hell out of here, that’s what we’ll do! Those weapons could blow us apart!

Bowen and Edd pilot the vehicle farther away, avoiding all the hostile projectiles.
The androids then used a desperate measure. Their best shooter fired off a Homing Nuke, which was headed towards the van!

Edd: Darn it! I was hoping we wouldn’t have to resort to this now! But as the situation is..

Edd and Bowen punch a few buttons and pull a few levers. Then they pull a lever labeled “Nitro,” causing the vehicle to accelerate up to 200,000,000 meters per second. Fortunately, the nuke exploded 2 seconds after they put the van in Nitro.
However, before they could do anything, the van accelerated even faster, going at 250,000,000 meters. Everyone was bracing for the worst, holding onto an emplaced part of the van. The more faint of heart either passed out or screamed. Outside the windows was nothing but streams of blue and white. It seemed to last for hours, and suddenly there was a flooding of color outside the window.

Drew: Did we…make it?

Bowen: ! Uh-oh…

Edd: Curse my inventive ways…

Michael: What? What’s going on?

Edd: We did evade the destructive projectile, but…

Bowen: We, uh…How can I say this without anyone freaking out…?

Jimmy: What? Did something bad happen?

Edd: It seems that we’ve ended up in another dimension…

20 minutes of freaking out later…

Michael: Ok, let’s be calm here and think about what we’re going to do. It looks like our engine burned itself out after that freaky dimensional jump, so we’re going to have to find way to fuel it back up or another method of getting to our home dimension.

Ed: How will we get back to where we originally came once before?

The group discussed their plans and it was agreed that they leave the van for now.
They ventured through the plains they were on for hours. It was Sarah who cried out.

Sarah: When the heck are we going to find a…OOF!

She’d walked right into a statue like Ed, who was looking to his right.

Edd: Ed, is something the matter?

Ed: Look!

Ed pointed to a large bustling civilization which seemed to be giving off a warm welcome to the travelers. The group reveled in joy at the sight and flew off to the city.

Well, it seems that Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly aren’t the only ones involved in such paradoxical travel! The Saiyans are greeted by the sight of a friendly-looking city in an unfamiliar dimension in an unfortunate circumstance. What will happen next as they go on? Find out on the next episode of:

Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z!!!

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