Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z: Episode 8: Are We There Yet?

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Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z: Episode 8: Are We There Yet?

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The training sessions proved to be fruitful, as all the kids managed to learn the Kamehameha and were showing signs of being able to use the Kaio-ken. Nothing else had been improved aside from their martial arts skill and power levels, so Michael decided that it would be good that on the way to their destination they could fight most of the time to further their strengths.

Michael: We'll be off to a good start, kiddies. We've got a whole encampment of Humanoids and Androids just at our front door.


Ed began hopping up and down, excited at the prospect of facing so many enemies. The kids began getting a little nervous.

Sarah: How do we know if we can beat them?

Drew: We've got your back. So if you run into some a-hole you can't beat, we'll fix 'em for ya'.

After a short rant from Nazz about getting her makeup and hair messed up, they set off for the enemy encampment. The Androids were, of course, aware of their movements.

Radar and Communications Specialist Android T-78: Sir! We're receiving reports of hostile movement!

Beta Commander G-4 MK 3: Let the flesh bags come! They'll just meet death here!

Suddenly, there is a huge yellow explosion, followed by the screams of the humanoids and beeping sounds of androids shutting off.

Beta Commander G-4 MK 3: WTF was that!

Sarah and Nazz are blasting the ground, clearly angry at the androids for messing up their complexion.

Nazz: That took me two hours to put it all on!

The others are gaping at the two enraged girls, surprised at how much power that they could utilize when angered over their makeup.

Michael: Aha hahaha…. I sure am glad I ain't getting blasted by them…

Edd: ….

The Androids and Humanoids were scrambling around, trying to find some cover. Their efforts were futile, however, as Nazz and Sarah destroyed every scrap.

Michael: Well, I guess that saves us the trouble of having to destroy them all.

(Thinking) Still…Only three of them have been able to master the Kaio-ken so far…Ed…Eddy…and that Kevin kid… How long will it take for the rest to catch up?

Fifteen Minutes Later…

Nazz: Stupid Robots should know better than to cross me!

Sarah: They weren't even worth it…

Michael: Well, we're finished up here. Now to attend to the matter of transportation…

Eddy: Whaddya mean? We can just fly, can't we?

Corey: We all have a limit to our Ki, Eddy. Flying may not take up much, but some of the others have very limited access to their power.

Eddy: Then how are we going to-? Wait a sec…Guys!

Ed and Edd turn their heads towards Eddy.

Eddy: Are you fellas thinking what I'm thinking?

Edd: OH! You mean THAT?

Ed: Is everyone talking about gravy?

Everyone just stares at Ed.

Michael: …Let me guess…You have a purple van with a flaming paint job and you're planning to make some "modifications" to it. Am I correct?

Edd: Exac- Wait, how did you know that?

Michael: I have the ability to read people's minds.

Eddy: Well, keep your tele-whatever the !$ it is to yourself! That's why there's a thing called privacy, peeker!

Michael: Okay…Sorry about that.

They all fly over to the junkyard and look for said van. At last, Johnny 2x4 finds the wrecked vehicle.

Johnny: FOUND IT!

Twenty Minutes Later…

Edd: Now if I can just make some modifications to this automobile, our transportation issue will be solved… Is anyone else a genius here?

The Saiyans back up and point at Bowen.

Bowen: Guess that's me…

While Bowen and Edd are modifying the van, the Saiyan veterans are instructing the newbies.

Jimmy: I hope this doesn't hurt that much.

Zach: Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit…

Jimmy: That's a relief…

Drew: It'll hurt a whole lot!

While the veterans are basically torturing the kids, some of the surviving denizens of the encampment are surveying them.

Android Archon: Those meat sacks are going to pay for their actions!

The Android is about to launch a pulsar rocket at the clueless Saiyans, but the Android commander puts his hand on the weapon, lowering it.

Beta Commander G-4 MK 3: Stay your hand, Archon Unit ZX… To hit them now would be suicide… We'll try to kill them when they're flying off in their flimsy ship…

It seems that a few of the Androids and Humanoids have survived the onslaught! The Saiyans won't be safe for long, as they prepare their ambush! What will happen next?

Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!


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