Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 19: A Moment's Peace, And Then...

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Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 19: A Moment's Peace, And Then...

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Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z: Episode 19
A Moment’s Peace…And Then…

Once Corey was carried to the nearest medical center, the Saiyans and animals resumed their conversation. “Well, at least we’ve managed to prevent a little more destruction to the place, eh?” Michael joked. The others looked at him in contempt.

Administered to Corey’s unconscious body was a large amount of sedative, enough to keep him out for hours. Doctors took several analyses of his body: his skeletal structure, his cell composition, ocular senses, nerve pathways, all sorts of things associated with his body. While Corey was being observed and treated as a test subject, the others set to rebuilding the city.

Edd, Bowen and Tails had an argument over who should lead the project, but it was agreed that they split the responsibility equally. Sonic, Shadow, Jimmy, and Eddy would repave the roads or bridges, Drew, Zach, and Urik would handle getting the supplies to wherever they were needed, and the rest would set to repairing the buildings. Considering that these people were practically a group of super-powered beings, repairing the city was estimated to be done in about five hours.

Eddy and Sonic were zipping around the place to see who would finish their lanes the quickest with Shadow and Jimmy just mulling over how energetic those two could be. Zach and Kevin played a few pranks on Drew and Michael, which often ended up getting Sarah hurt and Ed beating them both up. Johnny 2x4, Nazz, and Rolf contributed to the mishaps by conversing so much that they did not see the construct they were working on fall apart.

After the exhausting TEN hours it took to completely rebuild the city, the animals relaxed their bones while the Saiyans took up training sessions again. Of course, they had suddenly remembered about their vehicle and Eddy and Sonic raced to get, which ended up in disaster as Eddy and Sonic had accidentally ripped it apart trying to take credit for getting it.

Edd and Bowen, pissed at their invention having gone to waste, tried to catch Eddy and Sonic.

The day slowly dragged on as the Kids were constantly watched over meticulously by the Saiyan mentors. This time they had managed to push themselves to Kaio-ken x7, with the Eds still moving on level 9.

Eddy grunted to his peers, “Damn, those guys are catching up!” Edd chuckled, “Well, perhaps it’s for the best. At least they have a sufficient enough power to keep up with us in teamwork.” Ed added, “Maybe then we could use Triple Techs!” Eddy groaned, “Ed, you seriously gotta stop talking about Akira Toriyama stuff.”

Edd, however, had to agree with Ed. “Yes, perhaps this would help us create a few new moves, Eddy. I mean after all, a bunch of heads are better than none!” Rolf caught this and contributed, “Do you perhaps mean of the legend of the three-eyed wolf yam? Or is it the legend of Hamules battling the sweet singing potato?” Ed, remembering his Nincompoop days, shouted, “THE FRUIT OF THE WORLD!”

Sarah and Nazz continued working on their new combo, which they liked to call the Rad Dolly-Nummy Poo Attack (They were still working on the name.) They sparred against Zach, starting with Zach going defense on them. Nazz backed away and crossed her arms, she whipped them out, summoning a cross of energy which careened toward Zach, she followed quickly with three Ki blasts. Zach tried to whack the cross of light away, but instead it wrapped around his arm and the Ki blasts homed in on it.

The resulting explosion made Zach’s arm go a bit numb, while Sarah grabbed it and threw him up, and followed up by grabbing his long hair. “YAHHH TAHH!! HEY! WATCH THE HAIR!” Zach yelled, but Sarah ignored and spun him around. She let go, letting spin like a top. Then Nazz and Sarah punched his back and stomach, which, coupled with the fact that he went at four hundred revolutions a minute, made him throw up.

Drew managed to hold his own against an astoundingly three (er…FOUR) part team consisting of Kevin, Jimmy and Johnny 2x4. Johnny used Plank as though he were a sword and tried to bruise Drew with a few swings, but Drew quickly smashed Plank away, horrifying Johnny. “PLANK!” Drew, distracted, was hit from behind by Jimmy and Kevin. Johnny then started laughing and said, “Gotcha Drew! Plank’s harder than a steel nutcracker!”

The rising smoke kept the three combatants from seeing Drew, who fired several Ki blasts at them. They easily dodged these and flew down, all of them firing their most recently learned move.

Kevin put his hands behind his head and yelled out, “ GALICK GUN!” Jimmy fired off a Tri-Beam Cannon. Johnny, however, concentrated all his energy into Plank and said, “Sorry, buddy! Splinter Shower!”

Drew deflected Kevin’s Galick Gun and completely negated Jimmy’s Tri-Beam Cannon, but could not do anything against Splinter Shower, as the attack had small energized wooden splinters. He tried deflecting them, but he found several pieces of wood jutting out from his arms and legs. He tried creating a shield, but the darts simply broke through.

When the smoke cleared again, the sight of Drew being pinned down to the ground by a thousand darts made everyone laugh.

Urik was still teaching Rolf, whereas they were not training as seriously as everyone else.

Michael, Chase and Bowen held a small spar with Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, pushing the Eds to their limits. Bowen took off with Edd, while Eddy and Ed tag-teamed against Michael and Chase.

Ed, having had more time to train and more time to develop a few new moves, shouted out, “EARTH IS NOT YOUR SALAD BAR, ALIEN!” and jumped on Michael, wailing on him. Eddy and Chase exchanged heavy punches strong to topple an thirty story building.

Ed then threw Michael up into the air, the wave of his arms generating a shockwave which sped toward Michael. Michael blocked and came out undamaged, but Ed flew right up and two lasers from two of his fingers. One of them swerved away, while the other chased after Michael. Ed manipulated the two beams, playing puppet master.

Edd jumped through a Kamehameha made by Bowen, having split the Ki particles to make a pathway. Two balls of light materialized in Edd’s hands and he placed them on Bowen’s chest, shouting, “ Kaminari Tsuisuta! (Lightning Twister!)” Bowen was blasted away, with the two energy balls orbiting him. Lightning surrounded Bowen as he was caught up in the crosswinds created by the energies. However, Bowen didn’t give up, as he started spinning in the opposite direction that the lightning balls were going, completely negating the tornado he’d be caught in.

“Nice try, but you’ll have to do better than that--!” Bowen continued spinning and went like a drill toward Edd. His fists glowed with Ki and he chanted, “ Spinning Glow.” He hit Edd, the energies encasing him in an energy sphere. The attack collided with the wall. Edd continued spinning in the crater he had made.

Michael punched Ed three times, while Eddy sped circles around Chase. Chase mimicked Eddy’s movements, enduring in something like the game follow-the-leader.
Ed countered with a knee to an open palm thrust from Michael, they jumped away from each other. Michael was about to slash with his hand in the wind, and Ed put his hand out.

Michael: “Rei Getsuga!” (Spirit Moon Fang)

Ed: “Razing Ruin!”

Ed’s Razing Ruin had a yellow orange color to it and it turned nearly everything it touched to ash, but Michael’s Rei Getsuga wave sliced it cleanly in half. It barely passed Ed, who had followed his attack through. He threw a punch while Michael blocked.

Chase managed to keep up with Eddy, but it was then that Eddy decided to use the Kaio-ken and he began creating a red tornado. Chase, caught inside, was attempting to work against the force, while Edd flew from the crater made earlier and shouted, “ Dabura Kyanon Furasshu!” (Double Flash Cannon)

The Double Flash Cannon took the form of two augmented Ki balls and they entered the tornado, going at such a great speed that they formed an energy ring. Edd then closed his wrists together, tightening the ring and causing it to explode.
Chase fell from the tornado. Bowen tried to help him but was cut off by Eddy, and he had been punched at least ten times before he could make a block. Edd suddenly appeared behind him and punched him in the right shoulder, which jutted out as Eddy made a kick, disabling the neurological system in that area and the arm. Eddy and Edd both back away and fire a Kamehameha, which sends Bowen flying upward from the squishing effect.

Now, the Eds converged on Michael, who smiled at the challenge of facing all three at once. Edd threw out an energy barrage, while Eddy and Ed shot out a Ray of Riches and Kamehameha, respectively. The explosion was so devastating that it made the animals thankful that they were training outside the city.

However, their surprise skyrocketed when they saw Michael unscathed and still smiling. He motioned to the others. “Well, looks like all of you trainees are starting to hit your limits.” The Eds nearly gulped at this, as they were indeed nearly at their peak strength, without the use of the Kaio-ken anyway.

Zach and Drew decided to team up and get revenge on the other five who had been giving them so much trouble just a while ago. The Kids and the Eds were near exhausted at this point. However, Michael told the others in a tone that might have been considered extremely proud, “ Wait, they’ve already hit their limit just from fighting all five of us, let ME be take over for now.” Everyone there was a bit surprised at what Michael had said, but it seemed he was serious.

Just then, Corey, having finally recovered after what was considered to be extremely “short” compared to a normal person, flew over… and found himself watching the spar.

Michael grinned at them all and stated, “All right, since you’re now strong enough to the point where you can make all of us break a sweat, with the added fact that you have the advantage of numbers, I want to see just how strong all of you are. Just don’t hold back on me with this. Push yourselves to your maximum limit of Kaio-ken if necessary. That includes you, Rolf.”

Rolf, upon hearing this, joined the Kids in their power-up to Kaio-ken x7, while the Eds went onto Kaio-ken x 9. Their combined power impressed Michael. “Good, good, solid power levels.”

*Ed: 94,500
Edd: 88,110
Eddy: 88,380
Rolf: 63,000
Kevin: 58,800
Sarah: 35,000
Jimmy: 23,100
Nazz: 21,000
Johnny: 31,500

All: 503,390

Michael had grinned an even larger grin and powered up using 75 % of his regular power, which increased it by three times and combined that with a Kaio-ken x 7.

* Michael: 504,000

This monstrous increase in power had taken the Kids by surprise. There were all silent, save for Edd, who asked, “J-just how much power can this one person generate?” He was answered by a small remark from Michael, “Note that I’m not even using half of my power. At best, you’d need to be a hundred times stronger to make me bring out my full power AND make me struggle.”

*Just a calculation, if Michael had generated all of his power, then that would put him at 48,000,000 with Kaio-ken x 20 FSSJ level (His False Super Saiyan form multiplies by 25 times.). However, the Oozaru power-up doubles that amount, so that would place him at a staggering 96,000,000. This was all done using a calculator, so I may be wrong.
Also, note that this insane power increase would probably cause him to kill himself...

The Kids stared in disbelief, unable to imagine trying to become a hundred times stronger just to be able to make Michael cave. Before they knew it, a blue light flashed in their eyes…

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