Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 3: Obsolete Absorbtion

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Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 3: Obsolete Absorbtion

Post  Gohan2535 on Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:28 am

Zukai had been added to the base as an ally. Zach was really the only one that still didn't believe in Zukai's true alliance. Four days had passed since the remains of Android A-A-Seven had littered over the outskirts of the base. And the four Saiyans continued in rigorous training. Little did they know, that they'd be visited by some unwanted guests.

"KAMEHAMEHA!!!" Drew shouted as he fired a blue blast of energy at Zukai. Zukai swiftly dodged, but was sent towards Earth as Zach attacked Zukai with a hard smash. Zukai extended his arms outward as he caught himself in mid fall. He made sure to keep his guard up. Drew and Corey may not have use more of their power. But Zukai could tell Zach was determined to keep him in line. "Zach, calm down. I think he doesn't dare betray us." Drew shouted as he and Zach clashed. "I've said it before, I don't trust him..." Zach whispered as he leaned towards Drew. "You could at least act like you don't mean it." Drew whispered back. "We've lost enough soldiers to this war, Alicia, Terra!" Zach mumbled. "If he were to betray us, we could lose more."

Zukai was reading Zach and Drew's lips, trying to make out what they said. He wasn't paying attention so Corey sneak attacked him. Zukai flew back a bit but quickly recovered. "Hey, no fair..." Zukai laughed. "All's fair in war..." Corey pointed out. Zukai smiled. He knew Corey was trying to be a bit sarcastic, only he was right. Zukai started to get his head strait. "Okay Corey, come at me with all you've got." Zukai said as he again smiled. Zukai noted that Corey's Combat Power was at 500 even. He couldn't believe that Corey was about his own Combat Power. But it didn't mind him much. The only thing he cared about at this point, was Corey's safety. The days that had passed he'd done everything in his power to make sure Corey was Safe.

"Those damned Saiyans!" Utonium grunted pounding his computer desk. "Why must these things happen to such genious!?" Utonium questioned. He sat up in his chair and fixed his turtle neck lab coat. "What's the status on four-A-one and O-one?" He asked looking at his computer in curiousness. "Four-A-One and O-One are complete sir. They were finished at 5:50 AM. Downloading stat composition..." A mechanic voice replied. Numerous results started to appear on screen. "Ah yes, this should be great..." Utonium laughed as he started to type.

"Look, I don't know how to put it, but it seems that he's only stable because of Corey. If something happens to Corey, he snaps." Drew reasoned as he kicked Zach back. Zach and Drew then started to exchange blows. Corey and Zukai on the other hand, didn't fight as seriously as Zach and Drew. "Ha ha, missed me!" Zukai remarked as he dodged an attack from Corey. Corey landed a kick, leg sweeping Zukai. Corey attempted to blast at Zukai, who again dodged. Zukai kicked Corey back a few inches, and the two started to exchange blows.

"Now, send the two Androids to location A-Two-Four." Utonium commanded, a smirk grew on his face. "We have just three days until they start their assault on the Super School. Computer; Data on Project M.S.?" Utonium turned to a large super computer. He then turned to a tank that contained a small machine body. "File M.S. opening. Current data entails 45%. By the end of the current week, subject will be at 50%. Subject will be unstable, but able to function semi-properly." The computer replied as it loaded a blueprint of the machine body.


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