Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 1: Who Have I Become?!

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Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 1: Who Have I Become?!

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Zuki flys towards a giant metallic building. There’s a strange type of being next to the door. "State your business, Human..." It said, holding a gun like object up to Zuki's face. "I'm here for client work..." Zuki replied. "So your the hired assassin. Open the door, roger roger." It talked, as the door started to open. "You may enter." The robot said, stepping to the side. "Damn right i may enter," Zuki thought, he didn't have time to wait. He knew that ever second had to count. His hope for revenge was slightly stronger then Zuki could bare. As he walked through the halls, he could hear the screaming and crying of little kids. They seemed to be in a prison. This didn't matter to Zuki. He was there to receive his work, and complete it. Three deaths on the line to make a total of 30 in less then 5 years. He stopped, and stood as a door opened. Inside he was able to see an office like room. There was a desk, with some paper work, some pens, and a mug.

“Ah, you must be Zuki.” A man behind the desk said. “Come in, come in. Lets state your contract.” He continued. “My contract?!” Zuki yelled he started to shout. “Now, now. I’m just taking slight precaution. Anyway, my name is Utonium. Professor, Utonium.” Professor Utonum said. “Now, this contract states that if you do not get this job done, then you will be paid half of what you are paid for getting it done. If you die, well, we won’t give a shit, you don’t have a family anyway…” He said. Zuki clenched his fists. In the background, doors slammed. “Utonium, did you get that piece of shit to do it yet?!” A dark figure asked, reaching view. “Uh-hem…” He said, catching sight of Zuki. “You know, the janitor. It’s starting to smell in the bathrooms. So! Is this the lucky assassin? Well hello there, my name is Dr. Gero.” Gero said, shaking Zuki’s hand. “I hope so, we need those Saiyans eliminated…” Gero said turning to Utonium. “S..Saiyans?” Zuki asked. Somehow the word “Saiyan” triggered his thoughts. “Saiyan, Saiyan, Saiyan, Saiyan.” Zuki whispered to himself trying to think of what a Saiyan was. “I accept!” Zuki shouted, he knew that his destiny was somehow in that word.

“Well that’s good. Now, go to the briefing room. There you will be shown where to go, and what to do.” Utonium said. And with that, Zuki left. “Nice cover up dumb ass…” Utonium said, as the doors closed. In the briefing room. Zuki was told the Saiyan’s coordinates. He left as soon as he could. He was given items that were stolen from these particular Saiyans. If he was hurt, he was told to consume one, and only one. He didn’t know whether to trust them or not, but it didn’t matter. After half the day passed, he finally reached the Saiyan’s camp. There, he waited for signs of movement. Soon, a young kid stepped out. He had slight spiky brown hair. He wore a cyan colored gi with a green belt, and green wristbands. Zuki put on another item that he was given. Another item stolen from the Saiyans. It was said to read the combat power of others.

With it, he identified the kid as a Saiyan boy. The combat power read one-hundred sixty. “Corey huh?” Zuki noted, as he saw Corey look around, and return into the largest tent there. Then two teenage Saiyans, about the same age as Zuki came out. One had spiky black hair. His clothes consisted of a red jumpsuit, and white gloves. “Zach, combat power; 180.” Zuki said, then looked at the other Saiyan. He had hair close to Corey’s, but it was black, and more of it hanged. He wore a black gi, with a light green undershirt. His gi had an emblem on it. Zuki had seen it before. The emblem meant ‘militia elite’. “Drew, combat power; 175. If these are the three Saiyans, then I’m going to have to put in some effort. This should be a great fight!” Zuki said continuing to observe.
There were a few dozen soldiers with small combat powers of 5. “It’s no wonder he’s the ‘militia elite’. He’s stronger then all of them by a few hundred miles.” Zuki said. He watched as the three Saiyans strayed from the camp, and stopped a few feet from it. Then the three started to combat each other. A sparring match no doubt. As he observed, he learned more about the three’s fighting styles. Drew seemed to be balanced in attack and defense. Corey seemed to be about long range and speedy attacks. Zach on the other hand, was content only on instinct. “Zuki! Status report!” Utonium’s voice buzzed on the combat power indicator. “Um, I’m doing fine…” Zuki replied. “Since they didn’t explain much about your equipment. This device you have on your head, I assume that’s where it is, is called a ‘Scouter’ and as you were told, it detects combat strengths. The bag of beans you were given, are called Senzu beans. If your exhausted, take one, and your energy will be restored. Take ONLY one. More can result in something bad. Were not sure.” Utonium explained. “What do you think?” Utonium asked. “I think it’s great. Something I think a lot of assassin’s would love. Of course I doubt you’d just be giving them out.” Zuki replied. “If you complete this mission, we’ve decided to add them to your reward. Utonium out!”

The three Saiyans start to glow. The scouter started to show their combat power’s rising. “300, 400, 500...” Zuki read. Then three beams of energy emitted from the three Saiyans. They each hit. The solution of the beams was sparking with blue, purple, and yellow light. “Total combat power; 1525!” Zuki shouted, then an explosion over took, and the three Saiyans landed somewhere on the ground near them. “The combat power went back to normal.” Zuki noted. “Total combat power; 515. So they know how to raise their ki by concentrating their energy into one single attack. Amazing, these Saiyans will be formidable foes!” Zuki shouted.

It started to get dark, and the Saiyans where about to return to the camp. “Now’s my chance” Zuki whispered, jumping in the direction of the three Saiyans. “That ki!” Corey shouted facing Zuki’s location. “I feel it too!” Drew shouted doing the same. “God damn you Utonium!!” Zach shouted. “Who the fuck are you?!” Zach yelled, Zuki landing. “Well?!?!? ANSWER MY QUESTION!” Zach’s temper was rising fast. “Look kid, I wouldn’t get off to the wrong start with my cousin Zach here.” Drew announced. “What Drew said.” Corey shouted. The young Saiyan had a serious face up. Looking at Corey made Zuki think. He thought until Zach shouted yet again. “That’s it!” Zach charged towards Zuki, his body covered with purple ki. Zach launched a punch, but went right through Zuki. “Ngh! What?!” Zach stopped, Zuki’s image disappeared. “You need anger management…” Zuki said. Zach turned to see Zuki six feet behind him.

“How about I start with my fists then?!” Zach suggested, he let out a furry of punches go at Zuki. “Your to slow!” Zuki replied, dodging Zach’s attacks, and then kneeing him. Zach didn’t’ take much damage from that, but it was enough to get him off Zuki. Zuki noticed that even though he had a higher power then theirs, he didn’t have a higher attack strength. He was indeed faster then them all, but Zach was stronger, Drew had a higher endurance level, and Corey was almost equal to his speed. “Galick!!!” Zach shouted. “Ngh…combat level rising.” Zach was at point black distance. In anticipation with Zuki’s movements, Corey and Drew attacked. As they got close Zuki put his hands together as if to block. Then he shot them out, and his energy fluctuated. He used his ‘Deadly Explosion’ technique to wipe Zach, Drew, and Corey away.

“You hear that?” A soldier asked. A few soldiers where playing some poker, 21, and some other games. They heard explosions and crackles. “It’s probably those three sparing.” a soldier replied. “But I don’t think they’d fight to kill each other. This sounds and feels strong” The soldier announced. The few soldiers went outside and looked towards the explosions. “GET YOUR RIFLES MEN WE’RE BEING ATTACKED!!!” The general said. The soldiers armed themselves and sped in the location of the fight. Drew and Zach were already up and on the attack, while Corey was barley getting up. “He’s…Strong!” Corey noted he stood up. His clothes were tattered, and blood fell from his nose. Zuki was knocked into the air. Zach and Drew were both launching attacks on Zuki. Drew jumped back as Zach continued the assault. “Special…” Drew started. Zuki recovered and started to dodge Zach’s attacks. “Combat power; 220-30-40...” Zuki noted, knocking Zach back for a second before he too had recovered and started to attack again.

“KA!!!!!” Corey shouted. His hands slowly moved to his side. “ME!!!!!” He continued, while Drew was also charging. “Beam…” Zuki had realized he was being played. Zach was stalling as Corey and Drew were charging their signature attacks. “Dammit!” Zuki shouted. He didn’t know what to do. He was weakening. The he remembered the Senzu Beans. If he could only find a second to eat one. Then in shock he looked at Corey and Drew. “Combat power: 875, 748.” Zuki said, as he noted their ki. He didn’t have time to charge an attack of his own. “HA…ME!!!” Corey yelled. Drew and Corey’s attacked where complete. “CANNON!!!!” Drew shouted, launching his attack, while Corey launched his with a “HA!!”. Both attacks where gaining speed. Zuki looked at Zach, and grappled him as the attacks sped towards him.

“No!!” Zach called out. Then the energy hit, only, not the wanted target. “YOU IDIOTS!!!!” Zach yelled, the explosion was big. Gun shots started to form in the background, the soldiers had arrived. They shot at the smoke. As some of the smoke cleared Corey could see someone falling. “We did it!!” He shouted, he looked at Drew. Drew didn’t’ look happy at all. His look was serious. “Son of a bitch…” Drew swore. “Why you little freak!!!” Drew shouted, his ki flared, and his body flew towards the smoke as it cleared, revealing Zuki, unharmed. “That’s better. Those senzu beans really do the trick…” He said watching Drew lose distance. “Back for more?” Zuki asked. “N..No!” Corey shouted, he ran to where the falling figure landed. It was Zach. His jumpsuit was ripped, while his chest and face had blood on them. “ZACH!!!!” Corey shouted. Corey’s rage started to rise. “RAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!” Corey screamed, as he rose, and dashed towards Zuki. Watching Corey’s rage progress made Zuki think. He was broken out of this though, from Corey’s attack, as it made contact.

“I don’t care IF you’re a saiyan like use, your going down for messing with them!!!” Corey said, launching his attacks. Zuki thought. “He just called me a saiyan. B-But….?” Zuki woke up and kicked Corey back. “What was that you said earlier? KA-ME-HA-ME….” Zuki shouted. A large blue ki ball formed in Zuki’s hands, which where at his side, like Corey’s were a second ago. “Gwah!!!” Corey hit the ground. “I….I can’t…” He started but couldn’t finish. He started to see the blue ball on energy rise and obscure his vision. “I…I don’t want to go to heaven yet…” Corey said. He could see angels. In his deep imagination he was dead. They were going to take him. “M…Mom…D..Dad..tell them I don’t’ wanna go…” Corey said. Zuki snapped after hearing Corey say this. Finally Corey just fell unconscious. Zuki fell to the ground, the blue ki dispersed. Hi landed on his knees. “W…What have I done…?! W..Who have I become?! 27, innocent people!” Zuki said. He seemed to have lost it. He’s gone crazy. Zach got up. “Y..You….D..Die!” He said, one hand was hanging, and the other held it. His good hand shot out. “Good riddance!!” Zach yelled, as he fired a cannon of his remaining power.

Episode End


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