Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 2: Look out!

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Ed Edd N Eddy Z Episode 2: Look out!

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The brown haired kid walked out of a base building, he looked as if he was trying to find something, or someone. Corey then went into the medical facility. There, he found Drew and Zach. "There you are!" Corey said as he walked up to his cousins. "It seems as though he was implanted with a chip. He was unlikely to know of it. But it was keeping track of his location, power, and other data levels." Drew said as he handed Corey a small data chip. Corey looked towards the room number. He could see a vague image of a scalpel, a towel, and an almost pool of blood. "It seems the greatest of our scientists were able to scan his brain and project his memory on a screen. We saw what had happened the past few days." Zach was next to speak. "It seems he's a Mercenary. He was hired by Utonium and Gero for the purpose of destroying us. The memory scanner also gave us the information that states that somehow, Utonium and Gero have stolen some of our equipment." Zach turned to the room Zukai's body was located. "Why didn't you just let me finish him? It's dangerous for him to be here!" Zach raged as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

Drew shook his head and spoke, "Zach, when you left while we were shown Zukai's brain waves, you missed his passed. His mother, father, and uncle were murdered by a Mercenary. Only He and his cousin survived the attack. Afterwards, it was reduced to static, but somehow, his cousin was taken from him. He lived alone on the streets, with nothing but the clothes on his back, his fathers sword, and no money. Most of the memories were static, but we figured that he wanted revenge on the Mercenary. He thought that if he became one himself, he would someday meet up with the Mercenary that killed his family, and he would single handedly destroy him." Drew replied as he looked towards Corey. "I don't know what happened during the fight. But somehow, YOU triggered him to stop. Corey, you somehow reminded him of himself when the Mercenary murdered his family. He couldn't do it, and withdrew his power; willingly." Drew's head lowered, his face was shadowed by his bangs.

Corey nearly shed a tear, it was sad to him at his young age, he couldn't bare that to happen to Drew or Zach. "Then we can't just kill him!" Corey shouted, his voice cracked for that second. He cleared his throat before he spoke again, "He could be an aid to us in the war." Corey finished as he shifted his head upwards to stare at Drew, then at Zach. "I still won't trust him..." Zach announced as he looked at Drew. "No one says you have to, but I agree with Corey, we should keep him here." Drew replied putting his right hand on Zach's shoulder. "I say we should kill him before he kills us..." Zach shouted as bent his elbow with his hand clenched in a fist. "Did you see how powerful he was?! That power could benefit us, but it could also fuck us over!" Zach crossed his arms once again. His teeth were grinding upon each other with his rage.

"Zeno!!!" A voice echoed from the medical facility. "I'm guessing that's the name of the Mer---" Drew started, but was interrupted by a large explosion. "I fucking told y--" Zach shouted, but Drew thrust his hand forward. "Not the time dammit!" Drew replied as he and Corey flew off. "If we die for this, I'm so going to beat your ass in hell Drew!" Zach raged as he sped towards his cousins. The three landed at a hole in the wall in the medical facilities building. "How the hell did he get over here so fast?!" Corey questioned as his head turned, as he looked for Zukai's body.

"YOU BASTARD!!!" Zukai's voice boomed again, more explosions heard near the outskirts of the base. The cousins flew in that direction. They stopped soon as they found the source of the multiple explosions. They looked as Zukai's body. His eyes were closed, he wore a bandage on his head, which muffled his hair. Blood ran down Zukai's back. He fell to his knee panting. He started to cry, the tears were visible on the ground, slightly absorbed by the Earth. "B..Brandon...I need your help..." Zukai said in a normal toned voice.

"Tsk!" Zach grunted as he flew off towards Zukai in an attempt to finish what he started. "Zach stop!" Corey shouted as his voice rang. Somehow, this triggered Zukai out of his trance, and he turned. He parried Zach's oncoming attack. Afterwards he jumped back. In his mind he pictured Zach with a mask. "Zeno!!!" Zukai screamed. His body started to glow, there was a slight bluish color in it, but it was mainly a purplish color. "W...What?!" Zach asked as he seemed to be for once in his life, afraid. This time, Zukai seemed to be exerting more power then before. "Ngh, Corey,Combat Power Rating?!" Drew asked looking at Corey. Corey's green scouter started to beep. "I..It's at 550, no...60...70...It's at 600 even!" Corey shouted in shock. "ZACH, GET OUT OF THERE!" Drew shouted as he noted that Zach only had 435 PL after the battle a few days ago. "Zeno, you shall pay, you killed my parents, Brandon's father, You took them away from me, YOU WILL PAY!!!!" Zukai said as his aura flared. "650!!!" Corey's eyes widened.

The only thing Zach was able to say, was this, "Drew, I'm going to enjoy beating your ass in hell!" He shouted as backed away from Zukai. Zukai looked towards Corey and Drew. Flashes from the earlier event had triggered in Zukai's mind. His aura dispersed, and he dropped on his knees. "It....It's down to 450, on par with mine." Corey spoke as he watched Zukai's actions. "Brandon...I've failed you." He mumbled as he pounded the ground with is fist.

Off in the distance, a single Android fell to the ground. Corey and Drew were now on the ground. Corey's child like nature kicked in as he attempted to comfort Zukai. Zukai was calm now, and although he seemed to not want to fight, Zach still stayed ready. He didn't like the idea of Zukai hanging around and he sure wasn't going to until he was for sure that Zukai was officially one of them. "What's that?" Corey asked as he saw a silhouette on route to their location. "It...looks familiar..." Zukai stated as flashes ran through his head. The figure came closer into the Saiyans' view. It dashed towards them at a high speed. Numerous Ki bolts flew out towards the four saiyans. They managed to take evasive tactics. The being then shot beams at them. They spiraled at high speeds that of which Corey was unable to dodge. Zukai was the faster of the four and saw Corey's disadvantage. Flashes of the past events went through his mind yet again. He had sparred Corey that day. And he felt it his responsibility to protect him somehow....

"Look Out!" Zukai shouted as he pushed Corey out of the way. Drew and Zach dodged the beams. They noticed Zukai's act however, slightly shocked. Zukai took the beam, which shot through his right leg. Zukai grunted in pain as he hit the ground, dust clouds rose as the being laughed. It's voice was seemingly mechanically altered. The figure stepped closer, revealing a metallic body. "Hello puny Saiyan scum!" It said "I am Android A-A-Seven," It continued as it's mechanically enhanced voice rose. "And I am here to finish you Saiyans..." It said. "Now is a good time to note that, if Zukai would have finished you off, I would have come to kill him. But since he failed so easily, it seems I've been promoted to taking out the trash." AA7 laughed.

"You...saved me..." Corey whispered as he watched Zukai squirm in pain. "Listen here you Mechanized Puppet," Drew started as he clenched his fists. "There is NO WAY you are going to take us down," Drew's legs spread out from each other, "We shall send your scrap metal to Utonium," Drew's body was in full stance now, as he let out a yell, "DIE!!!" He finished as he charged at the Android. They started to exchange blows. "Impressive Saiyan" AA7 spoke as he grabbed Drew's arms. He threw Drew to the ground, sliding on Drew like a skate board for a broad second. AA7 then stepped off of Drew laughing maniacally. His mechanized voice made him sound all the more evil. Corey was a bit frightened at the Android's power. "Drew!" Zach shouted as he stood his ground. "Lets see...next!" The Android shouted as he commenced an attack against Corey. He started by grabbing Corey's hair, throwing him away, and initiated a beat down on Corey's body. "Ngh!" Zukai grunted as he witnessed Corey's fate. "W....Why...you..." He grunted getting to his feet. The hole in his leg was completely visible.

Zach watched Zukai's actions once more, and started to back away as Zukai's power ascended as before. "Huh?" AA7 questioned turning towards Zukai. "What are you going to do? Your combat power is only at....five hun---five fif----six fifty?!" AA7 gasped. "N..No way. You should only be at four fifty!" AA7 remarked as he dropped Corey. Corey grunted as he hit the ground. "Don't touch him..." Zukai said as his eyes seemed to be highly dilated. "I may have hurt others in the past, but now is where i make my redemption!" Zukai charged at the Android, kicking him upwards. His speed proved it's worth as he was already in front of AA7, distributing a devastating combo to it's body. Zukai stopped and grabbed the Android up close. "I know your listening your prick! Know you have just created another enemy." Zukai punched through the Android and through it down.

Zach hurled a large blast of energy towards AA7, finishing off the Android.
3 Hours later...
Zukai was back in the Medical Facility. The surgery that took place on his head was healing at a great rate. His leg was as well, only it hurt to move it. It seemed Zukai was satisfied with what happened.

The Saiyan Trio sat at a table in the Mess Hall. "H..he saved me..." Corey renounced. "Hmph" Zach remarked eating a turkey leg. "So his Combat Power went back up to six fifty?" Drew asked slightly chugging a glass of water. "Y...yeah. I couldn't keep my mind strait after the beating. But the Android said six fifty." Corey replied, he picked at his food. A Normal saiyan would be scarfing down the food like a pig, but something lowered Corey's apatite. "On to other matters. We are starting Operation L.E.T. in a week." Drew interrupted as he swallowed in a pleasurable manor.

Episode End


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