Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 12: Et Tu, Umbra?

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 12: Et Tu, Umbra?

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 12: Et tu, Umbra?*

* Derived from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, from Act III, when Caesar noted that his best friend Brutus had stabbed him. The word umbra means obscure, ghost or shadow.
Guess what the title means.

The battle carries on as structural destruction and black eyes are made on a massive scale, with Michael and Ed strategizing.

Bowen: These damn-! They just won’t go down! Conjurar! Gran espada!*

*Spanish for ‘Conjure! Grand Sword!

From his hands materialize two long thin streams of Ki, taking on the shape of dual katanas.

Bowen: Might as well do what Michael showed me..!

He switches into dual-handed grip and launches toward his opponent.

Bowen: Angulo Cruz Onda! *

*Angle Cross Wave!

Bowen slashes diagonally with both swords, the enemies jump out of the way and two buildings are sliced diagonally on the lower levels, toppling and destroying even more of the streets.

Zach narrowly escaped getting crushed by the falling buildings and yelled to him.

Zach: DAMMIT BOWEN! I was just about to release the Gyarikku Ho!* Don’t try and interrupt me when I’m charging up a move!

*Galick Gun

Zach, in turn, returns his attention to Knuckles and shoots an inverted Ki wave he liked to call Jigoku Bumeran. The attack curves past Knuckles’ fist and zips right back, aiming to chop off his head. Knuckles turns and calmly stares at the attack.

Knuckles: …

Knuckles then grabs the energy attack. The attack fades into his hand.

Zach: Nanidesu ka?*
*What the--!?
Knuckles turns to face Zach and readies his fist.

Knuckles: …Harimogura no himitsu….Kaosuken*..

*Secret of the Echidnas: Chaos Punch

Knuckles punches straight and from his fist blasts out a red beam which Zach is hit dead on with.

Zach: Nngh!!!

A huge explosion is made, tearing off chunks of the street and buildings, nearly blowing away the weaker fighters. Zach is sent soaring out from the smoke. Knuckles leaps up and smashes him down with all his might, creating a massive crater.

Zach: (thinking) That beam… it’s just as strong my Gyarriku Ho..!

Zach bursts from the hole and utilizes a higher level of Kaio-ken, seeing that his opponent would be a tough one.


Knuckles sees his opponent rising and uses a similar technique to what his opponent augments his strength with.

Knuckles: Awaken…

Knuckles’ quills stand up and his body begins emanating a yellow glow.

Knuckles: (thinking) It shames me to have to use these outside of Angel Island, but then again, if I hadn’t brought them the second Angel Island disappeared…

Knuckles’ body emanates a yellow aura and changes into a yellow color. He disappears and attempts to attack Zach. However, Zach catches on to what Knuckles just did and transforms into his False Super Saiyan form.

Super Knuckles: !

FSSJ Zach: You didn’t think this fight would be easy, did you?

Their colliding auras create a massive light that engulfs the city; the others notice Zach and Knuckle’s rising power.

Corey: ! Zach! So he’s--!

Sonic: --decided to use it after all!?

Drew: If he’s having trouble--

Eddy: Then we--

Edd: would be wise to--

Bowen: GO ALL OUT!

Chase, Urik and Drew goes FSSJ; Corey and Bowen use the Kaio-ken to the fullest extent of their control; in other words, the Kaio-ken x 10. Edd, Eddy, Rolf, Kevin, Jimmy, Sarah, Nazz and Johnny 2x4 use the Kaio-ken x5.*

*Remember those sparring and training sessions? They didn’t take about 1 hour, they actually spent a week in the Cul-de-Sac before departing and accidentally winding up in the new dimension.

FSSJ Chase: Now the fun really begins!! Final Bang Cannon!

Chase puts both of his hands in front of him and fires a large yellow ball which is at least three times bigger than his Big Bang Attack. Vector puts both hands on it and attempts to hold it back. Suddenly Chase’s attack is met with an enormous amount of energy, fired from the hands of his very opponent.

Super Vector: Yeah… you’re right… This really IS where the fun begins!

FSSJ Chase and Super Vector clash and the backlash decimates about five skyscrapers.*

*Yeah, the city is REAAAAAALLLY huge… I’m kind of surprised how much destruction I’ve put in. Maybe I should tone it down?
Pansy punch! Nope, keep the destruction.

Urik: You’re FINISHED!

Urik, with just a wave of his arm, throws out an energy wave which destroys the several of the elite units and replaces the road with dust and dirt.

Drew: Fury Bullet!

Drew cups his hand in front of his chest and fires a white colored Ki ball, resulting in a destruction of a twentieth of the city.

Edd, and Eddy take the remaining super-powered opponents and take over for Kevin and Rolf, both of whom had been attempting to charge a Kamehameha.
Rolf: The son of a shepherd will fire the light of yon demise; My ancestors, lend me strength for the one descended from your bloodline!



The duo release their ultimate team maneuver, which Kevin took the liberty of naming, the Rad Bros. for Life Kamehameha.

Their attack was aimed at the unknowing Rouge the Bat, who was flying right into firing range!


Rouge: !

The impact and backlash blew away several of the elite military robots. As the smoke cleared, Rolf and Kevin were attempting to catch their breath, while Eddy asked one question.

Eddy: Did that do it?

Edd: ! Eddy! GET OUT OF THE WAY!


Edd pushed Eddy out of the way from being hit by a yellow energy ball which erupted from the smoke and dust which came from the aftermath of the RBFL Kamehameha.

Eddy: !? What the hell was that!?

They heard a stomp on the concrete, or at least what was left of it, anyway. And then a seemingly deep and shallow voice called out.

?: Hmph.. So…Dodged it…huh? That must be why the guardian used the Chaos Emeralds…

Edd: Who are you!?

The owner of the voice stepped out from the blinding smoke, his hand seething with a yellow energy. He had a dark fur body, with blood red streaks covering several parts of him as though murder had written its victims on him. His white furry chest and red eyes signified a demeanor of hostility and ice cold mercilessness.

?: My name doesn’t have any significance here. I’ll save the formalities for when I kill you..

With that the figure turned into a bright yellow color and rushed both Edd and Eddy, punching them in the ribs and blasting them with the attack he called out.

?: Chaos….Blast!

The orbs of energy sent Edd and Eddy flying through several buildings; rendering Edd into near unconsciousness, Eddy into a severely wounded state. The figure flew over and stood before Eddy; his hands were now pouring out bright yellow energy, having built up and ready to release.

?: …Any last words?

Eddy: Yeah…Screw you…

?: You should be happy that you were defeated by the Super Form of Shadow, whoever you are…

The stranger named Shadow puts his hand in front of Eddy’s face and murmurs the incantation for his attack.

Shadow: Chaos…Be--!

He is interrupted by a red colored Ed, who hay baled him to the face, nearly breaking his lower cheek bone. His body grinds on the road, sailing toward one building.

Kaio-ken x5 Ed: Defeated? Say it ain’t so, for Lothar will put a stop to this chaos!

He is soon caught up with by an FSSJ Michael, who had advised on reinforcing Edd and Eddy; he had noticed the new presence just seconds after Edd had.

FSSJ Michael: I figured that there’d be someone who’d have their hands full with one of these super-powered animals..

Super Shadow: Hrrgh…more of them…

FINALLY! Ed and Michael make a final decision on who to assist. What tricks do the Saiyans and creatures have up their sleeves?

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