Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 21: Rank 16: Genius

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Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 21: Rank 16: Genius

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Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z: Episode 21
Rank 16: Genius

It had been a bit of time afterwards that Edd and Bowen approached the others with a bit of vital news. “Well guys, it looks like we’ll be wrapping up business about our transport in a little bit, so you better finish up whatever it is you’re doing.” The opposite party nodded and went to go fetch the other freelance members of the group.

Meanwhile, Eggman aka Dr. Robotnik was busy nerd raging to himself about yet another failed attempt at taking out those anthromorphic animals, a fate that always seemed predestined whenever he tried. He bashed his hand against the wall and yelled, “Damn it all! Of all the enemies I could have chosen in my life, it had to be a walking, talking blue hedgehog that could run at the speed of sound! It’s so embarrassing to have to play along with the whole ‘good always wins’ banter! Argh!” Eggman’s rant went on for half an hour, and it wasn’t until then that his robotic scouts relayed some interesting intel to him.

He studied the images and points of interest with his surveillance recorders. “Well, at least one thing came of the attack. Good thing I made those dust particle sized scouts. So these strange new beings come from another dimension, eh? Well, their return trip will be a bit delayed…heh heh..” At that point, his minion came in. “Good day, Dr. Eggman. Oh, and that was quite a cheesy line, sir.” Dr. Eggman wheeled around in his chair and retorted, “DAMMIT PINGAS, LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT! Now, what did you barge in here for?” Pingas replied, “Well, that machine you’re surveying right now, you see…Its composition and interior design isn’t like any sky car you’d find in your garage, sir. In fact, according to the schematics we’ve drawn out for it, it appears to have the capability to transcend through different realities, or perhaps even travel between two distinct time periods, if we’re not mistaken…” Eggman waved it off, saying, “Yes, yes, I’m aware that it can course through different…What did you say?” Pingas repeated, “I said that it has the capability to transcend through…” Eggman cut him off. “No, no, no. The thing about time!” “Oh! I said that it could travel between two distinct time periods, my master. Is that the information you required?” Eggman smiled devilishly, and assured his subliminally named minion, “Yes, you’ve helped me even more than you can imagine…”

Back at the city, Edd and Bowen were finishing up on repairing the Purple Comet, while Jimmy, Johnny, Nazz, and Sarah were watching a series of titled “DEATH BATTLE!” on tips how to maneuver and adapt to the current environment, isolate and create a strategy based on an opponent’s abilities, speed, and strength. Zach just scoffed, while Eddy yelled, “NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRDDSSSS!” at Edd and Bowen. Ed was sparring with Drew, with Michael, Urik, and Corey observing.

The spar was heating up, Drew and Ed’s punches became harder, faster, better, and stronger. Drew hook kicked Ed to his left cheek, but Ed countered with a forward elbow, leading to Drew dropping down and smashing up Ed with both his feet. Ed deliberately soared higher as soon as Drew chased after him.
When Drew got close enough, Ed found the moment to strike, and punished Drew with a devastating energy punch. Ed flew down with his fist still in Drew’s stomach and crashed down with glowing red eyes. Michael rolled his eyes and said, “It’s obvious that he’s been playing too much Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.” He pumped his arm full of Ki, pushing Drew further into the crater and creating energy shockwaves. He then started spinning extremely fast, creating a tornado, drawing back the energy shockwaves, Drew was sent flying up into the vortex. The energy shockwaves now latched onto the currents, the tornado becoming a golden yellow. Ed stopped spinning and flew out from the cyclone. When he landed, he pushed his hands together, causing the vortex to stretch out and close like a thin stream of energy. Then he started making an invisible ball in his hands, the energy vortex taking the shape of an energy sphere.

Ed summoned the ball, and he took in his hands. He also put out his fingers, making a ball of light, and from it a Galactic Donut was fabricated. He started dribbling the Ki ball with Drew inside, or rather punching and kicking it around like a soccer ball. He then took it and jumped, falling towards the Galactic Donut. He made a smooth dunk, by then the Galactic Donut closed on the ball and began squeezing. “He dunks and he scores and the ball’s gonna get broke!”

A muffled “Kaio-ken!” came from the ball, and Drew burst from the ball, energy shards blasting all over the place. Corey shouted, “Careful, Drew! He almost had you in the fold for that one!” Urik carefully observed. “Hmmm…that guy is like a genius when it comes to fighting…” While the trio was doing the whole thinking monologue, Ed grinned like a fool and decided to use the Kaio-ken as well. Drew flew towards Ed, while Ed threw a Sphere of the Sphinx at him. Drew dodged and side kicked him in the rib, followed with a backwards kick to the side of Ed’s head. He followed suit and shot a Ki ball, stretching and latching itself onto Ed’s leg. Drew took the Ki string, which now formed into a chain, and started swinging it around, with Ed on top.

Drew threw and flew after him, firing a Kamehameha at point blank range. Ed, however, managed to fire his own Kamehameha, the result being a city blinding flash explosion. They came down for a landing, the force of their released Ki making large craters. Urik laughed a bit, but Ed and Drew shot a visual Kiai at him and he went flying towards the wall. He decided to get in on the spar and punched Ed in the face, parrying Drew’s knee strike with his own.

He fired a Ki ball at Drew with his free hand, sending him soaring. He spun around several times, smacking Ed with the blade of his foot. Drew was caught by Michael, although Michael dropped him right afterward. “What the hell is this, some sort of yaoi fan-fuck-tion?” Urik decided to target Drew once more after punishing Ed a bit, and tried elbowing Drew, but Drew grabbed Michael’s leg and swung him towards Urik’s elbow. Contact was made between stomach and arm.

Michael grunted, then said, “Using me as a shield, eh? Well, how about this!?” He kicked Drew off, sending him flying into Zach, his arms flung wide out. One after another, horribly aimed hits got all the Saiyans into fighting rather than sparring. While this was happening, an invisible Eggship hovered over the city. “Shall we commence the operation, sir?” An engine bot asked of his round bellied lord. “Yes, confirm, my minion.” The ship started dropping smoke and flash bombs. Confusion reigned soon after, with several Eggbots dropping to add more to the diversion. One Eggbot free fell and picked the Purple Comet van. Edd and Bowen, however, caught sight of this and attempted to stop the Eggbot, but one flash bomb was launched from its wrist and completely blinded the two.

About a minute later, every plume of smoke had receded and every corner darkened. The Saiyans, all beat up and bruised, were looking around for whatever had caused the mess. The animals came over, just as confused, trying to find out if they could find the source, but nothing came up.

“Master, we have secured the transport, just as you have requested, sir. Is there any other wish you harbor?” The robots reported to Eggman, but he simply sneered and said, “No, await further orders until we return to the Egg Star. Heh heh heh… If those fools want to get back, they’ll have to fight to get it back… But then, they’d be lucky enough to keep their existence…Meh heh heh…”

Just what harebrained plot is Eggman hatching? Will the Saiyans stop beating the living crap out of each other? Will they stop making me read these lines like questions? Find out later on the next episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy Z.

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