Ed Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 2: Saiyan vs. Android

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Ed Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 2: Saiyan vs. Android

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Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z Episode 2: Saiyan vs. Android

Previously, when we last left our heroes…

(Edd & Eddy are struggling to get the wriggling sack open. Ed is observing his hands, opening and closing them.)

Eddy: S-Shit! No matter what we do to this damn sack, it won't open!

Edd: Eddy! Watch your mouth! But it's true. Despite our best tactics and efforts, this sack will not open!

Kevin: You dorks better get us out of this sack or you'll be in for the beating of your life!

Rolf: Rolf will be sure to introduce you Ed Boys to Rolf's fists!

Ed: What did I do to Rulog's minion? Did I use the Pyromaniac technique "Blue Comet Flare"? Or was it Grinthar's " *Megawatt Hammer"?

*Megawatt Hammer was taken from the Infamous video game.(Available for PS3.)

Eddy: Hey, Lumpy! We could use a hand here!

Ed: Or maybe it was the "Blue Plague".

Edd: Ed, please! We require assistance with this bag!

Ed: Alright, you guys! I'll be there in a minute.

(There is a huge rumble from the ground and a large shape erupts from the rubble.)

Eddy: WTF!


(Ed turns around and notices the large figure, which turns out to be the android!)

Ed: So! You still stand before Ed, the-uhh-Space Warrior! This time, I , Ed, will finish you off once and for all!

Android: Hmm.. Not bad for a sack of meat. Perhaps this will turn out to be enjoyable, after all.

Eddy: Ed! Get out of there!

Edd: Ed, please! We have to escape! We don't stand a chance against this robot!

Android: You should listen to your comrades, fool. There is no way you can beat me!

Ed: Hah! Your words prove nothing! Clashing bone and sinew will prove who is stronger!

Android: Hmph. Fine. Let us see who is the better fighter, then!

(The android disappears in a blink.)

Eddy & Edd: Huh!

Ed: What?

(The android reappears, dealing a tremendous blow to Ed. Ed goes soaring towards one of the houses.)


(The collision destroys the house.)

Eddy & Edd: ED!

(Ed comes flying out of the wreckage, headbutting the android.)

Ed: Do NOT underestimate my gravy of fury!

Android: Rrrrr…

(The android and Ed exchange flurries of blows. Punch after punch, kick after kick, Ed manages to score two hits on the android.)

Android: Ooomph!

Ed: Hrrraaawwrrr!

(Ed kicks his opponent, sending the android flying. Ed then disappears in flash. He reappears right on top of the android and, holding his hands together, bashes the android's head. The android crashes into the nearby road.)

Ed: And now for you to meet your doom, robot scum!

(Ed summons up the rest of his fighting energy to put into his newly found move, which he had discovered earlier.)


(Note: Please notice that at the end of Episode 1, the person watching over the Eds mentioned that the move Ed is demonstrating is actually the Kamehameha, but Ed doesn't know that yet.)

(Ed once again releases blue light from his hands, targeted at the android. Within seconds, the android is obliterated.)

Eddy: Whoa…

Edd: (Gaping)….

Ed: (Gasping) Huff… Hah…Hoof..

(There is nothing but ashes and rubble in the spot where the android was.)

(Meanwhile… Again…)

Nazz: What the heck was that!

Sarah: It was that blue light again!

(Jimmy is again cowering behind Sarah.)

Johnny: What's that, Plank? Yeah, you're right, buddy. Something's not right.

Nazz: Ohhhh…I just hope Kev and Rolf are all right.

(Back at the Eds' location.)

Eddy: Holy shit, Ed! That was…was…

Edd: Ed… what did you do to that robot?

Ed: Hah! It was my mighty Megawatt Hammer! Grinthar taught me!

(Above the Eds.)

Stranger: Hmmm… No human could defeat an android. And at *8000 G's, too. That definitely proves that they're Saiyans. Now let's see if I can't gauge their strength.

At their rate, they could probably master that technique.

It seems that the Eds are Saiyans! The stranger, after witnessing Ed's performance decides test their strength! What kind of test is in store for the Eds! What is this technique the stranger has mentioned? Find out on the next episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z!


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