Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 20: The Game of Monotony

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Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 20: The Game of Monotony

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Ed, Edd n Eddy Z: Episode 20
The Game of Monotony

Michael looked at the surprise on the Kids’ faces and stated, “Well, maybe I’m a little too powerful at this point, but heck, you’re at full power and better to train with something you ain’t used to. I’m pretty sure that this is eno--.” Michael was interrupted with a triple punch from Eddy, Kevin and Rolf, hitting him in the face, stomach and back.

They then started clashing with Michael, who held up defense in a professional manner, only dodging. “Come on, those punches you gave…” He blew them away with his Ki and Edd and Johnny 2x4 came in at him, “Smarted a bit.” He bypassed Johnny’s Splinter Storm and flicked him away with one finger. Edd and Sarah jumped at him from front and back, with Edd charging up a Kamehameha and Sarah kicking with all her speed and might.

He manipulated his dodging to the point where he almost seemed like he was getting tired, then he disappeared as Edd fired his Kamehameha, which sent Sarah crashing to the ground. Michael flew toward Edd and was about to uppercut, but Ed came in flying from under, his foot augmented with Ki, which made Michael cough a bit.

“Oof! Not bad, but--!” He grabbed Ed’s foot and slammed him into Double D. “Gotta watch your comrades even when--!” Nazz threw a few Ki balls his way, but Michael turned around and deflected them. “--you attack, especially--!” he suddenly appeared in front of Nazz and elbowed Nazz, who went soaring. Jimmy tried stringing together several combos of punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and even Ki ball attacks, but this did not even phase Michael, who continued, “--when using Ki attacks!” He grabbed Jimmy’s arms and swung him around, smacking into both Johnny and Rolf. He let go and Jimmy crashed into Rolf.

Eddy and Kevin flew straight at him, while Ed and Johnny came in from above. Corey observed the training session from a safe distance, thinking, “Heh, I didn’t think that they’d have improved that much. Their teamwork definitely exceeds my expectations. At this rate, they’ll probably match us soon enough. Oof! That had to hurt!”

The four pronged assault had ended in failure as Michael kicked them all with lightning speed and then swept them away with a sweeping moon kick. Jimmy, Rolf, Sarah and Nazz picked up where the others had left off and tried continuing the assault. Sarah grabbed his leg, while Jimmy and Nazz got on his arm, and Rolf attempted to kick him.

Ed and Kevin flew right in and contributed by Kevin holding Michael’s other leg and Eddy holding his other arm. Double D bound him in several energy ropes and they let go and attempted to assault him from every conceivable direction. Their power increased as they continued, but Michael just smiled even though he was getting bruised. He whispered under his breath, “Kaio-ken…Times eight…“ An even larger red energy burst from his body, blowing away the Kids and releasing him from his prison.
Then he went like a pinball at them.

He powered down as all the Kids fell, apparently powering down as well. Ed was the first to get up, remarking, “No matter the power you have, I shall beat you!” His stance became firm and steady and stretched his hands out. “Time for a shock!” His reserves of Ki flowed within his nervous system, generating an electricity output so intense that his entire body was surrounded with electricity.

His hands glowed and crackled, and his Kaio-ken was activated. “Kaio-ken!” His aura was now even bigger than before, which had surprised even Michael. “His power’s even larger than before! 108,000 G’s maybe?” The red energy bonded with the electric energy as Ed shouted, “ Zappity Zap Zap!” The discharge was massive as the beam’s speed was near instant and Michael’s body pulsed with pain and electricity. The explosion sent electric currents flying all over the area.

When it died down, Ed faltered.

Ed fell to his knees, asking, “Did I do it?” Michael with his arms crossed, shouted at Ed, “YOU IDIOT! ARE TRYING TO KILL ME!?” His clothes were torn, along with traces of a faint white aura. “Lucky I raised my power before it got to me…”

Bowen and Drew remarked on Ed’s considerable stamina, “How scary. Even after what Michael did to him he was STILL able to fire off a Ki attack, at Kaio-ken level, no less.” Bowen said. “I’d say he went tenfold on Michael. That’s pretty impressive. Not many would be crazy enough to go that far after a beating like that.”

After a few hours of resting, Bowen and Edd went to go repair the Purple Comet. Everyone else, however, took their time exploring. Michael conversed with Sonic on a certain matter from earlier. “So this Eggman guy, he does this sort of thing often?” “Yeah, he usually has the guts to pull off that kind of stuff, plus the fact that one of his diabolical plans actually changed my voice.” *

*This is a reference to the voice change in Sonic Colors.

“So what’s his angle this time?” Michael asked, but Sonic rolled his eyes and answered, “Same thing as always, trying to take over the world by any means necessary. Most of the time he tries to get the Chaos Emeralds, which I think can really get monotonous at times.” Michael chuckled.

They continued their walk, this time Corey flying down, trying to tap into his wrist comm. “Hello? Anyone, this is Corey! Please respond! Dammit!” Corey smacked his wrist comm, but ended up only putting more pressure on his wounds. Michael looked up and advised Corey, “Better put off any chances of communication right now. After all, we ARE in a different dimension. Don’t suppose that anyone here would know how to reverse engineer the effects of time-space distortion, eh?” Corey sighed.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right, but there MAY be a chance that some allies may have ended up here as well.” Corey switched off his comm, and floated down. He looked around at the crowds filling the streets. “Jeez, we just completed finished construction and here they are, already stuffing themselves through the streets.” Corey put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes. That’s when he felt a slight bonk on the head.

Corey’s hand darted onto the spot of sudden pain. That’s when Michael started snickering. Corey got angry, and yelled, “Shut up!” He opened his eyes, and saw the most dazzling sight he had ever seen. A fox… But not just any fox, no, this one seemed quite different to him. She was a slender fox, with eyes of azure and small whiskers that glistened with the sun. Her body was quite defined, with the perfect curve to it (to Corey, anyway). Her hair was a chestnut brown, and it hid the scarlet tone to her face.

“Uh…sorry…errrr…” the girl was at a loss for words. Corey tried to reassure her, but what came out of his mouth was a meek tone. “I-it’s…nothing…” Both were blushing like tomatoes, and Michael caught on. “Well, if it’s nothing, then maybe you could act like a gentleman and help this young lady pick up what she just dropped…” He pointed right in front of both of them, which was a mess of bags, clothes and trinkets.

Tails, who was behind Sonic, groaned, and said, “Tailsko, you should really watch where you’re running, there’s never been any good coming from texting, ya know…” The girl he referred to as Tailsko stuck out her tongue and began picking up what she dropped. Corey helped, and their hands touched on her cell phone.

Michael almost started laughing at this and thought to himself, “Now how many times have I seen THAT?!” Both tried to look away, for fear of embarrassing themselves even further.

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