Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 5: From What Lemons Yonder Do Cousins Break?

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Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 5: From What Lemons Yonder Do Cousins Break?

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 5: *From What Lemons Yonder Do Cousins Break?

*Since I'm studying Shakespeare at the moment, I decided to rephrase a line of Romeo and Juliet.

Edd: Where are we going to get medical attention for these kids? They'll lose too much blood!

Eddy: Ah, leave them. They were assholes, anyway.

Edd: EDDY!

Eddy: What? It's true. They've treated us like douches since Day 1.

(Michael whacks them in the back of their heads.)

Michael: Both of you, shut it. Double-Dee, leave the medical attention to me.

Edd: Well, how do you plan to do-?

(Michael takes out a small pouch, filled with what appears to be beans. He takes one of the beans out and feeds it to Jimmy.)

Michael: Here, eat this. You'll feel better.

(Jimmy slowly chews on the bean and swallows. After five seconds, Jimmy jumps up.)

Jimmy: Hey! I feel better already! I don't feel any pain! Although I do feel blisters…

Maybe one more?

(Edd gapes at Jimmy, who had been writhing in agony just moments ago.)

Michael: Sorry, kiddo, I don't administer these beans for beauty purposes.

(Michael moves on to the next injured person, Nazz.)

Michael: Here, kid.

(Nazz swallows the bean almost at once.)

Nazz: BUUUURP! Whoa! Excuse me!

(Nazz tries to hide her flushing face.)

Edd: How did you-? What did you give to them?

Michael: Hm? Oh, these? They're called senzu beans. They can heal every injury.

Edd: Just one tiny photosynthetic bean? It only takes one of those small, green beans to do all that?

Michael: Exactly.

Edd: With those beans, you'd never need a doctor!

Michael: It doesn't work like that, Double Dee. These beans are little miracle workers, yes, but they can't cure diseases, unfortunately. And then there's the fact that it takes 4 months to make 10 of these.

Edd: 4 months? Just for 10 of those beans?

Michael: Yes.

Edd: Hmmm… Intriguing…

(Michael moves on to give a bean to Sarah.)

Michael: Here, you have to swallow it.

(Sarah tries to lift her head, but it just slumps back to the ground.)

Ed: Oh no! Sarah's neck is broken!

(Ed snatches the bean from Michael's hand.)

Michael: It's quite odd how she could still live after having a broken neck at her age.

Ed: Listen, Baby Sister! Your big brother is going to feed you, okay?

(Ed gently puts the bean into Sarah's mouth and she swallows the bean.)

Ed: Sarah?

Sarah: Ed…

Ed: She's alive!

Sarah: Ed…

Ed: Yeah, Baby Sister?

Sarah: Come closer…

(Ed leans in to listen.)

Sarah: Ed… YOU IDIOT!

(Sarah whacks Ed on the back of his head so hard his eyes pop out.)

Sarah: Do you know how dangerous that was! You could've gotten killed!

Ed: B-but Sarah!

Sarah: B-but what!

Ed: I was trying to protect you!

Sarah: I don't want any protection from you!

(Ed hangs his head in shame, and starts twiddling with his fingers.)

Sarah: Because I don't want to lose my idiot brother.

(Ed looks up.)

Ed: Really?

Sarah: You're the only brother I've got. I don't know what would happen if you were killed.

Ed: Sarah…

(Sarah and Ed hug each other like brother and sister, except Ed hugs too hard.)


Michael: (thinking) I'm glad I'm not in her position.

(Michael leaves the siblings to continue their somewhat uncomfortable hug and goes to Johnny.)

Michael: Here.

(Johnny swallows the senzu bean.)

Johnny: Gee, thanks! Can you give Plank one?

(Johnny holds up the piece of wood he considers his friend to Michael.)

Michael: Errr…I…I can't do that…

Johnny: WHAT? Why not?

Michael: It's not that I don't want to, it's just-

Johnny: I knew it! You're a wood hater!

Michael: No! That's not what I mean!

Johnny: Get away from me, wood hater!

(Johnny runs off to nearby column.)


Michael: …What's his problem?

Edd: Oh, Johnny? He's all right, but he tends to get…lonely…most of the time.

Michael: Oh, I get it.

(At the Lemon Brook Gag Factory.)

Corey: Yep, looks like this place is Balnaan-free.

Zach: Thank God! I didn't want to hear Drew whining his ass off about it!

Drew: HEY!

Zach: Well, it's true, Drew. You DO whine about it. Heh heh heh…

(Drew holds up his middle finger at Zach.)

Zach: What? It's just a joke.

Corey: Guess I'd better tell Michael we're on our way now.

(Corey presses some buttons on his watch.)

(Back at the Cul-De-Sac.)

(Michael's watch begins to sound a Dragonball Z: Burst Limit tune.)

Michael: Michael speaking. Identify yourself.

(Corey's face comes on the screen.)

Corey: This is Corey speaking.

Michael: What's your status?

Corey: Lemon Brook is completely secured, sir.

Michael: Did you activate the force field?

Corey: We're about to place the transmitters.

Michael: Good. Once you're done, you know what to do.

Corey: Anything else we need to do besides head to your location?

Michael: Oh, that's right. There's a chance you'll encounter some Hornets on the way here, so be on guard.

Corey: Right. Got it. Corey out.

(Transmission cuts off.)

Michael: Well, guys, Corey and his cousins are en route to our location, so look sharp!

(Back at Lemon Brook, Corey, Drew, and Zach are placing the last of the force field transmitters.)

Corey: All right, stand back, gentlemen.

(Drew and Zach back away a little.)

Corey: Force Field On!

(Beams of Energy begin emitting from both sides of one of the transmitters. The beams connect to the transmitters on either side of the first transmitter. The process continues until a half sphere of orange light encases the area like a *glass dome.)

*The Simpsons Movie reference. After Homer dumps a silo filled with pig shit into the lake, the pollution levels go crazy and the E.P.A.(Environmental Protection Agency) is forced to encase Springfield in a glass dome.

Corey: All right, we're all finished here. Let's get over to Peach Creek, you guys.

(The cousins take to the skies and fly straight for the Cul-De-Sac.)

Drew: Here's hoping we don't run into trouble on the way…

Zach: What? Are you afraid of squashing some little bugs!

Drew: You wanna go, Zach?

Zach: I'd be happy to, if you weren't such a chicken wuss.

Corey: You two are acting like fricking children!

(The cousins continue to bicker while, unbeknownst to them, the enemy is surveying their every move.)

(One of the Hornets are communicating with Android Sub-Commander UT-98.)

Android Sub-Commander UT-98: You'd better not fail this time, insect!

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Weeee shall not fail, sir…

Android Sub-Commander UT-98: I'm sending Squadron 60 just in case you screw up. I cannot trust you to eliminate those Saiyans, especially you let three other ones escape!

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Of course, masteeeerr…

(Transmission ends.)

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Listeeenn, meeeenn…Our allies have alreeeaaadyyy seeeent reeeeeiiinforcemeeents on the way. Beeeee sure to keeeep those Saiyans busyy…

(The Hornet units salute and take to the skies.)

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant: Those reeeeeinforcemeeents betteeerr come quiiiick. Weeeeee'vee alreeeeaadyyy lost so manyyyyy to those blasted Saiyans…

(Back with the arguing cousins.)

Drew: Bullcrap! I'm not a frickin' coward!

Zach: Suuuuurrrrrrre, Drew! I believe you…

Corey: For the last time, you two, shut-!

(A Hornet appears out of nowhere and kicks Corey in the face.)


Drew & Zach: COREY!

Corey: Damn son of a-!

(Corey comes flying back and punches the Hornet so hard his fist goes right through its body.)

Corey: GO TO HELL!

(Corey takes his hand out and unleashes a very large Ki blast, obliterating the creature.)

Corey: F-k! Guess Michael wasn't kidding about those Hornets.

Drew: Looks like we got more company!

(Six Hornet units fly down to confront the Saiyans.)

Corey: As always, the enemies have to frickin' outnumber us.

Zach: Let's just get this over with. You ready, Drew?

Drew: Yeah, I'm ready.

(Zach and Corey disappear. Drew flies right in front of the Hornets and prepares a Special Beam Cannon.)

Drew: Eat this!

(The beam takes out 6 Hornets. The remaining Hornets try to converge on Drew, but Zach and Corey reappear and use the Telepathy technique to hold them in their place.)

Drew: And now for the coup de grace…

(Drew pushes his hands outward and then throws 20 energy balls around the enemy.)

Drew: Get out of the way!

(Zach and Corey fly away from the area.)


(Drew claps his hands together and the energy balls converge and detonate upon contact with the enemy.)


(Drew dusts his hands off.)

Drew: Too easy!

(Back at the enemy base: The Hornets' Nest)

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Damn theeeeemmm…I hope those reeeeeinforcemeeeents arrive soon…


(Drew, Corey, and Zach fly in.)

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Impossiiible… How diiid you fiind meeee…?

Zach: Not every hideout has a sign saying "Hornets' Nest," dumbass.

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Damn iiiit all…. I knew I should've reeeemoved that…

Corey: Too late now, shit face.

(The Saiyans fly out and unleash a flurry of Ki blasts on the base.)


Corey: All right, that's done. We shouldn't keep Michael waiting, guys. Let's go.

(The Saiyans continue their flight to the Cul-De-Sac, leaving the ruined base to rot. However, Yuphis is still conscious, but barely.)

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Cough! Damn iiit alll… Wheeeerrre weeeerrre the reeeeinforcemeeeeents…?

(A voice rings out from the outside.)

Unknown voice: Right here…

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: Why diiidn't you come sooneeeer…?

Squadron 60 Officer Android: You are no longer of any use, fool. I guess I'll end your misery now…

Hornet 2nd Lieutenant Yuphis: What…? No… You can't….

(There is a white flash in the Hornet's eyes, then nothing.)

After defeating the last of the surviving Hornets, the Saiyan cousins make haste to their destination. However, just after leaving, the reinforcements for the Hornets had arrived, but instead of going after the Saiyans immediately, they had executed the last Hornet without mercy! Will this Squadron 60 be too strong, or will the Saiyans manage to defeat them? Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!


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