Revised Example of Character Profile

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Revised Example of Character Profile

Post  SSJ mike on Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:20 pm

Name: Michael
Species: Saiyan
Alignment: Good
Win/Lose/Draw: 9/6/10
Racial Stats: All Stats +2%,
Voracious Appetite: +2% all Stats if Full, -4% all Stats if Hungry
Thrill for Battle: +2% if fighting against rival
Quick Analysis: Speed and Defense are increased +1% after first five turns

Battle Status
Power Level: 22,000
Health: 22,000
Attack: 7,000
Defense: 6,500
Speed: 8,500

Personal Status(optional, and please be honest, okay?)
Age: 15 years
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Marital Status: Single
Capability Status: Active
Specialty: Speed and Ki Control

Professional Status(optional)
Mission Objective: Clear the Earth of the remaining enemies
Base of Operations: Mobile(Situated on Earth)
Rank: Veteran Commander

Personality: Usually calm and collected, he enjoys fighting(unless killing is involved.) When angry, strength is increased by 4%, but defense and speed go down 4%. His tendency for fighting can vary, depending on whether his opponent likes it or not. If he were fighting against Zaraki Kenpachi of Bleach, for example, then he would be just as crazy.

Biography: Not much is known about him, except that he is a veteran of the School Wars and is able to utilize the False Super Saiyan transformation. He knew that he was a Saiyan from the day of his birth, but instead was not bloodthirsty or merciless like most other Saiyans. However, his Saiyan parents died of mysterious circumstances.
During his younger days, his power level was close to 25, being able to lift a 10 kg boulder. It was for this reason that he had never been well liked. Excluded from society, he wandered from place to place, learning new techniques and strengthening himself. It was in the state of Washington in 2003, that he'd learned of an uprising revolving around the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.
He was twelve when he registered for a position in the Coalition, rising throgh the ranks very quickly, attracting the attention of others like him. He made friends with them, most notably, Drew, Corey, and Zach. During the events that were known as the Great Lakes Battles, he had been promoted to Commander. Unfortunately, at this time, General Urik Ranset betrayed the Coalition. He attempted to kill Michael by destroying the entire Earth, but Michael countered and defeated Urik with a Kamehameha augmented with his (False) Super Double Kaio-Ken technique...barely.
Afterwards, he was placed under intense medical care for four months, this being the reason why he is not very well known. He was able to attend the final battle to assist in the destruction of the final Super School, holding off the Android scourge along with his childhood friends Chase and Bowen. After the final battle, he celebrated with his comrades. It was only six months ago that he'd discovered that evil was stilll working at its roots, dubbed the Exon Alliance. With his comrades at his side, he wishes to clear their immediate surroundings before heading into outer space to join in the war that was taking place.

Attacks and Abilities: Kaio-ken x10, Kamehameha, Dodon-Pa, Dodon Storm, Special Beam Cannon, Tri-Beam Cannon

Transformations: False Super Saiyan

Rivals: Drew, Zach, Urik

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