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Character Sheet

Post  SSJ5G on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:42 pm

Name: (I hope to God you know what this is)
Species (Just determines racial stuff): (Saiyan, Human, Namekian, Android, or Other Alien Race (e,g. Balnaans, Humanoids, Hornets))
Alliance: (Good (e,g. Corey, Michael, Ed, others), Neutral, Evil (Urik, Kram), PICK ONE)
Win/Lose/Draw: (Starts at 0/0/0, obviously your ratio of wins to your loses to your draws, updated when you win a fight)
Racial Stats: (See the appropriate topic for more details)

Power Level (Determines nothing except for reaching Super Levels, all below stats (except HP) must add up to Power Level): 10,000 to start, may get extra (up to 10,000 additional points) depending on bio.
HP: (Depends on Racial Stats, but this will always be a % of your power level, but unless it is otherwise stated in the racial stats, a character‘s HP is 100% of their PL.)
Attack: (Your damage-determining attribute)
Defense: (Your damage-reducing attribute)
Speed: (Determines Move Order)

Your character
Personality: (This is mainly needed to be said so that if your character needs to be Role-played by someone else, they won’t turn him from a brave warrior to a chicken shit.)
Bio (At least three decent paragraphs describing your character’s life, but you may add more about them if you want)

Attacks/Abilities: (EVERYONE starts off with the Kaioken x2 attack. It lasts for one turn, and you multiply your stats by 2, then divide the multiplied stats by 4 afterwards. Then you can pick two Level 1 moves from the Attack List.)


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