Uhh.. My first Character

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Uhh.. My first Character

Post  SuperRob45 on Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:54 am

Name: Rob
Species : Augmented/Experimental Human (Not Technology wise like a cyborg, more like the Sentry from Marvel Comics)
Alliance: Good
Win/Lose/Draw: 0/0/0
Racial Stats: All Stats +1%

Power Level: 10,000
HP: 22,000
Attack: 7,000
Defense: 6,500
Speed: 8,500

Your character
Personality: Usually an easy gong guy. Mostly a slacker. However what he does focus at, he excels in. Eventually all of the things he works at he is able to accomplish with great skill. Really though he usually slacks off to any kind of serious work. Anything he "has" to do is usually put off. He really just likes to sit back and watch TV.

Kaioken x2; DEFAULT
Ki blasts; (Default??)
Sensing Ki
Eye Beams
Energy Sword

Sprites (Just for fun):

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