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Example of Character Profile

Post  SSJ mike on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:13 am

Name: Michael
Species: Saiyan
Alliance: Good
Win/Lose/Draw: 9/6/10
Racial Stats: (Example) All Stats: +2%

PL: 22,000
HP: 22,000
ATK: 7,000
DEF: 6,500
SPD: 8,500

Personality: Usually calm and collected, he enjoys the thrill of fighting(unless killing is involved.)
When angry, his strength is increased, but speed and defense go down.

Biography: Although he does not like to recollect on his younger days, he seldom tells certain people. He had been born knowing that he was a Saiyan, but rather had a personality very different from those of regular Saiyans. Instead of the common bloodlust that filled the Saiyans, he was filled with bravery and kindness, and had a power level of 25 as a young boy.
One day, when he was 12, he'd heard news of an uprising involving the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Upon registering for a position in the coalition, he found others like him, and soon became best friends with them, especially the Cousin Trio. As he attained the rank of Commander, his rival and friend, Urik, turned on the U.S. Coalition at this time. Urik's PL was once 10,000 but it had now been boosted to 68,000! Michael's power was half that of Urik's.
Michael was able to use the False Super Saiyan form and defeat Urik...barely. After his four month recovery, he was on the battlefield again, promoted to 4th Chief-in-Command, one rank higher than Commander. Along with the new recruits Bowen and Chase(who were also his childhood friends.), he kept the Android scourge at bay to allow The Cousin Trio to destroy the last Super School.
He was also aware of Corey's hidden potential as he attained False Super Saiyan also, but kept this a secret to protect him from killing himself of overtraining.

Attacks and Abilities: Kaio-ken x10, Kamehameha, Dodon Pa, Dodon Storm, Special Beam Cannon, Tri-Beam Cannon

Transformations: False Super Saiyan

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