The true power level list

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The true power level list

Post  SSJ5G on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:57 pm

My multipliers are as follows:
Oozaru: x10
Super form (unmastered): (10) x Chaos Emeralds used, rounded to nearest integer
Dark Form: x50 (blocks any FSSJ transformation)
FSSj Burst: x80
Chaos Form: x100
False Super Saiyan: x100
Super Saiyan: x150
Ultra Super Saiyan: x225
Ultra Super Saiyan 2: x300
Legendary Super Saiyan: x600
"Mastered" Super Form: x840
Mastered Super Saiyan: x900
Hyper Form: x3,600
Super Form 2: x4,000
Super Saiyan 2: x4,500

To be updated...


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