So, you're dead

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So, you're dead

Post  SSJ5G on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:36 pm

You're probably here because you've died off in the story or in a fight you lost in the Non-Canon section. Either way, you have some stuff to do while waiting for a "checkpoint" to be reached (or a story event if the character in question is vital to the story, i,e. Ed, Michael, Corey, etc.).

How do you die? Well, you fall to 0 HP in a serious battle, that's how you die.

Anyway, if your alliance is good:
-Train with King Kai
Gain PL up to 10x before your training, as well as learn the Spirit Bomb and level up the Kaioken by 3 levels free of charge, depending on your RP. Split the gain between ATK, DEF, and SPD.
You go to Grand Kai's planet to train with the strong warriors there. Any gain you get from your training RP is doubled.

Depending purely on karma, you either go to Grand Kai or Hell/HFIL to train in freestyle. See above.

-Train with an Evil Being
Gain PL up to 10x before training, learn Revenge Death Ball/Negative Energy power ball. replace Kaioken with Maken (Fist of the Demons) and increase the level by 3 free of charge. Depends on RP.

Split any gain between ATK, DEF, SPD.
...See good. Replace Grand Kai's planet with Hell/HFIL. PROFIT.


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