Fun time with Ed

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Fun time with Ed

Post  Gohan2535 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello guys, my name is Ed. I just love to read comics. I ESPECIALLY love to read "Creepypasta"s. Ha ha, yum. Why isn't there any "Gravypasta"s? Umm..anyway...okay okay yeah back to the pastas...Well...I've shared some of the yummy goodness with Corey and Zukai. With Corey, i shared an OH SO TASTY pasta. It was"Lost Silver", if i remember. And with Zukai, AN EVEN BETTER, BUTTER, AND TASTIER ONE. I couldn't a pasta named "Cupcakes" not be so tasty!?

Well...I haven't read another good one in some time. Or eaten one, oh boy oh boy. So here I'm. I've commanded Double-D write what I'm saying down. Cause he can make me sound smarter! So really, this isn't even Ed, it's Edd....heh...what's the difference? I've stated that i want him to write down this pasta I will do craft*. Without further pado a due*, Here is my pasta! = )
Before we continue, I'd like to note that I am trying to not run for my life at Ed's "Creepypasta". So bare with me, as i try to recollect Ed's words, and make them more....interesting...

-Edd; AKA Double-D


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