Tailsko's Adventure

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Tailsko's Adventure

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“Corey’s going to be killed!”

“That’s right, Mecha Sonic…!”

“Then, ill pry them from your lifeless corpse!!”


Tailsko awoke with a yawn. She looked around her empty cabin like residence. Just the bed she lay on, a round table with two chairs, though the second was never used, and some cabinets for food storage. She looked into the cabinets, only to find scarcely any food.

“Well I suppose getting some food would be the best thing to do right about now…” she murmured to herself. She went to one of her jugs of water she used for cleaning, and put her hands in it. She immediately used the water to shape her crazy bed head into anything but was it was now. But as it seemed to do a lot, it went into three spikes, one pointing up, another forward pointing forward, then declining at the tip, and the last going into her face. She immediately got dressed. Her night attire was replaced with jeans, a red somewhat low cut top and red shoes with white strips going threw them. She put on a belt, mainly for appearance, and then slid her white gloves on to both hands. Throwing her arms into the air, her back stretched.“Alright!”

She walked into the wilderness, knowing already where she would go. There was a nice area about a mile away with some great berries. The berries wouldn’t completely calm her stomach, but collecting them was something to do. She walked to the place, looking around, talking to the birds and the nearby non anthropomorphic wild animals. There company was nice, and she kept her mind to herself, smiling at talking to the birds happily, completely knowing they couldn’t answer. After what must have been an hour or so, she arrived at her destination, a small field of berries. All the birds that had been following her at the time immediately flew off.

“That’s odd…” she said, rather loudly. She sighed, and began to pick berries, placing them in a basket she had brought with her. Something caught her eye, a glitter leaning on a nearby tree. She approached it, and realized it was a large blue jewel of some sort. It fit in her hand perfectly when she picked it up. She admired it, but not too much. She had never been too interested in jewelry. As her mind went off the jewel for a moment, it disappeared. This of course made her look around in surprise, and it returned to her hand. “I think I understand now...” she said, and gave a mental command to “Disappear”.

The Emerald did just that, disappearing from her grasp. But she now noticed the feeling that the jewel was still with her. “The Hammerspace… that’s oddly convenient…” she thought. After another minute of picking berries, she found another jewel. She immediately administered the jewel into the Hammerspace.

“This is weird…you’d think someone wouldn’t just dr-“Tailsko froze mid-sentence. She saw a limb hanging out of a berries bush. She brushed the leaves out of the way, and a face appeared. It was a boy, with a serious expression and brown spiky hair. The most troubling thing was the fact there was a stream of still drying blood going from his bare forehead to the bottom of his face. Tailsko did her best to move him onto the ground without hurting him. Upon getting a look at his whole body, she realized what a horrible condition he was in. His legs were bent awkwardly, no doubt both fractured. His right arm was obviously broken, with blood that had long sense dried down its side. His Gi was as damaged as his body, with his pants torn off from the knees down. The chest had a tear in it, revealing large muscles. His body was also covered in varies cuts and burns.

“What could have happened...” Tailsko thought sadly. She hoped to help him. She had to. She put two fingers to the boys forehead, and used her special ability to reach her mind out into his. Suddenly, her vision changed. She was on some form of highway. A golden metal hedgehog instantly went flying at her. There was no time to react, as she went flying. She couldn’t move as she went through the air, and she gained a horrible migraine.

The vision changed again, now a green alien creature with a large head and red eyes ran on four legs at her. The scene yet again before the creature could make contact.
The scenery was all metal, with some sort of power core in the center of the large room. In front of her stood a metal hedgehog, his one much smaller, and blue. Unlike any of the other visions, she let out a deep yell and flew at the hedgehog, tearing into it with varies attacks.
Tailsko jumped back as these memories tore into her psyche. The boy turned over, grunting in pain.

“I can’t believe he could take this..This torment. And he’d obviously been in many battles.” Tailsko said. A minute passed, then another. Tailsko simply looked into the boys face. Another minute. Suddenly she snapped back into realty, shaking her head quickly “I have to help him.”
She picked up the boy, and pushed him over her left shoulder. Knowing he would need nourishment, she managed to grab a hold of her basket of berries as well. And so her track began.

It didn’t take long for Tailsko to pass a waterfall. She stopped to rest, laying her “companion” next to said waterfall. She put her hands together, and putting her hands in the water, slowly rose her hands in a bowl shape and drank the collected water. She repeated this. She wiped her mouth, and looked at the boy. He was still bloody and breathing hard to top.

Tailsko sighed. “I might as well clean you up a bit,” she laughed awkwardly to herself. Ripping off a piece of cloth off of her shirt, she put it into the pond that formed from the waterfall. Getting it wet, she slowly cleaned the blood off of the boys arm. She now realized just how muscular the boy was. Her cheeks turned slightly pink at the thought. She rinsed the cloth and continued, then switched to clean the other arm. The boy’s arms cuts had healed rather well from what she could tell. She rinsed the cloth once again and moved to the boy’s chest. The boy’s gi was low cut, and ripped to the top of his stomach, and was ripped and was wider then what she guessed it was originally. She rubbed with the rag, washing blood and dirt off. Then thoughts of his muscle came back into her mind, as she slowed down.

The fox looked up, and saw two brown eyes looking lazily into her own. Tailsko’s face turned scarlet as she jumped back, covering her face with clenched fists. The boy didn’t say anything, and Tailsko didn’t dare look threw her hands for quite some time. After a few minutes of silence, she looked up. The boy’s eyes were open. But so was his mouth, and he panted the same as before. Tailsko sighed in relief.

“He’s still asleep…” she said to herself, closing her eyes. She looked away, and continued washing the brunet’s wounds.

She finished, and decided to attempt to breach the boys mind, and heal his wounds once more. To her surprise, she was able to. She remained on the edge of his mind, and healed his body to the best of her ability. After a lot of energy, resulting in the healing in all of his minor cuts, a sharp pain shot threw Corey and into Tailsko like before.

The fox took her time recovering, and then picked up him again, determined not to stop again.

“I have to get him home. I should be able to heal him properly now…”
Tailsko opened her cabins door and set her visitor onto her bed. Walking towards her table and chairs, she sat down and put her head down in exhaustion.

“No time for rest…have to make a cast and get him bandaged up…” she thought and got the necessary materials she had. She had made a cast before, for the woodland creatures of the forest whenever they would have an appropriate injury.

The boy had been outfitted with his cast, and bandages had been applied, Tailsko placed her head down once again on her table, and drifted to sleep, looking at the boy now calmly sleep.
Tailsko was running threw a forest in the dead of night, hearing screaming up ahead…

“Kilome! Kilome where are you!”

“MILES!” Tailsko yelled back. She seemed to run for an eternity… hours off nothing but running and hearing her brother scream in horror. Finally she collapsed, curing up and started to cry. He sobs went unheard as Miles screams continued.

OOC: Still a WIP...


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