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Oozaru - The unique transformation for Saiyans. By looking at a full moon or moon ball, a Saiyan's transformation begins, as long as they have their tail.
PL: x8
HP: x10
ATK: x10
DEF: x10
SPD: x2

False Super Saiyan - Corey transforms into this during his final fight during the School Wars. In mikevuong14’s adaptation of the storyline, Michael has already used this form.
Minimum PL requirement: 500,000
PL: x40
HP: x40
ATK: x40
DEF: x40
SPD: x40
HP Drain (initial): 10% per turn
By sacrificing 15% of PL gain, the HP drain can be cut by 5% until it is no more.

Super Saiyan - The legendary transformation attained by only a few.
Minimum PL requirement: 1,500,000
PL: x50
HP: x50
ATK: x50
DEF: x50
SPD: x50
HP Drain (initial): 15% per turn
By sacrificing 20% of PL gain, the HP drain can be cut by 5% until it is no more.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade - The muscles bulge from the normal SSJ state, but not by much--the user’s speed is unaffected.
Minimum PL requirement: 2,500,000
PL: x70
HP: x70
ATK: x70
DEF: x70
SPD: x70
HP Drain (initial): 15% per turn
By sacrificing 20% of PL gain, the HP drain can be cut by 5% until it is no more.

Super Saiyan 3rd Grade - Trunks uses this against Cell after his father fails to defeat the Android’s perfect form. The muscles bulge to the point speed becomes reduced.
Minimum PL requirement: 3,000,000
PL: x90
HP: x90
ATK: x90
DEF: x90
SPD: x25
HP Drain (initial): 20% per turn until gone.
By sacrificing 25% of PL gain, decrease HP drain by 5% until gone.

Legendary Super Saiyan - No one has actually been seen in this form, but it is considered a “fourth grade” of the regular SSJ form, without any speed drawbacks, but the muscles remain huge. Also, Ki seems to go up.
Minimum PL: 1,500,000
PL: x95
HP: x95
ATK: x95
DEF: x95
SPD: x95
HP Drain: None
Blast Stock Gain/Turn: +2 per turn
No upgrades.

Mastered Super Saiyan - The mastered form of Super Saiyan is automatically unlocked at this PL.
Minimum PL: 4,000,000
PL: x100
HP: x100
ATK: x100
DEF: x100
SPD: x100
HP Drain: None
No upgrades

Super Saiyan 2 - Once a Saiyan has mastered Super Saiyan, this form becomes availible either through training to get to a PL of 8,000,000 or becoming angry between 4 mil and 8 mil.
Minimum PL: 8,000,000 through training, 4,000,000 - 7,999,999 through anger
PL: x200
HP: x200
ATK: x200
DEF: x200
SPD: x200
HP Drain: 25% of remaining per turn.
Upgrade: Sacrfice 30% of training/battle PL gain to decrease the HP Drain by 5% until it is gone.

Mastered Super Saiyan 2 - The mastered variation of Super Saiyan 2 becomes availible through training.
Minimum PL: 10,000,000
PL: x400
HP: x400
ATK: x400
DEF: x400
SPD: x400

Super Saiyan 3 - Train to get this form. Careful: it saps away your life even when the unmastered form is fully mastered.
Minimum PL: 20,000,000
PL: x1600
HP: x1600
ATK: x1600
DEF: x1600
SPD: x1600
HP Drain: 35% of remaining HP per turn
Can be upgraded four times-sacrifice 50% of PL gain to decrease 5% of the HP Drain.

Mastered Super Saiyan 3 - More training. Careful: This form still saps away at your life.
Minimum PL: 30,000,000
PL: x3200
HP: x3200
ATK: x3200
DEF: x3200
SPD: x3200
HP Drain: 5% of remaining HP per turn
No upgrades

Golden Oozaru-A Saiyan who has mastered his Super Saiyan 3 transformation can now transform into this instead of the normal Oozaru as long as they have their tail. This is said to unlock at least one other Super Saiyan form.
PL: x4400
HP: x4800
ATK: x4800
DEF: x4800
SPD: x3200

Super Saiyan 4-This form is automatically mastered when Golden Oozaru is mastered. To access this form, the Saiyan's PL must meet the requirement. When a Saiyan chooses, he can sacrifice all PL gain from one battle, then when he next transforms into a Golden Oozaru, he automatically transforms into a Super Saiyan 4. The drain is minimal.
PL requirement: 50,000,000
All stats: x6000
HP Drain: 10% per turn

Super Saiyan 5-Only one Saiyan in recorded history has ever used this, and it's not Goku. During a previous war between the Saiyan race and the Humanoids, one Saiyan, at Super Saiyan 4 was being completely overwhelmed by his attackers, and he couldn't retreat, surrender or call for backup. He was about to give up hope when suddenly, he just calmed down. He had an expression of ultimate inner peace...And that's when it happened. His body changed from his previous form to this form. Unfortunately, his power was too high for the small planet to bear, and when he proceeded to kill all of his attackers, the planet imploded under the sheer pressure of the power of the Saiyan.
PL requirement: 200,000,000
All stats: x15000
HP Drain: 1% per turn, this form is like the pinnacle of Saiyan transformation.
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