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Gohan2535's Sprites

Post  Gohan2535 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:37 am

Spriting is an art, as so, i will post my 'art' here.
Zuki: My first real accepted character that I've used, in so far, in most of the RPG's I have been in.

Sheet: mediafire.com i/?vpfyb3voto03p4j

Description: Originally, Zuki had a gray jumpsuit with saiyan armor close to Bardock's, with small difference. But as i never knew how to sprite at the time, i never did a sheet of him this way. Instead, after Zuki was incorporated in Ed Edd N' Eddy Z, in which i learned the art of spriting, I sprited him with his custom uniform. His custom uniform is a uniform symbolizing the 'Fist of Time', or the Awaken power up, due to Zuki being the creator.
Zukai: As of course, just a different spelling of the original incorporation, but a different person all in all.

Sheet: mediafire.com i/?hw4w8sd5hz5aaqh

Description: I created Zukai after I decided that Zuki was overpowered when he fought the saiyan cousins. Zukai starts out Ed Edd N' Eddy Z older then Zuki did. But the general story remains. I made Zukai with a jacket, in which i edited from some Gogeta/Gotenks sprites. I gave Zukai sort of a more 'bad ass' look then Zuki because Zukai is a more conflicted person then Zuki. I kept the idea of a sword, as it was my favorite part of the character. The hair was a mix of SSJ Teen Gohan, i believe SSJ2 Goku maybe, and maybe one other. But the blade of hair going back was made by me...(Although it's not that great)
(IF YOU GOT CONFUSED: Zuki is in the Text Story, Zukai is in the Animated version [2.5] )
Julia: Zuki's sister (In an alternate universe)


Description: Basically, Julia was my first concept in a female character. In another RPG i made her as Zuki's sister. They were both of a different race called the 'Karentanians'.
Kid Brandon/Adult Brandon: Zuki's cousin, but not Zukai's cousin.

Sheet: (Finding)

Description: Originally, i didn't know what the fuck to use as Brandon's look. So to tell you the truth...i looked at Corey and said "BLAM!!! RECOLOR!!!" And so Kid Brandon was a recolored Corey. Not long after i started spriting...i tried to make my own sheet..by head swapping. The name of that saiyan was going to be Leon. But then i came up with the idea to make these old sprites Brandon. Adult Brandon's appearance is basically a head swap of SSJ Teen Gohan, over Bardock's Body.
LSWr Brandon: This is Zukai's cousin.


Description: As Zukai, LSWr Brandon was giving a jacket, only, i gave Brandon a jacket much like Ed's overcoat. And a jumpsuit customized so that the sleeves reached to the finger tips before cutting off. His jacket and pants are a purple color, and he has blue hair.
Thaenor: The love of Kaia

Sheet:(Haven't started)

Kaia: Character that might be in the 'OT' as Toonking calls it.

Sheet: mediafire.com i/?zm14xla4o99dh9c

Description: An angelic female warrior with the ability to transform into beings that she has taken energy from, being able to use all their attacks, but only in that form. A distant planet was hit by a high speed meteor. Chemicals, gasses, and microorganisms combined together, somehow this created DNA strands, which started to connect with each other. 7 stones floated, in the air, they glowed ominously, and the DNA started to form in an embryo which grew out. The creature shone brightly. The shine darkened, revealing a Human like body with angelic wings. It eventually flew in space, landing on planet Earth. She learned how to read and write in english, learned of the cultures ways. She eventually came upon martial arts. She had learned to hide her wing. One day she transformed into her martial arts teacher. Her teacher had the ability to use his ki, in which he used on Kaia as a demonstration. After that, when she reverted to her normal form, she flew in the skies as her wings shined.


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