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Three's Company

Post  SSJ mike on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:52 pm

Corey came home late at night with his companions, who remarked. "It looks exactly the same...Kinda weird..." Corey replied, "Of course YOU would know. Or I guess I would know."

He opened the door to see Drew and Michael having a Cheeto eating contest. Drew looked up and said, mouth full, "Fey, Corfee! Fowfhg if boinfgbh?(Hey Corey! How's it going?") Michael looked up and saw Corey's companion and his mouth dropped open, spilling all of the Cheetos from his mouth. "Uhhhh...Corey? Is that...?" Corey sidestepped, revealing another Corey!

Drew did the same thing Michael had done and he almost gagged on a Cheeto. "Hubububa eeeerkk...derphurpaderpityderp..duhhhh..oooooooohhh..." Michael spouted, pointing at the other Corey. "Please tell me that's NOT another Corey in the doorway..." Michael said.

Corey nodded, and Drew and Michael looked at each other, thinking, "Well, this is fucked up."

Michael looked back at the two Corey's and noticed another figure. "Lemme guess, you've been messing around with SSJ5G's 4th Wall Machine, haven't you?" The Corey's nodded and Michael sighed. "Well, you might wanna take a look at this, then." He took a remote and turned on the TV, revealing a deer wearing a green headband.

The Corey's stared at the deer on the TV, prancing around, falling on itself. "Damn, that deer must be a retard!" Corey #1 said. "He can't even walk? How the fuck can he not walk with four working legs?!" Corey #2 mocked. "Why the hell is he wearing a green headband?" Corey #3 wondered. Drew and Michael started laughing at the three Corey's. They turned around and asked, "WTF is so damn funny?"

Michael pointed at the TV and said, "The jackass you're making fun of is YOU, you jackasses! AHAHAH HAHAHA!" Drew added, "BWAHAHAHA! You can't even tell that that's you in deer form!? Man, that's rich! AHAHAHA HAHA!" Drew and Michael fell over themselves laughing at the Corey's self insulting. The three Corey's looked closer and suddenly got embarrassed about who they just insulted.

"...Why the fuck am I, or is he...COREY, then, in a Bambi movie?!" Corey #1 asked.
Drew shrugged, and Michael said, "Worst part is, the Eds and the Kids are watching this at the movie theatre right now!"

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