Episode 18: Intense Fight! Retake the Mind!

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Episode 18: Intense Fight! Retake the Mind!

Post  SSJ mike on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:57 pm

Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z: Episode 18
Intense Fight! Retake the Mind!

Michael’s body jolted to life as his eyes opened. This shocked the others, who were all leaning in closely to observe the black aura that was flowing from him earlier. Zach was the first to regain composure. “You’re back! What the hell happened?” Zach questioned. Michael’s head slumped a bit. Everyone’s fear jumped, but all they heard was, “Hungry…” Michael muttered. Everyone simply fell back, their concern wasted for nothing.

A few minutes later, Michael was chowing down several days’ worth of food in a matter of seconds. “Does he usually eat like this..?” Sonic asked, pointing at the figure throwing food down his mouth. The other Saiyans nodded, and Eddy remarked, “Jeez, this guy beats Ed by a long shot at eating.”

It was at this time Zach decided to cut the bullshit and asked, “So what happened with Corey? Why’d he suddenly go berserk?” Michael paused for a moment. He looked at Urik, who nodded at him and he put down his plate. Michael answered, “Well, how to say..? I’ll just say that Corey has problems trying to take control of his body.” Everyone but Urik was puzzled at this.

Urik spoke up for him. “What this idiot’s trying to say is that Corey is fighting his Oozaru.” Michael, annoyed at this, continued, “Thanks for clarifying my point, asshole. Anyway, you understand how Saiyan psychology works, right? The whole anger issue?”
The Saiyans nodded.

“Well, Corey’s always been a special case. In emotional control issues, of course. To cut a long psychological observation short, Corey’s anger has manifested to the form where it becomes an independent power. Thus, whenever Corey becomes angry, his power increases not twofold but tenfold.” Michael stated. It took a while for the less intelligent figures to absorb and understand what Michael had just said.

Inside Corey’s mind world, Corey was holding his own against the now weakened Oozaru Corey. Corey threw a left hook, Oozaru Corey parried and kneed Corey to the stomach. Corey grabs his leg and throws him toward the ground, and summons a clone of himself. The clone flies down kicks Oozaru Corey back up, Corey sticks a Ki ball on the Oozaru’s stomach, which starts blitzing and blasting with energy, sending the Oozaru crashing down to the ground.

Outside, Michael had just finished explaining Corey’s current state. “Okay, that explains why Corey suddenly became a fucking crazy ass. But then, what was the black energy coming from your body?” Zach asked. Michael and Urik looked at each other again and this time Urik explained.

“Well, don’t forget. I also once displayed such force, Zachary.” The Saiyans recalled on the story of the School Wars. Zach remembered, “Yeah, you had a black--! So that energy is coming from the Oozaru?” Urik and Michael nodded. “Yeah, as of right now, we’re the only two who have control over our inner Oozarus.” Michael said. Urik had to interrupt, “Well, HAD control, anyway. After that battle, I lost the abilities I gained through my Oozaru. For what reason, I don’t know.”

Even with the Oozaru greatly weakened, Corey was still having a hard time fighting it. “Why won’t he go down?! No matter how many times I punch or blast him, he doesn’t get weaker, but stronger!” Corey’s surprised words escaped his mouth. Corey began to get nervous and he began to falter with the Oozaru’s growing strength. Corey tried to put distance between them, but the Oozaru rendered this tactic useless. Corey, now driven into desperation, shot a Kamehameha, which the Oozaru dodged, leaving the Oozaru unscathed.

“What do you mean it’s only going to get stronger?” Edd asked. “An Oozaru’s anger is its strength, Double-D. That’s why the process of conquering the Oozaru can take a hefty amount of time.” Zach remembered something. “When you went off to those mountains, you’d been gone for two weeks, was it because of that?” Michael answered, “Yes, it’s because of my Oozaru. That black energy you saw? Take a guess what that was.”

Oozaru Corey blasted away Corey with his scream, and began to charge up a large amount of energy. Corey regained his figure, and started charging up his own energy as well. The Oozaru got in an all too familiar pose and blood red energy gathered at his palms. Corey readied himself and azure energy began to take shape within his hands.

“The reason I have this power is because I managed to make my Oozaru submit, so thus I can draw on his power at any given moment, so long as I do not show much weakness.” Michael further explained. Everyone else remained silent.

Both opponents released their most powerful techniques, which resulted in a huge explosion, making an atmospheric distortion with so much force that it pressured the earth below, creating a massive earthquake and reducing the mightiest of gravel and stone to dust. Corey used this instant to move toward his opponent. He grabbed the Oozaru’s hands and chanted, “Masenko.”

The Oozaru was hit by the bright light at point-blank range, sending him soaring through the air. Corey followed and tried to use an axe kick on his opponent, but the Oozaru parried with his own kick. They began using Ki pushes on each other, each of which deflected their counterparts. Soon enough they sped into a cliff, which Corey was punched out from a second later. The Oozaru continued with a flying side kick and finished his combo with an uppercut.

Corey went flying up into the air, the Oozaru went like a rocket up at his target and smashed Corey back down. He then threw a Homing Ki blast right at Corey.

“However, Corey is a different case. Power like this should only come in increments, correct? Since Corey has a vast amount of energy already, plus a very large anger issue, it’s almost as if the Oozaru’s power has already corrupted Corey’s mind. What I’m trying to say is that controlling him AND the Oozaru is near impossible if you don’t have an Oozaru under your submission, or in short, they are exceptionally powerful, especially at such a young age…”

Corey was beginning to weaken, the Oozaru proving much too powerful for him to handle. The Oozaru chuckled, taunting Corey, “What’s this, kid? I thought you were more powerful than this! C’mon, I know you’ve got more fight left in ya! HA HA!” Corey’s anger boiled over his opponent’s amusement. “Shut…the hell…up! KAIO-KEN…TIMES FIFTEEN!!”

Drew and Ed continued to fight Corey’s physical form, which started blasting out red and black energy. Ed threw out a Sphere of the Sphinx, while Drew tried to hold him down with a Kamehameha. It was pointless, as both attacks were deflected with a wave of Corey’s hand.

Corey was now gaining the upper hand against the Oozaru. He kicked him down to the ground, sped down under him, and used his Tri-Beam Cannon. The Oozaru had dodged at the last instant and unleashed a completely new move. The Oozaru deviously smiled and said, “ Souru basuto ijo..” (Soul Overburst)
A black energy surrounded the atmosphere behind him, and the Oozaru directed this energy toward Corey. Corey tried to get away, but it was too late, the energy encompassed him, and black knives stabbed at him from every conceivable direction. The ball which imprisoned him shot straight up into the air and exploded, spraying the skies with crimson and black. The Oozaru laughed again. “So, you managed to get out in time, eh? Heh heh heh…” Corey was panting, his body now soaked in blood, patched by bruises and held together by broken bones. Despite that, his aura was still going strong.

“Is this all still a game to you, you sick bastard?” Corey yelled in anger. The Oozaru laughed hysterically. “Yes, that’s it! THAT’S WHAT I WANNA SEE! I KNOW YOU WANNA TEAR ME APART! C’MON! I’M KICKING YOUR ASS SO BAD THAT YOUR FRIENDS HAVE TO COME IN AND SAVE YOU! HA HA HA HA!” Corey, having had enough of this mockery, stood up.

The Oozaru stopped. “So, you’re ready to bring it, eh?” Corey didn’t respond. His aura died down, then expanded again, his eyes glaring at the Oozaru. The Oozaru grinned maliciously and powered up. He began to chant…

Drew, waiting for his time to strike again, noticed the elevating power level. “TASTE THE WRATH OF LOTHAR, FOR EARTH SHALL NOT BE YOUR SALAD BAR!!” Ed yelled out as he unleashed his Steak Combo Platter. Ed bashed him around like a punching bag, kicked him in the face, and pinched him on the back and stomach with his elbow and knee. “PUNCH-OUT!” Ed finished his combo by slugging Corey right between the eyes, which caused a few gallons of blood to spurt out.

“Watch it, we’re trying to keep him down, Ed, not kill him!” Drew reprimanded. Ed turned around, “Well, this’ll keep him down longer, right?” Corey got up and chanted something.
Ed and Drew tried to make out what he was saying. “Is anyone here an expert on tongues!?” Edd, Tails, and Bowen came down and noticed the statue-like Corey. His blank eyes now started emitting a green light, his body emanating a black aura.
“ 数十、数百、数千、数百万人の大虐殺...

Tails took out a translater, which took upon itself to absorb every word the possessed boy was saying:
“By destroying the heavens, the earth falls asunder…
By eradicating the waters, the winds become silent…
Know the powerlessness between bonds…
The massacre of tens, hundreds, thousands, millions…
Corruption, greed, and death disease every being…
All will live, all will die…”

He then slowly enunciated:
“ 受け入れは拒否…”

The translator went:
“Accept and reject…”

Corey finally announced as he put his hands together:

The translator emitted one last sound:

The aura expanded, destroying the barrier and the translator exploded. Drew tried to counter this with his False Super Saiyan aura, along with Ed’s Kaio-ken power, but this effort proved futile. Everyone in the vicinity was blown back, the walls were reduced to dust, a large black sphere with red electricity engulfed Corey, which began to expand rapidly.

Back inside Corey’s mind world, the same was happening, only it was the Oozaru that was doing this. Corey was nearly blown back by the incredible power, chunks of earth the size of skyscrapers were being ripped from the ground, leaving huge craters. Black clouds and red lightning were conjured as the Oozaru continued on. Corey, in a desperate position yelled out, “KAIO-KEN TIMES TWENTY!”

The red aura blasted out even further, blowing away some of the black clouds. Corey and his hands at his side, his body operating at full strength. The Oozaru, hands outstretched, conjured up a large black-purplish ball of light, surrounded by red lightning. This was to be the decisive blow.


“Just try and stop this! INFERNAL DARKNESS BEAM!!” The Oozaru blasted out his most powerful technique, which grew in size as it careened toward its target.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Corey unleashed his Kamehameha.

Both beams sped toward each other.

The others came down to see just what the hell was going on. Everyone but Michael and Urik dropped jaws at the person the knew as Corey. Michael grunted, “You don’t think that his Oozaru would go that far, would you?” Urik replied, “Tch! The Oozaru doesn’t give a damn about anything but this physical body and himself, so why would he care?!”

The beams were curdling with power, both straining from increasing fatigue. Corey began pushing more and more, but the Oozaru pushed back. The energy particles were destroyed and recreated, destroyed and recreated. Corey, who’d been at his limit near the beginning of the beam struggle, now began to weaken.
The Oozaru began laughing as though he were insane. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! IS THIS ALL YOU’VE GOT, COREY!?!? HAH!? HOW PATHETIC!!”
The Oozaru put all his might into his blast, and the Kamehameha regressed back. All that was left of Corey’s strength was represented by the Kamehameha that was now a tiny blue dot on the Oozaru’s blast. Corey struggled and strained to keep the beam duel in balance, but it was in vain. The Kamehameha grew smaller and smaller in size.

Corey thought at how he would die, being so weak as to rely on others to fight his battles for him. He thought of his family, friends and mentors. He thought of his powerlessness. Then he heard a voice. A voice that he thought would have mocked him.

“Grow and become strong, Corey.”

He remembered a small playground, his hand lifting a jungle gym. He looks up, and sees a young boy of twelve or thirteen. He smiles and pats him on the head.
“Would ya’ look at that, my little cousin bein’ this strong..”
He remembers the pride he felt that day, the determination that he would grow stronger and never falter. He remembers the display he put on. And he remembers:
A roaring flame, a strength beyond understanding…
Defeating what he could not have normally…

A yellow-orange aura now began flowing from Corey, his Kamehameha growing larger in size. His Kamehameha now began pushing back its counterpart. The Oozaru was completely overwhelmed with surprise at Corey’s new strength, and said, “What the hell?! He was going to die just seconds ago, now he’s-- pushing me back!?”

Corey’s eyes flashed blue, and he put all his newfound power into his technique. His Kamehameha completely dominated the Infernal Darkness Beam, and the situation was reversed. “Gurghhh…how? How could he have gained so much power like this..!?” The Oozaru’s dark blast was consumed by the larger-than-life Kamehameha.

Seconds later, the blue beam swallowed the Oozaru, who screamed out to Corey, “YOU MAY HAVE BEATEN ME FOR NOW, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER, COREY! I’LL COME BACK!!!”

Outside, the black aura and blast that once constructed Corey’s power was now replaced by a yellow orange aura and the blast turned blue and regressed back into his hands. The others watched on as the red barrier began to dissipate and Corey slowly levitated down to the ground. When he touched the ground, his aura had finally disappeared as he fell down to the ground, unconscious with a smile.

Michael and Urik looked on, chuckling to themselves. “Well, looks like that kid finally beat it, huh?” Urik said. Michael grinned, “Yeah…”

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