Episode 17: Aid Arrives! Corey's Rescue!

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Episode 17: Aid Arrives! Corey's Rescue!

Post  SSJ mike on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:34 pm

Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Z: Episode 17
Aid Arrives! Corey’s Rescue!

Michael stood before Oozaru Corey, who gaped at him. Michael looked back at Corey, who was just as shocked as the Oozaru at what he beheld. Michael smiled and told Corey, “Heh, looks like you really took a beating from your Oozaru, kid.” Corey still sat where he was, stunned.

Michael’s smile faded and he turned back to the Oozaru Corey. Oozaru Corey finally spoke. “Who are you?” Michael grinned, and answered, “Me? Well, let’s just say I’m your worst fucking nightmare.”

Michael suddenly appeared in front of Oozaru Corey and punched him in the face, sending him flying through the cliffs. He followed through with a kick to the back and Oozaru Corey went flying up to the air. Oozaru Corey managed to work against gravity with his aura and threw a few energy blasts from his hands.

Corey yelled out to Michael. “MICHAEL!” Michael smiled and put out his hand, which stopped the energy blasts. Michael then waved his hand, disintegrating the energy balls into nothingness. Oozaru Corey’s anger began to boil over, and he put his hands to his side and chanted. “KAMEHAMEHA!!”

Red energy seeped from Oozaru Corey’s hands as it came crashing down on Michael. Michael again put out one of his hands, stopping the energy blast dead in its course. Oozaru Corey began putting more power into his technique, his frustration being the drive behind his power increase.

For a moment, Michael’s smile faded and he closed his eyes. Corey gaped as he saw Michael’s body emanating a completely black aura. For a moment, his eyes turned red when he opened them. The Kamehameha began violently shredding the landscape, blasting apart cliffs and distorting space itself. Corey, who was beginning to think the situation hopeless, prepared himself for the outcome, be it destruction or salvation.

Outside Corey’s inner world, Zach was panting from all the strain the Beam Struggle had given him, while he watched Corey, or at least, what he thought to be Corey, flailing his arms around at Drew and Ed. Thankfully, both parties from the earlier fight made up and apologized for the misunderstanding that sparked from Kevin’s outburst. Following that, Zach had managed to weaken Corey down to a level where he could be contained within a Chaos Barrier summoned by Knuckles himself.

He then looked over to Michael who, like a statue, remained in a sitting position, eyes closed. Black energy now flowed from his body. Everyone else had noticed this as well, and puzzled over why Michael’s body was emanating such an aura. Urik, who stood away, chuckled to himself.
“Hmph! It’s quite obvious that this fool has also tapped into that power… Heh heh..” Urik murmured. At this, the others became more confused, and not even the Brainy Trio could figure out what he was saying.

“Well, for all we know he could be talking about some damn Saiyan power. I mean, sheesh, I remember a time when we didn’t know we could be this strong, and then poof! Here we are,” Eddy mused. Edd responded, “ Well, out of all of us, I think Ed showed the biggest sign of being inhuman.” Rolf heard this, and spoke, “Do not be so quick as to judge the turnips by their color, Sock-Head Edd-Boy. Even someone so simple as Rolf can be plucked from the chickens and be marked as one that does not yield any eggs.”

Zach joined the conversation, “Yeah, but one thing’s still got me going. How is it that none of your power levels spiked during all this time. If it’s not natural ability, then it should be anger. A Saiyan’s strength should be multiplied at least twice. Even a level as low as 1000 should be noticeable.”

Bowen agreed, “That I don’t really know. My guess is that they either set up some sort of barrier which conceals power levels, or that their power was purged when they were babies.” Edd looked up, “ …Yes, that seems to fit… I do remember Father mentioning some sort of device around Rathnik. Come to think of it, I always felt a little tired each time I got up…”

Then Tails theorized, “ Perhaps the barrier was an energy fed barrier that could only be sustained by those inhabiting the barrier. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t feel any energy.”
Edd interjected this statement, “ But that doesn’t explain when the Androids found us, we suddenly started displaying such power.”

Zach cut in with a simple answer. “ Three words: CRAZY. ASS. ANDROIDS. It’s obvious that as soon as they came in, the barrier was disrupted, and thus ceased to exist. And all that massive power, it’s simply the latent potential that was building up all those years. If that’s not simple enough for you, read Superman.”

Back inside Corey’s mind world, the battle was still going. Oozaru Corey was wearing down, with Michael gaining the upper hand. Michael grabs his opponent by the face and throws him down to the ground. Corey, still awed by the ease with which his friend handled the Oozaru, continued to watch.

Michael, who was getting a little bored, sighed. “Well, I suppose this is where I should stop beating the shit out of you before I kill you.” Oozaru Corey roared at this comment and attempted to claw at Michael. Michael held two fingers up. “I hope no one knows I’ve used this…” He throws them above his head, and suddenly, a large white barrier appears, trapping Oozaru Corey.

Baffled, Oozaru Corey tried to punch his way out, but the wall just bounced him back, and he kept going and going and going…
“A’ right, seems I haven’t lost the ol’ touch. Who’d a thought that kid I met was a fighter? What was he, a Kekkaishi or something other?” said Michael, who seemed content with the strength of his barrier, or as he referred to it, “Kekkai.”

He floats back down to Corey, who was even more surprised by this new move. Michael interrupted Corey before he could speak. “The Kekkai won’t hold him for too long. Now then, I know you have a ton of questions to ask me, but I’ll explain when we leave. The important thing here is that you must defeat your Oozaru, and you only. Anyone else is just going to result in you getting to your coffin. Why that‘s the case, I’ll say later.”

Oozaru Corey attempted to use a Kamehameha against the barrier but it bounced back and hit him.

Corey was about to ask why, but again, Michael cuts him off. “Let me put it this way: I kill him , you die. You beat him, you DON’T die.” Michael enunciated every syllable so that Corey would understand the seriousness with which he was speaking. Corey nodded, telling Michael he understood.

Michael smiled for a brief moment and then said, “All right, Corey. I’m gonna have to leave ya’ with this guy, ok? Try not to get yourself killed.” With that, Michael began to fade. Corey tried to reach out, but his essence was intangible. “Good luck, kid. You’re gonna need it.” Michael’s voice resounded through Corey’s mind.

With that, the barrier Michael had created dissipated, freeing Oozaru Corey, who flew at Corey with all he had. Corey readied himself for impact…

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