General rules of combat

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General rules of combat

Post  SSJ5G on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:23 pm

The basic rule is whoever has the most speed goes first. Whenever your character attacks, the damage formula is as follows:

(Attacker’s Attack / Defender’s Defense) * Attacker’s Attack

So if a person with 150 ATK attacked a person with 100 DEF, they would deal 225 damage to their opponent.

However, there are special attacks which cost Blast Stocks to use.

How do you gain Blast Stocks? If you attack and kill a fodder opponent, you gain 1 Blast stock. If you attack a named opponent, you get 2 Blast Stocks. If you kill a named opponent, you get 3 Blast Stocks. The starting amount per saga depends on racial stats as well. (Blast stocks are next to a character’s name)

Also, there are three extra modes to any given character:

1. Guard. Your character defends himself, doubling his current DEF. He will gain 1 Blast Stock per attack he absorbs from a named opponent, but the instant he attacks, he cancels his guard and his DEF returns to normal.

2. Protect. Your character protects another character, at the cost of his ability to attack. This is mainly seen in DBZ when any given character forms a powerful attack. Goku Protected Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga against Raditz, for example.

3. Full Power. To determine power gains, your character’s remaining Blast Stocks are doubled, and his stats are added upon by 10% per remaining blast stocks (pre-doubled), except for Health. If a fighter with 150 ATK, 100 DEF, and 150 SPD went into Full Power with 10 Blast Stocks, they would have 20 Blast Stocks, and have 300 ATK, 200 DEF, and 300 SPD, but their remaining Health would be drained when they ran out of Blast Stocks. When a character exits this mode of their own choice, their stats are halved from their base values, and they lose 60% of their remaining health. If a character runs out of blast stocks, they fall unconscious and are left at the mercy of their enemies.

Sometimes, you will fight groups of enemies called “Hordes” or “Units”, but they function as a single player, so the same rules still apply: Attack until its HP is reduced to 0.

When you defeat an enemy (or an enemy defeats you), you gain between 20% of the enemy’s Power Level, up to 10% of your own power level. The gains are adjusted based on race, with Saiyans having the highest battle gains for example (they gain whatever those levels above are, times 1.4). If you are beaten, the gains above are halved. Here are two example gains.

Fighter A: 300
Fighter B: 240

Fighter A defeats Fighter B. He gains 60 PL and his PL is now 360.

Fighter B: 240
Fighter A: 360

Somehow, Fighter B defeats Fighter A. He would be set to gain 72 PL, but in order to scale down hax, he instead gains 24 PL, 10% of his power level.

Speed also does more than do move order: if you’re fighting an enemy or group of enemies, and you still have “leftover” speed to attack them with, you may attack again until the remaining enemies can outrun you:

Example: Fighter A has a speed of 5,000; fighters B, C, and D have speeds of 2,000 each. Fighter A lunges to attack B, and has 3,000 speed left over. He then attacks C, leaving him with 1,000, but he can’t touch D at all, even if his speed was 1,999. His actual speed stat is unaffected by this.


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