EEnE Z Universe 1: Interdimensional Crisis

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Chapter 24: Ties With Friends

Post  SSJ5G on Wed May 23, 2012 12:36 am

The first ones to charge were Corey and Drew, leaving behind trails of fire and frost as they flew at Oskuro. The negative energy being merely spread his arms, inviting the duo's attack. Suddenly, behind him, a dimensional portal opened. Zach came rushing out, kicking the enemy in the back of the head, sending him slightly upward. Edd then opened a portal above him, blasting him down to the ground, but Oskuro quickly recovered from the attack, an amused smirk on his face.

Finally, the bandanna-wearing Saiyan reached the being, and encased his hands and feet in elemental energy. He unleashed a speedy flurry of punches and kicks on Oskuro, but almost all of them were being parried. Drew joined in, but Oskuro was barely being phased by the punches, if at all. He was casually evading or parrying most of the hits. Only a few punches or kicks got through. Edd and Zach also tried to join in the melee, but Oskuro quickly released a discharge of purple-black energy, knocking the four fighters back. They were soon replaced, however, by the other two Eds, Ed touting a rather large slab of granite which he made through the use of the Earth element.

"Chew on rock, villain!!" Ed yelled out, tossing the rock at Oskuro. The villain merely extended his arm, punching the rock into rubble as it flew off. However, this was a distraction, Eddy able to slice the offending arm completely off, a shower of black blood coming from the severed limb.

"Aggghhhh!!" Oskuro screamed in pain. Then, he glanced up to Eddy. "Just kidding..." Abruptly, the severed limb grew back, and a purple-black energy blast came from the rejuvenated limb, blasting Eddy back on impact. Ed came in close, trying to go blow-for-blow with the antagonist, but was quickly rebuffed with a devastating knee to the chest.

"Sonic Wind!" Sonic cried, sending a green-blue razor wind to Oskuro, who tossed Ed to the side and took the attack, allowing it to slice open his chest. Once again, however, the injury healed, and Sonic's attack was returned with an air pressure current that physically knocked the hedgehog back. Shadow pushed the flying hedgehog away with his hand, charging a yellow energy attack in his free hand.

"Chaos Spear!" yelled Shadow, tossing three yellow streaks of energy at Oskuro. Rather predictably, the common enemy merely swatted the Chaos Spears in varying directions, completely avoiding the attacks. Knuckles flew past Shadow, fists raised as he flew.

"Is this really the best you can do?" Oskuro asked, clashing Knuckles's charged punches with his own, canceling the energy and actually causing damage of his own. Finally, he caught both of Knuckles' spiked fists, and twisted his arms behind his back, elbowing him straight in the spine with his free hand. When Shadow charged in for a physical attack, the negative energy being merely tossed the echidna into the Ultimate Lifeform.

A dimensional distortion opened up above Oskuro at this point, and white lightning blazed out of it, bearing down on Oskuro. The negative energy collection barely had any time to raise his arms in defense before it hit him directly.

"Take this!" Streak yelled, sending a few more of those attacks at the antagonist, the lightning bolt in his quill turning white from the power of the Stone flowing within him. The lightning repeatedly struck Oskuro, pushing him into a platform below.

"Galick Storm!!!" Zach cried out as he began to rain down white-purple energy blasts, joining Streak in blasting at the villain. Double-D soon joined in by firing a barrage of Ki attacks as well. Smoke and debris from the platform began to rise as the blasts detonated. Suddenly, from within the smoke cloud, a black-purple energy shield with dark blue static appeared around Oskuro and expanded, causing whatever was left of the nearby platforms to crumble. The three White Stone wielders ceased blasting, letting the last of their blasts dissipate harmlessly against the negative energy barrier.

"Come on, come this all you have left?" the negative energy being taunted, smirking. There wasn't even a mark on his body from the attacks, though he did seem slightly irritated. "Slightly" being a key word.

There wasn't a vocal answer among the ten heroes, only irritated growls and murmurs of surprise as the lone Fire user, Corey, joined by Sonic, charged in. Sonic reached Oskuro first by a hairline margin, and began swinging his fists and legs, trying to get a hit in, but the common enemy was not having any of it, successfully evading each hit. Sonic reared back for a high kick, but Oskuro merely blocked the effort with one arm, punching Sonic back.

Corey, while Sonic had attempted to get a hit in, had once again formed a Napalm Spiral, and as soon as Sonic was clear, he rushed Oskuro, aiming to hit him. However, what had happened instead: Oskuro caught Corey's wrist, and applied some pressure, causing hairline fractures in the Saiyan's wristbone and causing the Spiral to deplete. He then jerked the Saiyan's wrist wildly, finishing off the bone. It audibly cracked, and the young Saiyan howled in pain.

"Corey, watch it!!" Drew yelled, sending a shower of energy bolts in Oskuro's direction. However, Oskuro merely opened up a dimensional portal in front of Drew's energy attacks, and then opened up an exit portal directly in front of his body, causing unintentional friendly fire as the bolts instead hit Corey, sending the boy crashing toward the ground.

"Damn you, monster!!" Zach yelled, charging in for another attack.

"Did you really think you three," he referred to Streak, Edd, and Zach, "were the only ones capable of breaching dimensional walls? I could stand here and do this--" He opened up a dimension hole again, this time swallowing Zach's punch and forcing him to punch Drew in the face instead. Oskuro then kicked into another portal, kicking Streak towards him. At the same time, he grabbed Zach by the head and tossed him into a third portal, causing the Saiyan to crash into a rebounding Sonic. He then uppercutted the flying Streak back into the air above him. The orange hedgehog once again attempted to rain lightning down, but wound up getting hit by his own attacks thanks to Oskuro's dimensional manipulation. "--All day! I can make you hit each other, or hit you from a near-infinite distance!"

"Enough!" Shadow cried, rushing in for a physical attack. However, instead of his attacks making contact, what happened instead was Oskuro's body seeming to turn into some sort of mist as Ice Shadow's punches and kicks went right through the body of the villain.

"I can even send parts of my body to a pocket dimension at the moment of impact, rendering me invulnerable!" the villain claimed, hammering the light blue hedgehog towards Corey, whose bad hand was bent awkwardly from the bone being snapped, and soon both were heading towards the ground. "You can't beat me..."

Knuckles and the Eds also tried attacking, but once again, they fell victim to dimensional warps being used to make their attacks miss, appear to hit, or hit their allies instead.

"Damn it...are you just..."

"Toying with you?" Oskuro answered Eddy's question before he finished it, a malevolent smirk on his face. "Well, you're correct. I am. Maybe I should start getting serious. I've already displayed what I can do..."

With that, the negative energy being raised both his arms, sticking them out to his sides. Dark energy began to crackle around him as he called out the incantation to his next attack:

"Corruption Gate: Suction Wind!"

Four portals spontaneously appeared in front of Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, and Streak, and visible, black vaccum gusts began to form as the animals tried desperately to resist the suction force. But no matter how hard they tried, they all were forced to enter the portals. Once they were in the portals, Oskuro then proceeded to open up four portals perpendicular to him. The hedgehogs and echidna all came flying at him.

Exactly one three hundred sixty degree roundhouse kick later, the animals were knocked out of the battle once again. Their fur colors and eye colors began to revert back to their original hues. The negative energy being laughed at this.

"That's four down, six to go..." Oskuro then held up two fingers, allowing purplish-black energy to form on the tips. "...Or was it eight...?"

"Eight...?" Corey asked. He racked his brains, trying to figure out who he was referring to. At the same time, both hero and villain spotted his targets. They were the only two pure of heart that were incapable of fighting. The young Saiyan glared. "You wouldn't...!"

"...Does THIS--" Oskuro fired his blast straight down to the deer, Corey already darting after the attack, "--answer your question, boy?!"

"I had to ask...!" the Saiyan remarked, only barely edging out the laser.

"What the Hell are you doing, Corey...?!" Drew exploded, seeing what his younger cousin was about to do.

"They can't protect themselves Drew, not from this, so don't give me your usual shit!" the bandanna-wearing Saiyan barked back in response, increasing his speed. The laser bore down, and he could see the terrified looks in the deer's eyes. I mean both Bambi and Faline were horrified to see an attack had been intentionally thrown their way.

"C-Corey...!" Bambi stuttered in response, just as Corey curved in front, his left arm now facing the attack. Exactly a split-second later, the young Saiyan was hit with the exploding laser, the attack's aftermath kicking up smoke in copious amounts. For a moment, no one said anything. Oskuro merely chuckled.

"Typical to the very end..."

As the smoke cleared, one could see that Corey had been knocked clear back to his base form. His teal gi was torn along the left half, and the left pants leg had been burned away around the knee, separating the two parts of fabric. His left arm was coated in blood, his bandanna hung askew on his forehead, beginning to become drenched with his life's liquid. Both of the deer were staring at his seemingly lifeless body, eyes wide as dinner plates.

"T-this...this is awful...!" Faline began to tear up. "...They're losing...!"

"...We're...not...out...yet..." Corey groaned, using his right arm to push himself to his knees. His left arm limply hung on the shoulder, pretty much fuck-all useless. He faltered a little, seeing as how his right wrist was still broken from Oskuro's brutal counter earlier. However, as soon as he got back to his knees, he urged himself back to his feet, barely managing this effort.

"...I'll never understand your tenacity..." Bambi mumbled, marveling at how the Saiyan could still even want to fight in his condition.

"...I don't understand it either," responded Corey.

"Oh, gag me..." Oskuro said. "He's still breathing..."

"...You...!" Edd slipped into an anger. "To endanger our lives is one thing...but to bring innocents that can't properly defend themselves from your brand of evil into it...!"

"Woah, Double-D..." It was Eddy's turn to marvel at how much anger the usually..."soft", Sockhead was projecting. However, all the same... "I have to agree with Sockhead here, you tried hunting deer when there's bigger game to hunt!"

"You must be taught a lesson!" Ed gave his input. The three friends once again rushed in for their own attacks. Ed tried to go in for a punch, but his fists just went through the antagonist's body as though he wasn't there. He was then axe-kicked back in the gut. Edd, using the White Stone's power, forged a sword out of energy, just as he had done with a Chaos Emerald so long ago, and went in for a flurry of slashes and slices. For a few fleeting moments, it seemed that the desperado attack would actually succeed.

"Come on, 'Sockhead'," the negative energy being said mockingly, catching the blade in two fingers. "You know better than to play with swords like this." His energy began to infect the blade, causing it to crumble. He then caught Edd by the collar of his shirt, and punched him back in the face, causing the fabric to tear completely away. Eddy tried to use his speed to come to his friend's rescue, but wound up receiving Edd's spiky head into his gut for his effort.

The three friends were undeterred by this, and rushed in for another attack. Oskuro merely went into the fetal position.

"Eds, watch out!" Zach yelled, but too late. The negative energy being violently unleashed a Super Explosive Wave, knocking the three Eds back to base form, and completely to another platform, where a trench was left from their impact.

"It's just us now, Zach. Corey's arms are fucked up, the animals are beaten, and the Eds seem to have lost their energy as well...but this isn't the end." Drew said. He and Zach began rushing in, aiming to continue the fight. They were getting beaten badly, however, when Oskuro began rapidly punching both of them.

"Just keep feeding yourself lies, Saiyans! It'll all be over soon! My one true goal in life, a reality of evil winning, is finally at hand! It will be a glorious day for us all!" The negative energy being announced, hitting Drew and Zach back...
Corey bared his teeth. No matter how he tried to slice it, he knew that this was bad. Drew and Zach were the only ones with any energy left. The Eds had just been knocked out of the battle, though from his angle, it appeared they were struggling to their feet. The hedgehogs and Knuckles, on the other hand, were barely even getting to their hands and knees, still trying to recover from the obviously devastating kick. To top it all off, his entire body hurt like hell after taking the hit for Bambi and Faline.

"...Corey..." Bambi sounded incredibly concerned, so the Saiyan turned to see both deer, looking immensely frightened. "...W-what's...what's going to happen? What does he mean?"

The sounds of Drew and Zach being beaten filled the multiversal void as the deer and Saiyan began to have their conversation. It was a sound Corey could not bear to hear, but right now he didn't see any other choice but to do so.

"...I'm guessing for you, it would mean that your forest would be hunted in magnitudes unlike any it would ever see before. Your forest would be driven to a barren wasteland that would later be turned into a strip mall." The Saiyan put it bluntly. "For me, my world would likely be destroyed. I can't...lose..."

"I don't know anything about the physiology of Man-I've never seen one up close until now," Faline started. "But you and all the others are badly hurt! How can you even think about still fighting?!"

"Because we're fighting for not just our world. Bambi, Faline, not just yours. We're fighting for every world." Corey said. "I have no idea what these 'Dimensional Stones' are, but I'm guessing their purpose is to keep balance. Oskuro seeks to use their power to wreck that balance...turn it lopsidedly in his favor."

"...What are you going to do now?" Bambi asked.

"...I don't know. But we can't lose. I can feel it..." Corey closed his eyes. "In my heart, I know...between the twelve of us, there has to be a way to beat--"

Faline screamed, clearly worried.

"B-Bambi...your forehead, it's...the...gem...from earlier!"

Corey opened his eyes, bewildered.

"...T-that is the stone from earlier...but..." He then noticed that the two deer were looking at him strangely. "What?"

"Look down..." Faline advised.

There, in the exposed part of his chest, poked out the red Stone of Fire. Both of the Stones started to glow.

"What does this mean...?" wondered Corey to himself.
The Eds finished their valiant struggle to get back on their feet. They watched as Drew and Zach were being tossed around by Oskuro.

"...Gentlemen...this may be it." Edd swallowed. "We...we weren't strong enough to beat him after all..."

"...Our power...was not enough..." Ed grumbled. Eddy shook his head, even as Drew and Zach howled in pain. He refused to believe that it was all over. He refused to believe that their lives ended here. Above all else, he refused to believe that he and the Eds couldn't get a bigger part in the final battle.

"Ed, Double-D! We've faced spots as tight as this before! This may be the tightest jam we've been in, yeah, but we can't lose!" Eddy urged himself to speak. This motivational crap wasn't his forte, but he couldn't stay silent. "As a team, we've overcome the Mechas, Utonium, Eggman, and Chaos, despite long odds! We will find a way to beat him and exploit the Hell out of it! I swear you this--" The short Saiyan cut himself off. "--what is that on my chest??"

Much like with Corey, Eddy too had a new adornment. His chest Stone was the Stone of Wind.

"Cool! I have a new wart! I shall name him Leonard!" Ed yelled, seeming to have forgotten entirely about the situation. Out of his forehead poked a very familiar artifact, brown in color. It was the Dimensional Stone of Earth.

"...I seem to have one too..." Edd mused, having apparently noticed the anomalies Ed and Eddy were undergoing. Out of the center of his chest, was the White Stone. All three Stones began to glow their respective colors. Eddy was just about to ask Double-D what was going on, when suddenly, the latter pointed. "Look! Corey and the male deer...they're...!"

Eddy whirled to see Corey, turning into red energy, and Bambi, turning into blue energy, both completely perplexed at what was happening. The sounds of clashing stopped. Drew and Zach fell back. Oskuro, seeing this, roared.

"What the Hell is that???"
Corey marveled at how his body was turning into energy. When he stood close to Bambi, the two Stones in their bodies had reacted somehow, and was causing something. The Saiyan wished it were one of his cousins that had gotten the Stone of Water, but he wasn't about to complain. He'd just hoped that whatever came of this was going to be the miracle that saved the multiverse.

"What's happening-whoa!!" Bambi squealed, beginning to float, his body almost completely dark blue.

"...A miracle," was Corey's only response as his body completely turned bright red. He smiled down. "...I don't know how this happened...maybe it was my will to fix the mess I'd made of your life...whatever the case, apparently--"

He never finished his sentence. His body was completely energy, as was Bambi's. Faline squealed as the two streaks of red and blue shot up into the sky, and meshed together in a blinding flash of white light...
"...Wait..." Edd said. "I don't know what happened in that other dimension with deer...and I'm positive Corey or Sonic will inform us of what happened between them, but...if I had to has something to do with the bond they shared."

"...Is that why...?" Eddy cut himself off. "Sockhead, you're glowing white!"

Indeed he was, in the exact same manner as Corey and Bambi were, just with a different color. Then he realized something about Ed.

"You look like raw sewage, Monobrow...."

Ed was glowing a brown color thanks to the power of the Stone of Earth surging through him. The lump remained oblivious to Eddy's insult.

"Eddy, you're glowing green! Coooolll!!" said Ed dumbly, having seemingly forgotten the seriousness of the situation, or realizing there was still hope. Or, Oskuro just caused enough head trauma to the boy to restore his vacuously stupid personality.

"...The Stones...are they reacting to our friendship?" Edd hypothesized. Eddy was just about to say something, when his world began to spin.

His body had been converted into energy as well, same with Ed and Edd. The three friends began to merge together. Green, brown, and white streaks of light united in a flash of white light. Their bodies and minds had become one, just as Corey and Bambi had done earlier.
Drew just couldn't believe what happened. Where the energy that had once represented his cousin, the deer, and the Eds met, the flash of light that ensued was blinding. Oskuro had stopped attacking him and Zach, apparently just as perplexed as they were by the events. When the light cleared, he looked at the new fighters. They both had white auras, the clear antithesis to Oskuro's dark purple/black energy.

One of them, where Corey and the deer had merged, appeared to be Corey for the most part. However, he had a brown gi on, with an orange sash, orange wristbands, and an orange bandanna. His eyes were a lemon yellow color, and his hair, a metallic silver color, was slightly lengthened and stood completely on end.

The other figure, where the Eds' energy trails became one, appeared to combine traits from all three Eds. He had Double-D's spiky hair, though it appeared to be shorter than normal. In addition, he had three stray hairs poking out the front of the messy silver hair, a trait clearly inherited from Eddy. He had Eddy's reddish skin tone. He wore a green jacket with the ends of the sleeves purple, as well as the "collar". He had on Eddy's jeans and Edd's red shirt. His shoes were inherited from Ed, black. Also, like the lump, he had a unibrow.

"...What the Hell...?!" Oskuro yelled. "You are truly irritating! Just when I think I'm done with--!" He never finished his rant, however, for, without warning, the first fusion warped in front of Oskuro and kicked him clear in the face, clearly doing damage, for the negative energy being gave a sharp grunt in pain. The first fusion's aura then flared, but rather than expand outward, it seemed to cave in on itself, becoming a white shroud shaped like a bipedal version of a stag.

"" asked Zach, clearly shocked by the turn of events. The fusion turned around, revealing that he had no eyebrows, and black marks around his eyes. When he blinked, the lid of the eye was also black.

"...I'm Corbi. Half of me doesn't know what's going on, and the other half is just rolling with the punches." When he spoke, it was a mix of Corey and Bambi's voice, almost as if they were speaking together. However, it seemed that the former's voice was dominant. "Drew, I know what you're thinking." It was almost exclusively Corey's voice. "But I had no control over it."

Drew's outrage surfaced: "What, you think that because you fused with an animal because those gems willed you to means I'll disown you? Nah, you'd have to do something far more fucked up than that to get me pissed...not to say I'm not, but hey, this is a winning hand so far..."

"So far?" said the second fusion, seeming to appear next to Corbi in the blink of an eye. "We have not one, but two unions powered by those artifacts. We cannot lose!"

"And you are...?" Drew interrogated.

"...Hmm...I guess you can call me The Ed, the fusion of The Eds...or Eden, after the Garden of Eden..." The second fusion stated. "Either one works. I don't know what happened between the two of you..." he motioned to Corbi. "But I think I know what caused our was the power of the bond. The Dimensional Stones must have reacted to our thoughts and our collective memories...thus causing the fusion..."

Oskuro roared to life, flying back to the fusions with a look of anger on his face. Corbi and Eden took battle stances.

"Drew, Zach, you two can take a rest. The two of us are more than enough to handle him!" The Ed said. Drew wasn't objecting, and neither was Zach. Both of them could sense it. The fusions were, at present, far stronger than Oskuro, but both knew that it was only a matter of time before the negative energy being went all-out.

"Alright. Just don't fuck this up!" Drew yelled. "Zach, let's go get the others. And the doe too."

"Hey!" Corbi yelled, this time Bambi's voice the more audible of the two voices. "She has a name!"

"...Don't complain to me. Half of you knows how to fight." the older Saiyan said as he and Zach flew around the void, helping the animals to their feet and moving them to where Faline was, watching.

"...Will" Faline asked of Drew, clearly confused. The latter didn't want to answer right away, but he knew there was a better time for his prejudice against talking animals to take precedence.

"I'm not sure...but I've got a pretty good feeling we can just win this one yet!"

And as Drew's hopes began to swell, along with the hopes of Faline, Zach, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Streak, Corbi and Oskuro charged one another, Eden merely standing and watching as this transpired...


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Chapter 25: Remaining Hope

Post  SSJ5G on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:59 pm

The deer-Saiyan fusion locked hands with Oskuro in a physical struggle. The power between them was immense, sending bolts of purple and white lightning from their bodies. However, the white lightning far outclassed the purple in volume, representing Corbi's current strength over Oskuro. This was soon reflected when the fusion quickly pulled the negative energy being towards him, aiming to chuck him towards the ground.

As soon as this maneuver was completed, Corbi pursued the flying Oskuro, punching him with both hands in the gut and making a speedy trip into the nearest platform, slamming him through one after the other, before coming to a rest in the middle of a fifth platform, which immediately cracked from the impact. Corbi then rebounded, executing a few aerial flips, before jumping straight down on the negative energy being's chest. The resulting impact caused Oskuro to hack up white blood.

"...You freak of nature...!" The negative energy being vented, getting to his feet shakily. "...You have no idea how pissed I am at that...!"

"...Oh, I think I know." responded Corbi. "...And no part of me cares." He then extended his hand, and shot Oskuro point-blank with a white energy blast. Corey's voice became more dominant: "The Saiyan part of me has fought you firsthand twice, I know your power." This was then followed by Bambi's voice, as the fusion delivered a mule kick to Oskuro. "The deer in me can feel your evil. He's lost quite a bit, but he knows enough to know you don't have any room to complain you're getting kicked up and down this void."

The Ed seemed troubled by this self-reference.

If I didn't know better, gentlemen, I'd almost say their fusion is far less stable than ours. We never did the "Ed" in me, the "Double-D" in me, or the "Eddy" in me. Either they're consciously doing it, or their fusion is actually unstable... Double-D's voice rang in his mind, conversing with the rest of his "hivemind".

Well, he's part deer! I'd say part of him isn't used to controlling any energy! The whole "ice-shard-into-freak's-eyes" thing must have been pure luck! This was Eddy, stating the understatement of the year.

Then we must step in! Ed's part of the hivemind rang out, stating the simplest course of action. With this, Eden quickly flew up to Corbi.

"What are you...?" Corbi began, Corey's voice dominant. "We've got this under control at the moment..."

"The three of us in here think that the fusion between the two of you is unstable." Eden summarized. "You need to let this fusion take over. Perhaps the deer in you may be the cause, since he does not have any experience handling Ki whatsoever. Give yourself a pep talk..."

Oskuro came roaring back, anger in his yellow eyes.

"Fine, we'll do that. You could be right." Corey's voice was still dominant in the deer-Saiyan fusion's voice. The pure Saiyan triple fusion, on the other hand, punched Oskuro back in the chest as he got close. Corbi took a knee on the nearest platform, and went inside his hivemind.

"Damn it!" Oskuro yelled. "Just when I think I've got you down, you--"

"Hey Oskuro!" Ed's voice was dominant in the triple fusion this time. "Guess what my favorite candy is!"

"I couldn't care le--" The negative energy being attempted to answer, before being cut off by a wind current fired from the fusion's aura.

"WRONG!" Eden yelled, throwing a Shoryuken into Oskuro's chin with the appropriate stock voice clip being yelled out of nowhere. "It's called a Jawbreaker, buddy, look it up!" Eddy's voice became dominant on the punchline. And no, that pun was not intended. The Ed then proceeded to follow this up with a few fancy frontflips and a straight kick into the negative energy being's stomach. Oskuro recovered from this, and finally landed a punch, sending The Ed flying back. For a moment, worry descended on those that weren't fused, but the fusion merely smiled and quipped: "Please sir, I want some more" in Double-D's voice.

While The Ed busied himself with beating the daylights out of Oskuro with just a series of punches and kicks, most of which the negative energy being was absolutely helpless against, Sonic gave a cheer.

"Awesome!" he yelled. "We may just win this after all!"

"...Oskuro still hasn't gone all out," Shadow cut in, able to sense this due to the fact he'd learned to sense energy. "...And I have no idea what Corbi's doing over there."

"His fusion's probably unstable." Drew pointed out. "What happens when you unite a Saiyan, who can utilize Ki even when not trained to do so, and a deer, which typically can't utilize Ki at all except in very extreme circumstances. I'd say, he's probably trying to stabilize himself, make sure the deer in him can handle the power coursing through him."

"...If he can't...will the fusion come apart?" Streak asked.

"It's a distinct possibility." the eldest of the Cousin Trio answered, immediately putting his eyes back on the fight. Oskuro, not surprisingly, was still getting his ass kicked.
Inside Corbi's hivemind, Corey found Bambi after some searching. The former was a Super Saiyan, but his hair was white and eyes yellow. The latter looked as though he'd seen better days, fur shades of white-gray and eyes yellow. He seemed completely overwhelmed by the combined power of the two and the Dimensional Stones that was now surging through his body. The deer was noticeably trembling, and looked as though he were ready to collapse from fatigue at any moment.

"...I don't know if...I don't think I can take it..." Bambi grunted, trying his hardest to stay upright.

"I can understand that, but I get the feeling Eden...or The Ed, whatever he prefers to be called, needs our help to beat Oskuro." said Corey in reply. "Our union was a miracle in itself, and if I know my fights, that's what it'll take to save the day..."

"What this is..." the young deer started, still struggling visibly. "...I feel like I'm getting crushed by a huge rock or something..."

Corey was struck silent. Bambi really couldn't handle this power for much longer. But this fusion, in all likelihood, was needed for the final battle, to fight alongside the Eds' fusion.

Wait...the Eds...Hmmm...I don't think I have a lot of choice... Corey thought to himself, abruptly recalling how he'd managed to convince the Eds to train about one year ago. He used Nazz, their crush, as bait.

"Bambi!" the Saiyan yelled, dipping into his bag of tricks once more. "You know, from personal experience, girls tend to dig the hero that can handle this sort of thing! Even if it's bigger than they are!"

"Corey?!" the deer yelled, caught completely off-guard. He didn't seem to be aware of it, but he was trembling less and less. Corey had hooked him now. Now to reel him in...

"Heck, look at what happened with Faline!" Corey knew this was a dirty move, but against Oskuro, especially at this stage in the game, there were no rules against this sort of thing. "She did fall for me that brief instant! I attribute it to my powers!" That was a complete lie as to why she had, but Corey preferred to not remember the real reason she had. "Even if you can't handle this, you have to! If not for beating Oskuro, then do it for her!"

There was a total silence inside the hivemind. Beside him, Bambi yelled. His body glowed pure white, and a moment later, Corey did as well.
Corbi stopped kneeling and stood bolt upright, his deer shroud re-appearing as he powered up. Drew nodded at this and smiled reluctantly.

"Well, look at that..." said the eldest of the Cousin Trio. "They've managed to stabilize the fusion...wonder what happened inside his mind..."

"Whatever happened, it looks like Oskuro's about to get ganged up on!" Knuckles shouted, standing up straight.

"Don't celebrate yet," Shadow cut in. "We still haven't seen all of Oskuro's power..."

Back at the fight, The Ed held out his hand, preparing what appeared to be Ed's Sphere of the Sphinx, except white in color. Oskuro was flying back, the end result of another series of punishing blows, and his reaction time shot to death.

"Eat this! Sphinx of Turtle Destruction!" the fusion yelled, firing the blast straight at Oskuro. As soon as the energy ball made contact with the negative energy being, the ball turned into a white Kamehameha Wave, swallowing Oskuro whole and causing a massive explosion. The smoke billowed from the impact point, obscuring the fusion's vision.

"Did we miss the whole thing?" asked Corbi, finally flying back up next to Eden.

Before The Ed could answer, the smoke from the explosion suddenly burst out in all directions. The negative energy being had numerous scuffs, gashes, and burns littering his body, but in a few moments, the signs of injury had vanished.

"Perhaps I underestimated you..." Oskuro admitted. "Both of you. But this is where it ends. As you know, I'm already at half my full power. But it ends..." He clenched his fists, bent his knees, and began powering up. His muscles and body seemed to swell even bigger, the height evening out with his muscle mass. His eyes became completely yellow as he gave a roar, sending out a shockwave as his power surged. His head and body once again changed shape. His chest seemed to gain an extra layer of black armor, his blue shoulder "pads" on said armor. The shoulders extended beyond the coal black flesh underneath, and two spikes grew out of the back. The head gained what vaguely looked like a fin growing out of the forehead, the blue "helmet" becoming like a jewel encrusted in the center of his forehead on said fin.

"His shape changed again..." Corbi observed. "And his power...increased again..."

"...We still have a chance to win this, but we can't switch out. We have to work together!" The Ed said. "You're stabilized now, right?"

"Should be." said the deer-Saiyan fusion in response.

"Don't you understand yet?" Oskuro asked. "There is no more hope for you!" An inky black aura, punctuated by white lightning sparks, flared around him. A mask appeared over his mouth and nose. "This is the end!"

With that, Oskuro began to move at incredible speeds, going between the fusions and elbowing them both in the back. The fusions recovered from the attack, Eden more than Corbi. They were undeterred by this show of force, and both began to engage the negative energy being in close-quarters combat. Eden threw a few punches, two of which were blocked, though the rest hit their mark. The other fusion moved in close for a few attacks, but couldn't quite land any hits, until he managed to land a kick to the villain's chest. However, his leg was then ensnared in Oskuro's grip.

"Happy landings!" yelled out the villain as he threw Corbi down to a platforms. The boy slammed through that platform, shattering it into rubble, and came to rest in another. However, the fusion quickly recovered from the attack, forming a white Rasengan on both of his hands. Using the power of the White Stone now flowing within him, Corbi opened a portal, and wound up right behind Oskuro, both hands crackling with the spiraling energy.

"Rasengan Barrage!" yelled Corbi, charging in with his hands extended, landing the attack straight in Oskuro's ribs, sending him flying back when the Rasengans burst. The negative energy being was sent flying back, straight into a full nelson grapple from the Eds' fusion.

"Let go of me!" the villain yelled angrily, trying to break out of the hold. Eventually, he managed to wrestle an elbow free, and nailed Eden in the face. The fusion managed to recover, however, reacting with a powerful back kick that once again sent Oskuro flying back. He too cushioned against flying uncontrollably via Ki.

The two fusions then began attacking one after the other. Corbi charged first, flipping over the antagonist. When Oskuro tried to kick him, Corbi dodged, and both fusions landed an elbow to the incarnation of evil's neck, followed by several punches and kicks, the last of which sent Oskuro flying. Oskuro recovered once again, only to be met with a dual-kick from both fusions, and sent hurtling into the ground.

"Give 'em a shower!" yelled out the Ed, Ed's voice dominant. "He's evil, so he'll hate it!"

Both fusions extended their hands downward, energy soon crackling on both of their palms. A As soon as Oskuro hit the ground, both Corbi and Eden showered him with various Dimensional Stone-empowered Ki blasts. They all had the White Stone added on to make sure Oskuro couldn't escape the blasts using its power. As the blasts continued to rain down on him, the explosions from each individual blast began to form a glowing blob of energy on the impact zone, which slowly began to dissolve the platform as more and more blasts were swallowed up. As soon as the blob swallowed up the entire platform, they ceased firing the mini blasts.

"Turtle...Destruction..." Corbi started. Clearly, the Bambi in him was not going to be caught dead chanting Kamehameha. Despite this, the stance he took was still the same, but the charge was white in color as opposed to the standard blue.

"Static Riches..." Eden began his chant, forming static around his body, white in color, with glowing dollar signs revolving around the field, gold in color. The two charged their attacks for a short time, before thrusting their hands forward, the charged energy attacks a certain size.



The combo attack streaked down, hitting the ki blob. After two moments, the beam attacks were absorbed into the blob, the ki blob destabilizing and exploding in a dazzling burst of light. The explosion took out adjacent platforms to the one that got swallowed up, and after the light, all that was left was smoke, and the rare sight of debris. Corbi and Eden stared at the smoke, watching and waiting. Suddenly, black energy blasts came at both of them, forcing them to dodge.

"...He won't die...!" The Ed yelled, clearly annoyed. The smoke cleared completely, revealing a heavily injured and maimed Oskuro. The mask on his face was blown clean off, save for a few membranes on the sides, his right arm and entire lower body blown away. Other miscellaneous, but small parts of the remainder of his body were also missing.

"...-cough- I hope that isn't all you've got..." Oskuro mocked, recovering from the attack as though it were nothing. The mask regrew, and new parts came to replace the old ones that were blasted away. The negative energy being had regenerated his body. "...because if it is, you're going to die here, just as I thought you would..."
At this moment, a mixture of frustration and fear rose in the deer-Saiyan fusion's heart. He once more momentarily returned to his combined subconscious, where Corey and Bambi were discussing things, the latter with his eyes bloodshot from the effort to keep the fusion stable.

"How are we supposed to beat him?" Bambi asked. "He can come back like that from everything we throw at him..."

"There's a way." Corey assured, even as internally, he filled with doubt. "We just have to find it..." It was then, the two were momentarily blinded by a bright light. When it cleared, they found themselves staring at the White Dimensional Stone, floating in the void with them. "...What?"

"Isn't that one of those things we just hunted down? What's it doing here?" Bambi asked. Just then, the surface of the stone seemed to...change. Rather than glowing and being shiny in general, it seemed to take on the appearance of a crystal ball, showing a scene within. Corey and Bambi got closer to the floating object, and saw a planet, green sky, blue grass, and what appeared to be three suns in the sky. There was a man with angular hair, and a torn blue and orange fighting outfit--Goku!

"...Is it showing us...something from the past?" Corey questioned. "He's raising his arms into the air, but for what purpose...?" He soon found out, when the view of the Dimensional Stone shifted, to show what appeared to be a large blue energy sphere, that appeared to be collecting more energy. " that..."

"What is it?" Bambi asked, completely unsure. He was squinting hard, but obviously couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening.

"It's how we can make sure he's finished off for good!" responded the Saiyan. "What that man was doing was an extremely powerful energy-based attack. Stronger than any attack either of us have pulled until now."

"But...but he looked like he was taking forever to..."

"Gather the power to unleash it? Yeah...that could be a problem...but since we're from two different universes, at the center of all the universes in existence, and powered by the instruments used to keep them in check, at least, I'd assume so, anyway," the Saiyan paused, checking to see if what he was saying could be wrong. When he couldn't find a reason. "Even so, we need to gather as much energy as still could take a while all the same. We need to find every universe Oskuro has attacked, every universe containing lives lost, and possibly more..."

"...I'm ready..." said Bambi, hesitation still present in his voice. However, there was something there that Corey didn't see when he first met the fawn: confidence.
"Eden!" Corbi called out, his internal pep talk finished. "I have an idea..." He beckoned the other fusion to come closer, and whispered what his internal pep talk had yielded in terms of results.

"Are you sure you can handle that much power?" The Ed interrogated, skeptical.

"This is the only thing that I can think of..."

"How much time ya need?"

"I'd say about five minutes, to be safe..." Corbi responded.

"I'm sure we can hold him until then! Just be sure not to take too long!" Eden said, finishing the quiet planning.

"Just what are you two whispering about over there? Face it, it's over!" Oskuro yelled. He attempted to attack Corbi, knowing that his power was at best slightly less than his own, but Eden leapt in the way, catching him in a grapple. To Oskuro's surprise, Corbi actually appeared to flee the battle. "Is that your strategy? Running away? All it does is provide me a moving tar--khrrk!"

The Ed kneed Oskuro in the ribs, or at least where they would be if he were more organic, and punched him in the face hard enough to send him flying back. The negative energy being and positive energy fusion continued to clash, neither side really getting an inch. For every heavy body blow one dealt to the other, the receiver of the attack would repay his aggressor. They were almost evenly matched. Perfect for a more cunning strategy...

Corbi reached a safe distance away from the fight, and mirrored Goku's pose from the flashback. A little bit of indecision welled up in him, but it was soon banished.

"...Every universe affected by the ultimate evil...!" He called out. Strangely, though he should have been heard by Oskuro, very little resonance occurred as a result of his yell. "Right now, there are fighters combating him here in the center of seems a little hard to believe...but trust me, this is for the good of every single universe...if he wins, the multiverse may become even more unstable than it is now! Share your energy with me...!"

Commanding the energy to enter him, Corbi looked up to see a small energy ball beginning to form, with stars seemingly coming in from all angles to fill the ball with more energy. The energy ball began to swell quickly, growing and growing more with each passing second. The deer-Saiyan fusion was keeping true to his promise-deliver this blast in five minutes or less.
"What's he up to?" Sonic asked as soon as he noticed Corbi running away. It wasn't until later that the remaining heroes who were relegated to the sidelines noticed the rather large blue-white energy ball high above the void. "...Talk about humongous!"

"Is that...?" Drew asked. "...A Spirit Bomb!?"

"...But can they be gathering that much power...?" Shadow questioned. "There's not a lot of life here aside from least, not that any of us can sense."

"...Bambi...?" Faline questioned. "...Can it be...?"

"...I just remembered something..." Sonic cut in. "I think I know where that energy is coming from for that attack. When we were on our way to confront Terror and another deer, Ronno...Bambi appeared to have some sort of sensory power, given that he knew Ronno was there before we got there and saw him."

"Is that why Ronno was acting up...?" Faline asked. "Because of that other one?"

"You got it." Sonic said. "I think Bambi and Corey were able to combine their unique abilities to forge a very powerful ability, one so broken that it would allow him to communicate with other universes without physically making a sound. Either that, or the Dimensional Stones have a hand in it."

"...But...if somewhere underneath all...THAT..." Drew spat the last word in disgust, "Corey's still a Super Saiyan, how is he able to form a Spirit Bomb? Last I checked, the Super Saiyan transformation taints the heart, rendering it impure..."

"Bambi could be the reason why...he is the nicest deer I know." said the doe, quite literally the elephant in the room. "Could cancel out whatever you just talked about."

"......Alright, everybody," Zach said. "If this Spirit Bomb is going to help, I think we'd better donate as much energy as we can spare!" Using what little energy he had left to re-enter his Super Saiyan transformation, Zach immediately raised one of his hands in the air, and a golden streak of energy left his body, donated to the Spirit Bomb. Immediately afterward, Zach took a knee, panting, reverting to normal. Drew mimicked this motion in an instant, and the animal fighters, all four of them, did what they could, dropping to one knee immediately afterward.

"...You guys are all nuts..." Faline didn't know what to do, but soon, she felt Bambi's presence flow right through her, and a few moments later, she was suddenly tired, her energy leaving for the Spirit Bomb.
Eden continued his diversionary assault on Oskuro, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks. Oskuro matched his attacks, and tried to hammer Eden away, only to be met with an afterimage and a knee smash to the stomach. The fusion attempted to punch Oskuro into the ground, but was instead met with a haymaker punch to the side of the head. Eden recovered from the negative energy being's attack, and looked in Corbi's direction. The Spirit Bomb had grown very quickly, having reached the size of the Spirit Bomb used on Kid Buu so long ago, and was continuing to grow.

Isn't he done with it yet? Eddy's voice rang out in the hivemind, as Eden continued to trade punches with his opponent. The thing's friggin' huge!

Eddy, there's more to an attack than its size! Besides...I can now sense that he's done gathering energy. He should be preparing to launch any second now... Edd shot back.

Why is it shrinking? Ed asked within the hivemind, as the exchanging of blows ceased, to be replaced with an exchange of energy blasts, The Ed's white clashing with Oskuro's black. It was true, the Spirit Bomb was decreasing in size, and was in fact shrinking slowly. As the fight continued, Eden realized something.

It's not losing power...Corbi is compressing it! Edd observed, relief evident in his mental tone. The Spirit Bomb decreased in size until it was roughly the size of the one used on Frieza long ago. With this encouragement, the Eds' fusion finally landed a crushing blow to the negative energy being's chest, stunning him long enough for Eden to clear the way.
Corbi watched as Eden delivered a pounding blow to Oskuro's chest before running away. Turning to the compressed Spirit Bomb, which he could sense contained sufficient energy to end the fight and crush the negative energy being's ambitions once and for all, he was ready to throw it. The bomb was filled with positive energy, the echo to Oskuro's body.

In short, if the attack connected, there was no way Oskuro was walking away from it.

"Oskuro!!" Corbi yelled out.

"What--the--Hell?!" Oskuro caught sight of the massive energy. "Is that what you've been up to all this time!?"

"This is it! Vanish!!" the deer-Saiyan fusion screamed, rotating around and throwing the Spirit Bomb down. The large blue-white sphere began bearing down on Oskuro, who floated, almost stunned by the size the attack had reached. However, he seemed happy.

"You think the size of this is enough to stop me?!" Apparently he didn't realize it was a compressed energy attack, and had more power than its size would indicate. The negative energy being, full of confidence, held out his hands in an attempt to catch the Spirit Bomb. "I'll just flood this thing with negative energy, turning into its counterp--!"

He never finished or executed his diabolical plan, though. He received another critical blow, this time to the back. A hand extended out of his chest, covered in the white lightning of Eden's Chidori. However, within the attack was the swirling ball of a Rasengan. As Eden withdrew his hand from the critical wound, he left the Rasengan inside the wound, overloading Oskuro with pain, forcing him to clutch the hole in his chest that repeatedly got ripped apart and put back together.

"Why you...!" Oskuro began.

"Don't even lecture me on the 'fair' crap," was Eden's response as he once again left the scene, leaving Oskuro to turn back to the Spirit Bomb, still in too much pain to focus on his plan. The Spirit Bomb hit him dead on, absorbing the positive energy of the Rasengan as it did so. The negative energy being was soon turned into a stretched-out smudge on the energy ball as it plummeted toward an empty platform.

Corbi continued to push, continuing to control the flight path of the Spirit Bomb so that it wouldn't hit any of his less-than pure friends. With one final, mighty scream, he sent the Spirit Bomb dive-bombing into an empty platform, far enough removed from the other heroes that it shouldn't do any harm to them.

"No...NO!!" Oskuro yelled, unable to peel himself from the white energy ball. "What about the perfect reality...! My ambition...!!" His final words spoken, the negative energy being was sucked inside of the Spirit Bomb, as his body began to fall apart, atom-by-atom, the atoms incinerating into nothing inside of the energy. When the Spirit Bomb made contact with the platform Corbi aimed it into, it dug in, and finally exploded in a brilliant burst of light. Oskuro's body was ripped apart and utterly obliterated by the explosion, never to regenerate again.

The platform that was hit crumbled to dust as soon as the explosion took off, and as the light of the explosion began to expand, so too did the destructive field. The platforms immediately surrounding the destroyed one began to erode away, until there was nothing left of them. The explosion reached its apex as the light could be seen throughout all of existence in some form. In universes that could sense Ki in some way, the energy of the explosion could be felt all around the cosmos of that universe.

At last, the light died down. Platforms still within range of the explosion began to crumble away, too structurally damaged to continue floating about in nothingness. The heroes who could sense energy probed for the slightest indication that Oskuro was alive somewhere in all the chaos.

"It's over!" Eden shouted excitedly, the Edd in him having the strongest Ki sense of the heroes that knew how to sense energy. "Oskuro's energy has disappeared!"

"That did him in...we did it...thanks to the multiverse that knew balance when it felt it..." Corbi observed. The two fusions began to fly to the other, unfused heroes, who were tired, and yet smiling, having realized it themselves: the ultimate evil was in fact demolished entirely by the Spirit Bomb.

As soon as the fusions landed, their entire bodies began to glow with a white light. The white light expanded outward, and as soon as that cleared, the bodies of the fusions broke apart once again. The Eds and Corey's injuries were healed, though their clothing was as torn up as it was when the fusion occurred. Bambi himself looked particularly tired, about to fall over sleeping at any moment. That was a side-effect of him having to handle so much energy in so little time. If the young Saiyan hadn't been a part of the fusion, it likely would have flat-out killed him.

"Bambi!" Faline panted, rushing over to his side as fast as she could despite the fact her energy had been taken for the Spirit Bomb. "Are you okay?"

"He'll be fine," Corey reassured, stepping back. "Just handled a little too much energy while...fused with me, that's all."

"How'd it happen, though?" Eddy asked. "Sockhead, Monobrow, and me...we were friends since we were toddlers, ankle-biters. The two of you couldn't have known each other that long!"

"Perhaps it was the unorthodox nature of their meeting, their friendship, that gave them the power they needed to keep up with Oskuro in the way they did." Edd said. "After all, if Oskuro hadn't blasted Corey and Sonic with that energy attack, they would not have met at all."

"I'm more concerned about how I went Super Saiyan while still a deer..." Corey said. "I mean, it almost killed me using a very basic Kaioken burst..."

"Probably because reality was coming apart at the seams," Drew responded, cringing at the thought of Corey, as a deer, going Super Saiyan. "The logic began breaking down a while after you got sent out of our universe."

"Now, how are we...gettin' back home...?" Bambi asked.

No one answered, but five objects did. The Dimensional Stones, once more temporarily taking the form of energy, came shooting out of the five receivers that had used their powers to fuse together. Once more taking the form of gems, they began to revolve above the heads of the heroes, glowing brightly, channeling energy.

"What are they...?" Sonic began, wondering what exactly the Stones were doing, when abruptly, a lot of spectres were released into the void. Among them were several humanoids, some quadrupeds, and even a few humanoid animals.

"These must be the souls of those that died at Oskuro's hand while he was using their powers to do evil." Shadow noted aloud. The souls of the departed shot out into all angles, vanishing into portals. "And now they're returning to their host bodies..."

"...Which means the living here...will soon have to depart for their host universes..." observed Streak.


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Chapter 26: Reality Restoration

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The orange hedgehog's observation soon became a reality. Two portals opened at opposite sides of the ground. In one portal, a forest could be seen. It was a pathway back to Bambi's world. In the other, a view of Angel Island could be seen, at the shrine, the pathway back to Corey's home universe, the thing that Corey had been dying for since he first figured out his presence was causing things to turn in Bambi's world.

"Alright, that's that." Sonic observed, dusting off his gloved hands casually. "Just another long, drug-out battle for the fate of the universe. Only this time, it was the multiverse in danger."

"What are they doing?" asked Bambi, looking up, finishing Sonic's question from before.

"It looks like they're putting everything back to the way it was before. Or at least, most of the way it was before. I doubt anything I did on your end can be fully repaired." Corey responded. "That's the vibe I'm getting out of it, anyway. That reminds me..."

The young Saiyan walked over to the doe, and crouched down.

"Best to just put that little bit of awkwardness out of our minds for good. Wouldn't do either of us good to remember...that..." He whispered into her ear. Somehow, Faline understood what he was referring to.

"Don't worry about it," responded Faline.

"Damn it, Corey, stop talking to the animals and come back to our home universe already!" Drew yelled, power-walking to the portal leading to the shrine. "It's bad enough you've befriended bipedal talking animals!"

That got him a few glares. Moving past that, the quadrupedal talking animals turned tail and ran towards the portal leading to the scarred battleground where Ronno and Terror had earlier waged an attack.

"And, Bambi, don't forget! If strange-powered animals show up, it's probably creatures like us!" Sonic yelled. Bambi looked back, giving a nod, before he and Faline bounded into the portal, it closing behind them. With that last bit of business completed, the remaining heroes in the void turned, and began flying into the portal, one-by-one. Soon, only Corey and Sonic were left in the void at the center of the multiverse, the Dimensional Stones no more than blurs of light now.

"Sorry I lost myself back there, Sonic. I don't know what came over me..." Corey said. "They were made for each other, but I stepped in. Had I not come to my senses--"

"Don't mention it." Sonic responded. "Let's get back. I know Bambi will take what lessons he's learned from this experience, and grow from them. He may have been somewhat spineless when we first met him, but he was willing to die before you went Super Saiyan..."

"Looks like I taught him something after all!" Corey yelled. "That's me four, my parents, zero."

And with that, Corey and Sonic leapt through the portal. It closed behind them. Right as they did this, the multiversal void filled with white light. The Dimensional Stones, their power used up, grayed out. While the White Stone remained at the center, the other four split across the span of reality once again, unusable for a long time.
Bambi and Faline were flung once more through an interdimensional portal. This time, they expected this, and were prepared. A moment later, they were back at the scene of the fight. They could see a pool of red, where the young prince lay, near fatally injured by Ronno, though that blood pool was vanishing fast, for some odd reason. The strange light show in the sky was nowhere in sight. It was now evening.

"We're back...and everything seems like nothing happened here at all..." Faline noted. "It looks like everything's going back to the way it was before Corey and Sonic came in."

"Yeah..." Bambi noted. "...Those two were too weird to be animals..."

"Bambi?" Faline asked. "Are your spots...gone...?"

"Huh?" Bambi turned, bewildered, to see that the spots on his back were absent, leaving his fur neutral brown in color.

"And you have antlers too!" squealed the doe.

"No way!" the young prince responded, looking up towards his head. His antlers were stubs, but they were still there, poking clearly out of his head. "I wonder if this is because of all the weird stuff that happened back there..."

"Oh...ungh...what...happened...?" a voice groaned from over by a tree which had a vanishing imprint on it. Immediately, Bambi and Faline carefully advanced. Before them was a normal-looking Ronno, finally struggling to his feet after the critical blow the golden-furred Corey had landed on him earlier. He locked eyes with Bambi. For a moment, no one bothered to speak. No one breathed.

A chill ran through Ronno's eyes.

"I-It's you...!" Ronno yelled. "...S-Stumbles...! N-no...Bambi...?!"

"Wha--" Bambi started, completely confused. There was no way he and Corey looked alike, especially since the last form Ronno saw Corey in was a buffed-up golden form.

"...The same eyes..." the dark fawn receded. "Ugh! D-don't think this is over! One day...we will fight again, and when we'll be sorry!"

And without even bothering to elaborate on when this would be or what he was talking about, Ronno fled, his tail between his legs. He was clearly frightened of something.

"'The same eyes...'" Bambi echoed. "What did he mean by that?"

"...I wonder...Corey's friends were saying the two of you merged..." Faline responded. "Could more than just your bodies have merged?"

Before Bambi could delve into Faline's statement, a voice called out to him.

"Bambi!" The young prince whirled around to see his father, the Great Prince, running up to him. At either side of him were a gray rabbit and a skunk. "I felt everything! Are you...alright?"

"Corey saved his life..." Faline remembered, recalling how Corey shot a golden streak of light into the young stag's body to make his wounds nonexistent.

"'s over. Whatever was going on in the other world where Corey and Sonic came's finally done..." Bambi responded.

"Yeah! Way to stick it to 'em!" Thumper cheered. Then, he gave a skeptical look. "Er, it was you, right?"

"Does that really matter?" Faline asked. "The battle where we got sent was intense..."

"Speaking of Corey and Sonic..." Flower cut in. "Why ain't they with you?"

"...They're where they belong now..." Bambi replied. "They said everything is going to return to normal, the way it was before they came along."

"Bambi, listen to me..." The Great Prince said. "While the crisis is over, you must remember, always, the perils and the dangers of this event, and what you learned from them. Let them guide you. You may well surpass even me one day, if you allow this to happen..."

Not one animal said a word. They all reflected on the crazy events that had happened with Corey and Sonic, and they all agreed to treasure that memory indefinitely in their hearts. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn something, and it had been taken. And they knew that, even with their obvious battle-hardened experience, that Corey and Sonic would feel the same way...

Even if they wouldn't admit it.
All ten of the displaced fighters returned to the shrine. All the damage caused during the battle with Terror was reverting to normal. Just like in Bambi's dimension, the aurora borealis, the multiversal sign of disarray, as well as any other sky distortions, had vanished. The sun was still up pretty high in the sky.

"Man, we woke up pretty early to gather the Chaos Emeralds..." noted Eddy, the recollection of which causing him to yawn audibly. "I'm beat..."

"The Chaos Emeralds...!" Knuckles panicked for a moment. "Where...?" The heroes then looked to the shrine. The Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds were there, the Chaos Emeralds floating above the seven spires surrounding the shrine of the Master Emerald, with the green jewel in question set down safely in the shrine's pit.

"Well, the fight's finally over..." Streak said. "I'm gonna go now."

"Go?" Sonic asked. "But we just met!"

"I know, 'Sonic', is it?" the orange hedgehog asked. "But I am needed back at my clan. There's a shortage of testers, and I need to be able to make sure graduates, such as myself, are able to wield their powers effectively. We'll meet again someday, don't you worry about it."

"I'd like that. Maybe we'll spar a little," Corey said.

"Of course you'd say that," Drew spat.

"Nice to see some things don't change after all," observed Sonic.

"See you guys later." Streak spoke up, turning into a ball of light. A few moments later, he was nothing more than a yellow speck on the horizon.

"I'll be going my own way as well," Shadow said. "If trouble strikes, we will, as always, team up."

"Utonium taught you that lesson well, didn't he?" Sonic asked.

"Don't rub it in," said the black hedgehog. "Chaos Control." This statement was delivered with little emotion, his body vanishing in a blue light.

"I guess we'll be able to find you here, Knuckles?" asked Zach.

"As always. After all, I'm the guardian of these Emeralds. I can not allow them to fall into the wrong hands, disregarding sagas in which they are the major plot point." Knuckles responded, walking towards the shrine.

"Hey, Eddy?" asked Sonic.

"Yeah?" asked Eddy, already starting to lift off.

"You know, it's been forever since I'd had a race," the blue hedgehog continued. "So what do you say?"

"Alright Sonic, you've asked for it! I just saved the multiverse..."

"With help from the other two Eds, me, and a deer," Corey cut in, hiding his inner amazement at Sonic's attitude. "Couldn't wait to get started, huh, Sonic?"

"My engine's all fired up and ready to go!" the blue hedgehog yelled. "Couldn't do this back in the forest, especially not in my limited body!"

"I'm not gonna be going easy on you, Sonic!" Eddy yelled, preparing to blast off. "Last one to Peach Creek pays for the other's lunch!" Eddy soon became a green-yellow ball of light, and flew off.

"Oh yeah?" Sonic yelled, running and turning into a blue laser. As he and Eddy began to go towards water, Eddy allowed Sonic to hitch a ride momentarily. As soon as Sonic hit the water and began running along the top of it, their race had officially begun.

"Man, nothing will stop Sonic from racing short of being turned into a real hedgehog!" Corey noted aloud. "I'll never understand his competitive spirit."

"I'm wondering exactly what happened on your end, Corey," said Zach in question as the rest of the heroes, minus Knuckles, began to lift off.

"You became friends with those two deer while you were a deer?" Drew asked. "I'm not surprised at this."

"I wish I could have been a deer!" Ed yelled stupidly, the battle adrenaline having finally thinned out from his blood.

"So please, tell us what transpired on your end," Edd said.

The group of Saiyans began following the racing duo. During this, Corey began to get into detail exactly what happened on his end of the adventure, omitting his brief takeover by animal instinct and some other things that he would really rather not have Drew find out.

It had been one hell of an adventure in that forest. But Corey knew something deep-down. If he were to go to another universe, hopefully, it'd be one where at least he wouldn't be so restricted in terms of body...


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Post  SSJ5G on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:49 pm

It's been a couple of months now, Corey thought. Appropriate time for us to have a celebratory cookout, I guess.

Nearly everyone who participated in the final battle was at the party. Only two hedgehogs were missing, and they seemed to prefer solitude anyway, so their absence was understandable. The rest of the heroes, even those that didn't directly participate in the fight, were there. The only ones of them that couldn't be were the deer, but that was because they were off-world normally anyway. The young Saiyan was off to the side, reflecting on what was going on.

I don't think I'll ever forget my first interdimensional jump, Corey thought to himself. Meeting interesting characters, and fighting alongside them. Still, who would have expected there to be not only one, but two films about that world? I tell you, it changes everything experiencing it firsthand, and shaping it according to what you do makes the experience anything unlike watching a movie.

Corey's inner mind that had briefly appeared in his mind was right about one thing: he could really focus on his training. One of the movies was recent, only coming out last year; the other, released sixty-five years ago.

Sonic's still not accepting Amy's advances, but he's not rejecting them either. Shadow and Streak went their own way. Tails continues his work in mechanics. Knuckles continues to watch over the Master Emerald. The Kids continue to do what they do. As for us...we've kept our training up. No chance we'll be going to other worlds again any time soon. No real need for it, come to think of it. You run the risk of interrupting one of the native's love life, and possibly, unwillingly become a part of it. Thank God that kiss never happened...

"KISS?!" Drew yelled, snapping Corey out of his thought. "What kiss?!"

Ah shit!! Was I thinking out loud?

"You've got some explaining to do, so you'd better do it, now." Drew continued.

"Oh, well, you see, I got caught up in the moment, instincts of the new body took over, and," The young Saiyan's common sense caught up to him, and had him realize that no matter how he tried to phrase it, Drew was still going to physically beat him as though it were a fight to the death. Transforming into a Super Saiyan and flying off, Corey quipped: "Exit, stage left!"

"Hey! Get back here!" A sound caused Corey to turn, to see that Drew had gone Super Saiyan and was now tailing him. "I'm going to rip your head off and shit down your neck no matter what you do!!"

"I told you, I didn't have control! I pulled away!" Corey argued.

As the two cousins began the "Flight of the Furry-Inspired Conversation", the others at the party took a moment to understand what happened, and what was going on now, and rather than help either side, they all began to laugh.

"...I'd better go restrain Drew..." Zach said, becoming a Super Saiyan himself and flying off in the direction the other two members of the Cousin Trio went.

Peace had been restored to the multiverse.

Unfortunately, it came at the cost of Corey's dignity. At least, that's what it appeared...


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Re: EEnE Z Universe 1: Interdimensional Crisis

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