Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 14: Deux Ex Machina or Deja Vu!

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 14: Deux Ex Machina or Deja Vu!

Post  SSJ mike on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:44 pm

Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 14: Deux Ex Machina or Déjà Vu!

FSSJ Drew: Sheesh…first it’s animals and now it’s more of the f--king robots!? Just what is this place!?

FSSJ Zach: Just quit your f--king whining and let’s take these motherf--kers down!

FSSJ Urik: …


The False Super Saiyans march toward their opponents and begin to destroy the ground with their energy blasts. Zach and Urik fly through row after row of androids and tanks, ripping through them like tissue, while Chase uses his Scatter Kamehameha to take down several miscellaneous troops.
Drew alternates between his Light Grenade and Special Beam Cannon, assisting Chase.
Sonic dashes through the crowd, jumps on top of one of the tanks, which inadvertently is blown up by another tank, Tails and Knuckles fly through the smoke and team blast their way through to the other end of the army.
The air was also filled dust and fire as Shadow and Michael destroy the fighter planes and robots.
As the battle ensues, a round man watches the fight on his flat screen, anger seeping through his mind.

????: Damn them! Clearly I’ve miscalculated the day to attack Mobius more seriously than I thought… Just who are the hedgehogs’ allies..?

Just as this thought passes through, a rumble shakes him off his balance and he realizes his own ship is in danger…

Kaio-ken x10 Corey: These bastards just don’t know when to give up!!

Corey is then hit by several energy blasts from the enemies and sent flying into a large building in the city.

An escape pod launches from the head ship and crash lands at the back of the ground army, which has just been virtually destroyed. The round man sprawls right out at the feet of the Shadow and Michael.

Shadow: Well, well… It was kind of you to pay us a visit, Eggman..

Michael: THIS is Eggman? I see where he got his name…

Michael said this in a joking manner, referring to his body shape.

Eggman: Damn it… I was sure my horoscope said that the day of your demise would come today…

Eggman looks down and secretly smiles, putting on a hopeless act.

Eggman: (thinking) These fools don’t know that I have a sentry bot checking their combat levels and the info is being directed to me… Hmmm…

Sonic: 20,000

Tails: 6,000

Drew: 22,000

Zach: 22,000

Ed: 10,500

Edd: 9,790

Eddy: 9,820

Shadow: 22,000

Amy: 4,000

Sarah: 5,000

Jimmy: 3,300

Nazz: 3,000

Kevin: 8,400

Rolf: 9,000

Vector: 20,500

Knuckles: 21,000

Rouge: 8,000

Bowen: 20,000

Chase: 22,000

Urik: 24,000

Michael: 24, 000

(thinking) Odd, I could’ve sworn that there was one more..

Kaio-ken x10 Corey: KAIO-KEN x15!!!!

Everyone turns around to the echoing voice and see a building get destroyed to pieces by an angered Corey.

Kaio-ken x15 Corey: RAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!! KAAAA..

Eggman: ! (thinking) Corey: Battle Power at… 300,000? And still increasing..!? 310,000...312,000...320,000...346,000..!!

Sonic: What the heck is that guy up to..?

Michael: Aw crap… Corey got a real chip in his shoulder this time…!

Zach: Should we stop him?

Michael: No, that’s too risky! We hit him and it can take out a land mass of about 3 square miles! Only choices are to let him do that or try to beat him in a beam struggle…

Zach: …I’ll do it then…

Drew: Try not to kill him, Zach!

Zach: …This is for your own good, Corey… Kaio-ken x15!

Eggman: ! (thinking) That one increased his power as well..! Zach: Battle Power at…330,000...no…340,000...345,500...350,000!

Zach: Haaaa….!!


Zach: (thinking) I don’t sense an ounce of mercy in him…Don’t tell me…!

Drew: It’s happening again..!

Chase: It’s the Oozaru in him, Zach… He’s not going to stand down until his instincts die down..

Bowen: I didn’t think that Corey’s anger would peak this much…


Zach: Galick Gun!

Eggman: (thinking) Power Levels now at…400,000..!?

As the two beams clashed, the ground rumbled…

The young Saiyan awakens the spirit of the Oozaru within and attempts to destroy Mobius! Will Zach win the beam struggle, or will they be forced to take Corey down?
Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy Z!

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