Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 13: Super Smash Eds: All-Out!

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 13: Super Smash Eds: All-Out!

Post  SSJ mike on Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:02 pm

Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 13
Super Smash Eds: All-Out!

Author’s Note:

For some reason, this reminds me of when you pause a game while you’re kicking ass to take a leak and then when you come back you have no f--king idea what to do.

Starkiller: Ho Yeah! Kicking the shit out of Storm Troopers and AT-ST’s and I’m loving it!

Player 1: Ah shit, gotta go piss now.

Pause the game.

Starkiller: Wait! No, dammit! We were about to do the Sith Cannonball! Shit!

Resume gameplay.

Player 1: Ah shit, can’t remember what I was doing.

Game over.

FSSJ Chase: Yo Bowen! Give me a hand here!

Kaio-ken x10 Bowen: AIR JUGGLE!

FSSJ Chase and Kaio-ken x10 Bowen kick Super Vector and Head Elite G.U.N. Combat Fighter towards each other, crashing and then grab them by the throats.

FSSJ Chase: And a brutal ballet!*

*Reference to SSJ7G’s Episode 5.

They throw their opponents toward each other and begin spinning rapidly like tops. They close, intensively damaging their targets while squeezing them, until they popped right out into the air and the Head Elite G.U.N. Combat Fighter explodes upon hitting Corey.

Kaio-ken x 10 Corey: ARRRGGHHH! Dammit, you two! Whose side are you on!?

FSSJ Drew: Corey! In front of you! IN FRONT!

Kaio-ken x 10 Corey: Ack!

Super Sonic: You’re mine!
Kevin is sent flying from taking Super Shadow’s mightiest blow and accidentally crashes into Super Sonic. Seeing a huge opening, Corey attempts to blast Super Sonic with Kamehameha, but is hit by the careening Rolf who had just been blasted away by Super Shadow.

Kaio-ken x 10 Corey: GACK! What the hell!?

Below, Jimmy and Super Tails continue going at it. Super Tails is attempting to catch him off guard, but Jimmy’s ballet stances left no weak points. Jimmy spun and kicked Super Tails to the face and sent him flying only to be kicked right back in the face.

After Super Shadow blasts the Kids away with his aura, FSSJ Michael clashes with him. FSSJ Michael puts on a serious face just like his opponent.

Super Shadow: …Not bad.

FSSJ Michael: …You’re not so bad yourself..

FSSJ Michael’s aura fluctuates and ascends to an even higher level of strength, taking Super Shadow by surprise and head butts him.

Super Shadow: Gurrgh!

FSSJ Michael pushes him upward with his palm and sends him toward the stratosphere at an altitude of 1,200 ft. Super Shadow regains his balance and shoots out three Chaos Beams in retaliation; FSSJ Michael throws out three Ki blasts to counter. The effect blinds both fighters until Shadow breaks the scene with his aura, only to find FSSJ Michael flying at him with an open hand!

Super Shadow: Chaos Blast!

Shadow’s energy immediately increases and spikes, blowing Michael back toward the ground. Michael flies out with his arms in front of his face and lowers his guard at a safe distance from the smoke screen. He assumed his opponent killed himself, until he heard a vague chant that sounded like Chaos Control.
Suddenly he feels a warm and stinging sensation to his back and he realizes he is being attacked!

Super Shadow: Chaos Blast!

Michael is hit at point blank range as the air spontaneously gives birth to a golden explosion which engulfs the wide blue skies. Michael soars out from the smoke, his arms covering his face.

FSSJ Michael: …Might have to take it up a little bit…Kaio-ken x5!
Instead of red sparks, Michael’s aura becomes a blood crimson, his eyes giving off a hostile glint. Shadow notices and before he has time to react, a hand is right in his face. Michael forces him through five skyscrapers before finally pushing him to the ground, forced down quickly with Michael’s dense Ki.
The road combusts with dirt and gravel just as Corey and Sonic come racing up and Corey is struggling to be on even ground with his opponent.

Super Sonic: Too slow!

Corey attempts at a left jab, but Sonic punches him five times and attempts at axe kicking him, but Zach crashes into the yellow hedgehog, switching opponents once more. Sarah, Nazz, and Kevin reinforce the struggling cousins by throwing Ki blasts at their opponents while the Eddy and Rolf assist Chase in defeating Vector and his crew. Ed, Edd and Drew are locked in a fierce beam struggle with the last five elite robots.

Super Shadow blasts himself out of the rubble and flies toward Michael. Michael puts his hand out and blocks Shadow’s punch, leans in closer.

FSSJ Michael: Excuse me, but can you please stop trying to kill me for one second?

Super Shadow: Why should I do that!?

FSSJ Michael: I just wanted to ask two things: One, why the hell are we fighting?

Super Shadow: …For once, yeah…Why are we fighting? I only came here because I saw that there was trouble here.

FSSJ Michael: Two, what the hell is that?

Michael points to a large egg shaped dome behind him, surrounded by fighters and drones. On the ground were large tanks and robot infantry.

Super Shadow: …It seems Eggman has caught on to the happenings here…

FSSJ Michael: …I’m assuming this Eggman is your nemesis?

Super Shadow: Correct, but that‘s beside the point. You stay here. I’ll go fight them.

FSSJ Michael: What!? And let you have all the fun!? Hell no, man! I wasn’t even finished fighting you! Besides, now might be the time for us to make amends for kicking the crap out of each other for no reason..

Super Shadow: …Whatever! Just stay out of my damn way!

Michael and Shadow fly towards Eggman’s fleet. The others notice the high moving energies.

Sarah: That’s weird…They don’t seem to be fighting…

Nazz: What’s going on..?

Chase: ! More enemies…!?

Drew: Looks like it..

They all catch sight of the ground forces and stop fighting with each other. The animals manage to identify the insignia on the robots and attack them immediately. The Saiyans, however, are confused and follow the animals to assist.

After agreeing on a truce, Shadow and Michael lead the counterattack against Eggman's assault! Who will triumph? Who will fall? Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!

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