Purpose of THIS section

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Purpose of THIS section

Post  SSJ5G on Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:15 pm

This section is not meant for just EEnE Z fanfiction, but fanfiction itself as a whole.

What can't be posted here:
-What-Ifs/Parodies of EEnE Z that make sense and aren't comprised of random jokes
-Fanfiction with crossovers that do make sense
-Normal fanfiction
-Original Stories
-Art of above
-Videos of above.

What can go here:
-What-Ifs to EEnE Z that make no sense to the storyline (i,E. what-if the PINGAS rangers came in)
-Parodies of EEnE Z that are completely random (i,E. Corey having multiple nightmares ala Sonic in the $EG@ parody)
-Fanfiction with crossovers that make no sense whatsoever (i,E. Metal Gear Solid + Crash Bandicoot + over 9000 other series)
-Art and videos of above.


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