Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 11: Mobius the Planet of Fun and War

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 11: Mobius the Planet of Fun and War

Post  SSJ mike on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:42 pm

Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 11: Mobius the Planet of Fun and War*

*I’d been reading the manual for Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and it mentioned Mobius as the planet of music and fun, so I decided to change it a little.

Edd and Kevin were dodging the furious storm of jabs and kicks thrown at them from the red and white creatures, while Jimmy took to the air and fought with the two tailed animal, racing past skyscrapers and creating calamity on the streets.

Ed and Eddy flew immediately down to assist the struggling party… that is, until they were stopped by a blur. A blue blur to be precise.

Eddy: What the--?!

Ed: That’s a fast rabbit!

Blue UFC(Unidentified Flying Creature): Rabbit? I ain’t a rabbit.

The blur drops back down like a comet and bounces back up.

Blue UFC: I’m a hedgehog!

The self-proclaimed creature uncurls and hook kicks Ed and Eddy.

Ed and Eddy careen down into two separate buildings, but Ed retaliated by flying right back and hay baling the creature’s stomach, which stretched back a couple feet.


Ed blasts out the red energy from his bulging body, smashing the blue hedgehog down and putting both his feet in its stomach and began spinning rapidly, creating a large tornado as they came down.

Blue Hedgehog: Spinning, huh? They don’t call me Sonic for nothing!

“Sonic” curled up into a ball and began to crank up the spinning speed, making the tornado blast out air waves which destroyed several planes flying overhead. As they touched down, they created a sandstorm effect, blinding and blowing away the ground fighters.



As the smoke cleared, a large crater was evident in the streets. Sticking out of the center was Ed’s buzz-cut head.

Michael and Zach noticed this and flew down to assist him, while Drew and Corey sought out other fighters.

Drew: Ed really overdid it this time…

Corey: ….

Corey then sensed a disturbance and put his arm up on his forehead, blocking an axe kick from Sonic.

Drew: ! F-Fast…

Corey: Almost got me there…

Sonic: You’re pretty good, detecting me and blocking that…

Corey and Sonic lock eyes and disappear. Drew looked around frantically, wondering where his cousin and enemy had gone. It didn’t take long to discover that they were fighting on the ground as the road spontaneously combusted fire and smoke, with the two opponents trading punches as they went.

Corey’s aura was now turning red, using the Kaio-ken, while Sonic’s was blue, zipping through the streets.

Corey: Kaio-ken x8!

Sonic: Hyaaahh!

The two sped through the streets blowing pieces of buildings off as they clashed and ran up the city’s tallest skyscraper.

Michael pulled Ed out and saw the fight had once again ensued. He motioned to Zach.

Michael: You go and give assistance, I’ll check if Ed’s okay.

He was interrupted by Bowen’s crash into a building; Chase could be heard yelling ‘BIG BANG ATTACK!’ in the background, creating a large explosion, causing the skyscraper Corey and Sonic were racing on to collapse. Sonic launched off first, while Corey took flight back flipped off and flew back up to meet Sonic in an air clash.

Zach: Better now than later, eh Mike?

Zach flew off to join the fray and clashed with the red creature, smiling as he found a suitable opponent.

Zach: Interesting, good power… What’s your name?

Red Creature: Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the Master Emerald, last of the Echidna race!

Zach: 2nd Commander Zachary of the Earth Coalition, one of the last of the Saiyan race!

Knuckles and Zach pressed harder, energy blowing out of their bodies as they began fighting.

Zach: Kaio-ken x8!

Knuckles: Grrghh!!

Jimmy and the orange tailed creature were the only ones unaffected by the ground conditions, seeing as how they were already in the air. The orange creature proved to be a formidable opponent for Jimmy as he used his tails to bat back the Ki blasts Jimmy threw at him.

Jimmy: Take this! KAAA…MEEE…HAAA..MEEE….

Orange Creature: If this doesn’t work, then my name isn’t Miles “Tails” Prower!

Jimmy put his hands in Kamehameha formation and began zipping around buildings to confuse Tails. This tactic almost worked, as Tails was able to guess Jimmy’s general movement pattern.

Jimmy appeared behind Tails and released his most powerful attack.

Jimmy: HAAAAAA!!!

For a minute, it looked like Tails did not know of the approaching attack. But then he suddenly jumped up, dodging the attack and came down for a straight punch at Jimmy.

Michael managed to slap the lumphead awake after Eddy vengefully used the Kaio-ken and assisted Bowen, Kevin and Sarah in combating their foes.

Michael: About damn time you woke up, Ed!

Ed: Ed’s head is still fuzzy… Does anyone have any cheese?

Michael: Now really isn’t the time, Ed!
He noticed several explosions coming from all over the city, noting that Drew,Edd, Rolf, Sarah and Johnny were fighting several of the military elite robots, Kevin, Eddy and Bowen were fighting a white bat, a rabbit and a large cat, Chase and Zach were fighting with an echidna and a crocodile, Jimmy with a fox, and Corey against a blue hedgehog.

Michael: There’s fighting all over the place..! What are we going to do..? Dammit, think!

Michael pounded his head as he and Ed were trying to decide about who to reinforce.

Michael: Maybe I could use Split Form, but that’d split my power to low even if you reinforce one group!

Ed: How are we going to split the pie of allies?

Michael and Ed are at a standstill as they’re frantically deciding who to help, as they’re fighting on not a double, not a triple, not a quadruple, but a five-sided front! What will their decision be as new rivalries are forged?

Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!!!

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