Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: A NEW FUSION!!??

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: A NEW FUSION!!??

Post  SSJ mike on Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:22 pm

Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy Z
Ed? You mean THE Ed?

Michael staggered back up and yelled to Hyaos, clutching his bleeding arm in the process.

Michael: You--gack! Damn you… You’ll pay one day-cough! Gorgh-gack!

Michael coughed up gallons of blood due to the overwhelming blows he had taken from the entity that was fused from Hyur de Im and Super Chaos.

Hyaos: Really? How will I pay…by getting killed or killing you? I wonder..

The being replied in its two-synchronized-into-one-voice. Michael gritted his teeth as he saw the dead bodies of the Kids, the Sonic team, the Veterans, all in a sea of blood and limbs. Their whole army, virtually defeated with only one last standing. Dammit, where were the Eds?
Suddenly as he blinks, he sees a sight that he thought he would never see. Their backs were turned to him, their heads instantly confirmed their identity.

Eddy: I think we’ll go with Option 1...

Eddy said with a grin. Edd surveyed the gruesome battlefield and gritted his teeth.

Edd: Michael, who is the one responsible for the death of our comrades?

Michael: Who do you think? That’s the guy responsible… Be careful, he’s the result of the fusion of Hyur de Im and Chaos.

Edd: ! Are you serious?

Ed looked around and noticed Sarah’s lifeless corpse and his monobrow curled into anger.

Ed: That son of a Rathlok…!

Eddy: We’ll kill you for what you’ve done!

It was then that Michael noticed something different about their power levels.

Michael: You three… You can utilize..!

Before he knew it, all of the Eds had waist-length golden hair, and over-stretched brow tissues. They all looked at him and said simply this:

Eds: Let us handle this.

Eddy advanced forward and struck, only to be met with an open hand block, Edd kicked Hyaos in the pectoral muscle, and Ed went forward like a rocket, head butting Hyaos in the face.

Hyaos was sent flying and his face curled into a smile.

Hyaos: Well, at least your blows are strong enough to actually make me work.

Hyaos countered with several Chaos Beams, shooting out the large balls of pure energy and snapped his fingers, causing them to create an explosion so massive that the light nearly covered the entire planet.

He scanned the horizon for his adversaries, seeing only an SSJ3 Michael flying right at him with a fist!

SSJ3 Michael: Super Kaio-ken x10!

The being was struck with the powerful blow, the affected area stretched back at least three feet. Michael took his fist back out and put his hands in Kamehameha formation.

SSJ3 Michael: DRAGON--!

Hyaos recovered just in time to see SSJ3 Michael preparing his ultimate attack.

SSJ3 Michael: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!

Michael blasted a Kamehameha at least two-thirds the size of the planet at Hyaos, blowing him into outer space. From that stream of energy formed a dragon, which began tearing Hyaos apart.

Hyaos: ARRGH!

The explosion was the size of a supernova, destroying several planets in the process. The enormous amount of energy Michael had used made an enormous setback in power, causing him to lose his Super Saiyan 3 form. Michael was dripping with sweat as the Eds flew to his side.

Michael: It won’t be long before he regenerates, so we have only one shot at this.

SSJ3 Edd: What strategy do you have that we can utilize to defeat this monster?

Michael: You know the Fusion Dance, right?

SSJ3 Eddy: Wait, I don’t think it worked three-way, does it?

SSJ3 Edd: He’s correct. Even with Fusion, we can’t fuse with the third person!

Michael: I know it doesn’t work like that but hear me out. While we learned about the Fusion Dance from Goku, I began to look into it a little more and it was then I discovered another type of Fusion.

SSJ3 Edd: Another type of--?

Michael: It’s called…Transfusion.

SSJ3 Edd: Isn’t that the complete transfer of one substance of one host to another host, and vice versa?

Michael: Correct. And you do know how to give energy to others, right?

SSJ3 Ed: Ed knows the secrets of energy donations!

Michael: That’s right. And I want you guys to transfer your energy into EACH OTHER.

SSJ3 Eddy: What?

SSJ3 Edd: That goes beyond logical reasoning! How will this--?


The three Eds quickly comply with his orders and begin transferring energy to each other, the energy streams forming a triangle between them.

Michael: Once you understand each other’s power, you’ll understand what to do next…

At last, they began to understand what he was getting at. This wasn’t some stupid donation ritual. He wanted them to use Transfusion…
The energy waves began to solidify and form chains, just as Hyaos came jetting back to the planet.


Michael: Dammit, not now! You guys do what you have to do! I’ll try to buy you time!

Michael once again took on the form of a Super Saiyan 3 and flew towards his opponent. He was met with a storm of heavy punches and knees, unable to block them, but able to take them.
Michael was near the edge of death while the Eds focused hard on their duty.

We’ve been friends for years, guys.. What is that we don’t understand about each other..?

Right on! We’ve stuck through beatings and chases, why fall now?

Gravy of justice melded with the peanut butter of friendship and jelly of greatness will persevere!

They began to think as one, as the energy chains pulled them together, their body mass turning into energy particles and shaping a figure.

Michael: (thinking) Dammit! Hurry up! I don’t know how much more I can take!

At that second, a large flash emanated from behind him, blowing fierce winds, the light blinding the entire universe. Michael looked back and saw a figure with a pronounced mono brow, spiky hair with a white stripe running up the right side bang, and a inverted square head, dressed in the apparel of the Metamoran race.

Michael: Gurrgh…about damn time, you three…

Michael said as he fell to the ground, reverted to his base form. He hit the ground with a thud, nearly losing consciousness.

Hyaos: Hey! I’m not done with you, Michael!

Figure: Hey. I’m your opponent NOW.

Hyaos: ! Who are you? What happened to those other three?

Figure: You mean the Eds? They’re right here. I’m the result of them using Transfusion. They are me, I am them. I am THE Ed!

Hyaos stares in confusion as The Ed opens his eyes and blasts him away just by staring at him. Michael witnesses the maneuver and smiles weakly.

Michael: Heh. That bastard doesn’t stand a chance against…Eden!

The Ed hears the name and strokes his chin.

The Ed: Eden…as in the Garden of Eden, eh? I like it. Just touching me will bring your downfall, Hyaos.


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