Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 10: Foreign Dimension

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 10: Foreign Dimension

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 10: Foreign Dimension

After a surprise attack from the surviving androids, the Saiyans are marooned in an unknown dimension. They soon come upon a futuristic civilization, not knowing if it was inhabited by hostiles or allies…

Michael: Wait! We shouldn’t be too rash about this. We’re in a location we know nothing about, just that we shouldn’t be here.

Zach: Well, what do you propose we do about it?

Urik: Perhaps we should send out a scouting party.

Bowen: That might work.

The crew assembled a three-man cell based on speed to go out ahead and investigate. Among the elected were Edd, Jimmy, and Kevin. Sarah and Nazz seemed to have something to say to the three, though.

Edd: Sarah? Nazz? Is something the matter?

Michael whispered in Zach’s ear.

Michael: Is it me, or has Cupid always been a Jumper?*

*As you can guess, this is a joke about the Greek god of love being an inter-dimensional traveler.
(Of course, I’m also referring to the movie.)

Zach snickered, and Sarah and Nazz scowled at him.

Sarah turned to Double D and Jimmy, took a deep breath and said, “ You two take care of yourselves, you hear?” Double D and Jimmy understood the message beneath those words and nodded.
Nazz, however, had a little more difficulty telling Kevin what she wanted him to know. And she had to actually say it out loud, in front of everyone, for the dumb jock to understand.*

*I’m really lazy and I wanted to cut to the chase. This is nothing compared to a manga artist’s schedule.

The team flew off, Edd being the fastest.

Corey: Do you really think they’ll be fine?
Chase: They should be able to handle it.

Edd retained lead position of the trio, looking back to check if they could keep up. Jimmy was following close, while Kevin was lagging a little behind him.

Kevin: I didn’t expect Double Dweeb and Fluffy to be faster than me…

As pangs of jealousy seized Kevin, Edd pointed out a good place to land in the city.

Edd: There. That spot doesn’t seem so communal. The possibly hostile civilization won’t mind a few people in the alley.

The three made their landing as incognito as possible. Edd came out through the narrow opening and observed the town. What he saw was far beyond his comprehension. No, far beyond his imagination…
Animals, with a basic understanding of the human language, the ability to walk on two legs, weird outfits, and oddly enough, one eye with two pupils. Or so his eyes were telling him.

Edd: I…I don’t believe this…. Animals with fully functioning vocal chords and completely capable of two legged vehicular motion…

Jimmy: Animals? What are you--?

Jimmy looked and could not believe his eyes…

The animals seemed to be having a discussion about something, either about strategic matters or some unorthodox subject.

Orange Animal with Two Tails: And I keep telling her to stop hanging out with the wrong guys, but she never listens.

Blue Spiky Animal: Well, it’s her choice about whom she can date. After all, she did try and flirt with Blushy Fists here.

Red Spiky Fisted Animal: Hey! It ain’t my fault my drink was spiked!

White Winged Animal: I really should remember to do that sometime later.

Cream Colored Rabbit: You’re very strategic when it comes to lewd habits, aren’t you?

White Winged Animal: It’s my thing, Cream.

Jimmy pulled his head back behind the wall, nearly passing out from what he just heard and saw.

Jimmy: Either my eyes and ears are worse than I thought or those animals are really doing those things!

As Jimmy rubbed his eyes, one of the animals walked up behind him. Edd and Kevin stood up, ready to engage any possible chance of hostility.

Blue Spiky Animal: Who the heck are you?

At that moment, Kevin fired a yellow Ki blast which caused a large explosion destructive enough to level a whole skyscraper. Edd and Jimmy turned around, their eyes and mouths widened.

Edd: Are you insane, Kevin?! Why did you have to fire that energy projectile at that creature? He was only asking for our designated namesakes!

As soon as the smoke cleared, the blue animal was gone, the others gaping at what had just occurred. The animals soon turned hostile and a battle engaged, beginning with Edd’s lecture on not killing any of them.

Outside the city, the others saw the massive smoke columns and minor explosions that were kicked up by the catastrophic skirmish. Ed was the first to notice(surprisingly, being the dumb but lovable oaf he was.)

Ed: Look! The Wars of the Changelings have begun!*

*A reference to Gohan2535’s Text Story. If you want more details, ask Gohan2535.

Chase: …Looks like the scouting party really is having a party…

Zach: Should we help?

Johnny 2x4: This looks like a job for Captain Melon-!

Sarah pinched Johnny’s lips and kicked him all the way to the city.

Sarah: Quit yer yapping and let’s go!

Bowen: I’m assuming that answers your question, Zach…

The Saiyans all fly after the falling meteor that was Johnny.

An act of reflex, Kevin suddenly fires off a Ki blast and presumably killed one of the strange life forms. In retaliation, the other life forms began battle with the scouting party while the Saiyans head their way… So what happens next? Find out on the next....

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