A Glimpse of the Future

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A Glimpse of the Future

Post  SSJ mike on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:39 pm

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z
A Final Sacrifice

Corey: What about Drew and Zach? Did they make it?

Michael and Ed flinched. They hesitated to look at Corey. Those longing eyes, they couldn't bear to tell him the terrible news, the terrible fate of his cousins, yet he had to know.

Amy: Yeah, and what about Sonic?

This time it was Johnny and Jimmy who froze at the question. All four of them were knew the dark truth around the heroes' demises.

Ed: Uh, the guys are-

Michael put his hand on Ed's chest and shook his head.

Michael: No. We can't keep this a secret.

Corey and Amy were confused a bit by Michael's statement. They saw him take a deep breath and put his hand over his face. They began to realize the message before it was put into words, but they did not want to believe it. Even though the sole witnesses were confessing the truth.

Michael: Listen, what I have to say isn't easy to keep bottled up or say, but...

Corey and Amy listened, intent on hearing on every word. The others just stood back, arms folded or sitting lotus position.

Michael gulped a few times and let the words flow out...

Michael: Shadow, Edd, Eddy,Luigi and Bowen are going to be all right, but...

Johnny: ...

Jimmy: ...hmmm..

Michael: Drew, Zach, Sonic, Urik, Knuckles, and Kevin... They were...killed...
Hyur de Im...slaughtered them...

Corey and Amy were now panicking in their minds, wanting to believe it was not true, that it was some kind of sick joke, but they could do nothing but let their hearts dictate that it was the truth.

Amy's shock was so severe, she saw black splotches in her vision as it began to blur with tears, and then she felt the cold surface of the white marble floor.

Corey, however, shed no tears, but dropped to his knees. He began muttering, no whimpering incomprehensibly and then angrily punched the floor.

Corey: My only family...dead... They promised to come back...alive.. You idiots... you promised...

Michael: I'm sorry... Corey...


Corey screamed uncontrollably as he angrily transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and began pounding the floor, shattered by the loss of his older but beloved cousins. His face was wet with tears, as the four grave warriors stood with their heads hung.

The others took it hard and gave in to their tears. Even Rouge had a sad look and turned around. She did not want to show that she was shedding tears after having a past of no sorrow.

Rouge: That red furball...(sniff).

Corey's mind went beyond breaking point and yelled.


Corey attemped to fly away, but Tailsko grabbed onto him and hugged as tightly as possible.

Tailsko: Please, Corey! Don't go!

Corey: I have to do this! I'll kill De Im and anyone else who gets in my way!

Tailsko: I've already lost my brother to the Exon Alliance, I don't want to lose you!

Corey hesitated, and looked down at Tailsko's pleading face.

Tailsko: Please...don't go and die...

Tailsko began to cry, and Corey reverted to his normal state and stared up at the sky. The couple dropped to their knees, with Tailsko still hugging him.

Tailsko: I'm begging you, Corey...

Michael stood there sadly and remembered what his two rivals had said to him before they made their valiant sacrifice. Their last words...

Drew and Zach: Make sure we didn't die for nothin' and tell Corey...to always remember us...

He himself wished it were an illusion. Ed sobbed a bit, with Jimmy and Johnny still standing, not knowing what to think or do. Michael then regained composure and cleared his throat.

Michael: I know everyone is hurtin', even me. But we have to move on. They did what they could to stop Hyur De Im and we have to finish the job!

10 minutes later, a short funeral was held in honor of the fallen heroes, in chronological order of the first of the deceased to the last to die:
Tails, Urik, Drew, Knuckles, Sonic, Kevin and Zach.

Michael drew a portait of them all buddying around, when they were alive and breathing. He proceeded to write a short speech for the dead.

"To those who bravely served to preserve life and civility, those who tirelessly worked to make peace and happiness, who strived to find good and justice, we dedicate this memorial to these fallen legends, in hopes that they will find a place in God's loving embrace."
-M. V.
March 14th, 2007

Michael: If only they had died under more acceptable and better circumstances...

Those who were knocked out regained consciousness and heard the recent happenings. After the tears were shed and the emotional levels were normal, Michael announced to everyone.

Michael: I am sorry to interrupt such a sad procession, but we cannot waste any more time! If we are to make sure they didn't die in vain, then we are to defeat Hyur and the Exon Alliance! And to do that...

Chase: Then we are to train!

Everyone made raucous war cries in agreement.

Nazz: But where are we going to train? The Lookout had been destroyed by Utonium!

Mario: She speaks-a-true! The vile Power-a-Prof. is still going around with Hyur de-a Im!

More to come!

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