Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z: Episode 7: Training Calls

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Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z: Episode 7: Training Calls

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With the storytelling out of the way, our heroes continue to train Kevin and Rolf, who had seen the Eds' and Corey's example of fighting. Kevin, however, felt a pang of jealousy towards Eddy…

(Drew and Zach are sparring to show an example and to train as well. Kevin and Rolf watch diligently.)

Kevin: Rad moves, dudes..

Rolf: Rolf has to say that these rituals are even more exciting than Rolf's shepherd boy days!

Drew: C'mon, Zach! I thought you had more than this!

Zach: Yeah? Well I wouldn't even call this a warm-up!

(Drew and Zach continue to spar, although much more fiercely this time.)

Corey: Those two. They never stop trying to outdo each other.

Michael: It's called 'rivalry', Corey. Look into it.

Corey: Screw you.

Michael: Don't cop an attitude, kid. You can't deny that you will find your own rival.

Corey: Yeah. I guess.

Eddy: Heh. At least it's fun to watch those two go at it.

Edd: Eddy's correct about that. You can learn something from that kind of fighting.


(After ten minutes of almost hostile sparring, Eddy steps up to the plate)

Eddy: All right, since you newbies are so weak right now, I'll be your opponent. Can't say I'll like it though.

Kevin: I've been wanting to do this for a long time, dorky.

(Kevin cracks his fists.)

Rolf: Rolf shall not hold back Rolf's mighty ham of doom!

(Rolf puts on his head what appears to be a hollow ham decorated with wieners and pork slices. Eddy starts snickering.)



Rolf: !

(Both Kevin and Rolf attack Eddy. Their combined punches send him flying.)

Eddy: Oof! Not bad, I'll give you that!

(Kevin and Rolf are on the offensive as they alternate punches and kicks on Eddy, but Eddy blocks them all.)

Eddy: That all you got?

Kevin: Grrrrrrr…..

(Kevin begins hitting harder and faster than Rolf, and eventually goes on par with Eddy.)

Eddy: Oomph! Grah! Daugh!

Kevin: Puagh! Heegh! Yargh!

(Both are now fighting at full power, causing the surrounding houses to crumble to the ground. Rolf stops to take a breath, and watches them go at it.)

Rolf: They even make the urniks in Rolf's body shudder!

(From the ground, everyone except Michael are gaping at the two fighters.)

Bowen: I-Incredible! Kevin and Eddy are completely even!

Michael: Heh. To attain that much power in such a short time… I'm amazed…

Zach: …I guess I underestimated those two.

(Rolf flies back down.)

Rolf: Rolf cannot keep up with Three Haired Ed Boy and School Jock Boy.

Michael: I'm not surprised that you can't, Rolf. They're on a whole different league from you.

(Eddy and Kevin continue their fight, until Eddy and Kevin get so enraged at each other for their insults.)



(Both of them fly back opposite ways and put their hands in Kamehameha formation.)



(Back at ground level..)

Edd: What are you doing?

Drew: They'll blow away the whole town with that power!

Michael: …. I wonder when Kevin learned the Kamehameha…

Chase: Mike! Why are you so calm about this!

Michael: Just watch.



(Blue flashes of light begin materializing in their hands.)


(Both shoot out large beams of blue Ki.)


(The beams meet, summoning violent winds as they struggle to win the Beam Struggle. The concrete and shingles are being ripped from their respectable places.)



Johnny: Cooool…

(Jimmy cowers behind Sarah.)



(Eddy's body begins emitting a red aura, as does Kevin's)

Edd: Kevin..! His body!

Zach: No way! That kid's already mastered the Kaio-ken!

Michael: …Even I didn't expect him to reach that degree of strength yet..

(Both beams grow in size, and Eddy and Kevin continue to push harder to overpower each other.)

Michael: Okay! It's time someone put a stop to this!

(Michael flies up and creates a shield between both individuals and their beams, cutting off the energy flow.)




(Eddy and Kevin remain silent. Michael lowers them to the ground.)

Michael: I'm going to take out the shields now, but if you're gonna fight like you're going to kill each other again, I'm going to knock some sense into both of you! Got it!

(Both Eddy and Kevin nod.)

Michael: Okay.

(The shields disappear.)

(After two hours, Drew and Zach are sparring for their own strengthening gain.)

Drew: I bet you can't do this!

Zach: How about this!

Michael: (sigh) You morons are still going at it? Why don't you both turn Super Saiyan and save me the trouble of having to play peacemaker?

(Drew and Zach's bodies emit orange auras and their hair turns reddish-brown, and they begin Round Two as False Super Saiyans, although they believe they are real Super Saiyans.)


(Michael tries to mediate the fight, while the Eds and the other Saiyans discuss what to do for the next few hours.)

Bowen: I guess the Eds and Rolf'll take tonight's watch.

Chase: I agree.

Corey: Me three.

Edd: It's settled, then.

Ed: and me…uh…what comes after three?

Eddy: Four, Lumps-for-Brains.

Bowen: Hopefully we can get through tonight without any occu-!

Chase: Without any what?

Edd: Did you feel that?

Eddy: Feel what?

Bowen: (shiver) This power…I feel evil from it…

Corey: …! It can't be….!

(The Saiyans fly to where their three most powerful warriors are, and Edd goes with them. Ed and Eddy are confused.)

Eddy: What's their deal?

Ed: Beats me, Eddy!

(A dark hooded figure shows up behind Eddy and Ed. They turn around.)

Eddy: Who-!

(The figure punches Ed and he is sent flying towards a nearby building. The building is destroyed, while Ed is almost unconscious, but barely twitching.)

Eddy: (Thinking) What did he just do! Did he knock out Ed with one hit!

(Just before the figure is about to hit Eddy, Michael flies down and uppercuts the stranger.)

Stranger: Oomph! I'll admit that smarted a bit…

(The hood the stranger used to conceal his face flies off, and Michael recognizes his most hated enemy.)

Michael: N-no way….

Stranger: Surprised? I'm sure you missed me… Especially during that Beam Struggle three years ago!

Michael: So you're still alive…

(His face is illuminated in light now.)

Michael: …Urik!
Urik: I suppose you don't trust me anymore, do you?

Michael: Err…(thinking) Oh, I think I know what you want, Urik…

Corey: ….How…? We saw you get blasted away by-!

Michael: Let me guess…You used a bit of your power to push the blast back two meters, just barely enough to allow you to evade the attack…

Urik: (chuckles)Clever as always, Michael. How do you know?

Michael: …Somehow I just do.. But that's beside the point! Why are you here?

Urik: Simple. I'm here to make an alliance..

Drew: Yeah right!

Zach: I still remember that lump you gave me, you son of a b-ch!

(Drew and Zach get ready to fight Urik as both bodies begin emitting large orange auras, but Michael intervenes in their attempt.)

Michael: Wait, you two. Let me talk with Urik. If he tries anything, feel free to go at him.

(Drew and Zach power down, but eyeing Urik suspiciously.)

Urik: A wise decision, Michael. Perhaps we shall carry this conversation over there?

(Urik points to a desolated house. Michael nods and they fly off.)

Drew: …

Zach: ….I still don't like him…

Bowen: I get chills just starin' at him..

Chase: I never knew that Michael would be the only one who isn't afraid of him…

Eddy: Uh, hello? Little help for the fallen lumphead!

(Eddy is shown to be attempting to pull Ed out of the wreckage.)

Corey: All right, all right..

(Urik and Michael land.)

Michael: So, Urik. What is it that you propose about this… "alliance?"

Urik: I'm well aware I'm not the popular type in your society…

(He nods to the Saiyans who are attempting to pull Ed out in a chain effort.)

Urik: But I have something against the Exon Alliance as well.

Michael: …Like what?

Urik: They took what was most dear to me…

Michael: …What? Your pride? Your strength? Unless you mean..?

Urik: Yes, I mean…

Michael: (Shows a look of pity.) I'm sorry to hear that, Urik, but I'm not very sympathetic towards you right now. You know that.

Urik: Yes, I know why you aren't so friendly with me anymore. I did act like a fool and relied on someone else's strength aside from my own. But my desire for power overcame me and …

Michael: I don't want to hear it, Urik. Hearing about…her…the poor little girl…is enough to make anyone's heart break.

Urik: Heh. In all these years, I've thought of nothing but of beating you, Michael. Now, look at me. I, a Saiyan prince, am losing composure over…

Michael: … your little sister.

Urik: …

Michael: Is that why? I mean, not that I don't believe you or anything, I've met her myself, but is that the real reason you came?

Urik: (nod)…

Michael: I'm not sure whether the others will believe you or not. The only person you've actually told about her is me.

Urik: You're going to have to help me explain…although it pains me to say it…

Michael: No need. I'll just say that they made you look like a fool a lot of times.

Urik: (thinking) That's even worse….

(Michael and Urik fly back.)

Eddy: H-hey! They're coming back!

(Michael and Urik land.)

Zach: So? Why's he come here?

Michael: He only wants to exact revenge on them and he also deems it necessary that they be destroyed…

Drew: Who? The Exon Alliance?

Michael: Exactly.

(Ed, who has by now eaten a Senzu and recuperated, hops up and eyes Urik.)

Ed: Hmmmmmmm….

Urik: Uhhhhh….my apologies…

(Ed just walks away.)

Corey: Fine! He hasn't made too much trouble today, and we also need all the help we can get. He can come. First, what can he do?

Urik: …I can still go Super Saiyan, but I no longer retain the ability to use my Dark Form.

Michael: Of course…

(Hours later, Urik is instructing the freshly healed Nazz, Johnny, Sarah, and Jimmy, as Zach and Drew have taken over teaching Rolf and Kevin.)

Bowen: Are you sure we can sure trust him?

Michael: Leave it. As I said, we need all the help we can get, since we can't beat them alone.

Chase: …

Michael: Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We had to move as soon as everyone was able!

Bowen: Let them finish their training first. It's better to be prepared than just face off with a whole army with no experience.

Michael: True..

After more than three years of inactivity and absence, Urik returns! He proposes a truce with the heroes in order to stop the Exon Alliance! What new characters will they meet?

Find out on the next Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z!


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