Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 6: The School Wars

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Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 6: The School Wars

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Ed, Edd, n Eddy Z: Episode 6: The School Wars

Last time, the cousins were en route to the Cul-De-Sac, but were ambushed by Hornets! They made quick work of the Hornets, but it seems that there's an even stronger opponent following them!

Michael: They should be here at about…now!

(Corey, Drew, and Zach fly down.)

Chase: About damn time, you guys.

Zach: Ah, screw off, Chase. We had a little delay, that's all.

Drew: Yeah. It's only been two days.

Michael: Two days can make a huge difference, you guys.

Corey: Yeah, so who got hurt?

Michael: I'll show you.

(Michael leads Corey to the makeshift infirmary.)

Michael: I had some senzu beans, but I needed to save them for the next encounter.

Corey: How many more beans do you have?

Michael: About four more.

Corey: Four? I thought there were more of the kids.

(Michael points to the wriggling sack.)

Corey: Oh, I get it.

Michael: Rope's made of some pretty hard shit. I don't really want to do it because I don't want to kill the two kids inside.

Corey: Yep. This shit's hard all right. I wonder…

Michael: What? You mean you're thinking that it's manufactured from..?

Corey: Mm-hm…

Michael: You mean to tell me we're going to raid that place?

Corey: Definitely.

Michael: Well, it won't be that easy, seeing as the place is on the other side of the *Eucalyptis.

*The Eucalyptis Mt. is one of the major bases of the Genjo Organization. The Genjo Organization is simply a branch of the main threat, which is the called the Exon Alliance.

Edd: What? What place? What are you talking about?

Michael: We're talking about the place that originally manufactured this rope.

Eddy: What place?

Michael: The place where the androids get all their technology.

Eddy: Again! What place?

Corey: In literal terms, it's called Lab U9 4ARUS, but in your terms, it's called *Robot Rebel Ranch.

*RRR is a fictional place taken from Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Of course, it's one of Ed's fantasy worlds. However, in this version it really does exist.

Ed: Robot Rebel Ranch! Are the Nose Miners being destroyed by the robots!

Drew: Nose Miners?

Eddy: Don't mind Ed, you guys. He's just talking about another one of his frickin'-

Ed: I must raise an army of Garbage Droids! I must destroy-!

(Michael knocks Ed out with a whack to the back of the head.)

Ed: ~…gurk….

Michael: Sorry, Ed. You were getting a little… out of hand….

Edd: Ed!

Michael: Don't worry. He's only out for the moment.

(Ed jerks up.)

Ed: Gravy!

Michael: Told ya.

(At the Android-Humanoid base.)

Android Communications Specialist A-53: Sir! The reinforcements we sent for the Hornets arrived too late!

Android Front General O-7: Hmph. I knew they wouldn't be able to kill those Saiyans. They were weaklings anyway.

Humanoid Front General Yuick: Aren't you one to talk?

Android Front General O-7: It doesn't matter now. Tell them to advance on to Peach Creek!

Android Communications Specialist A-53: Yes, sir!

(Back at the Cul-De-Sac.)

Eddy: So how does the Kamehameha work again?

Michael: All right, I'll show you one more time, but you better get it right this time!

(Michael places his hands in front of him.)


(A large blue beam erupts from his hands and goes careening towards a house.)

Michael: And if you have complete control over it, you can do…this!

(The beam curves upward.)

Michael: Finally, when you hit your target, put all or most of your strength into it!

(The beam explodes.)

Eddy: Okay. I think I got it.

(Eddy places his hands in front of him.)


(A good sized beam erupts from Eddy's outstretched hands.)

Michael: That's it!

(The beam goes sailing towards the same house, but instead of curving upward, it destroys the house.)

Michael: Errrrmm…Well, I guess control is all we have to work on with you two guys…

But other than that, you did exceptionally well for newbies.

Edd: Us two guys? You mean me and Eddy? Why not Ed?

Michael: Because Ed, believe it or not, already maintains complete control over that move. I really don't need to teach him about that, but I'd recommend for him to get stronger. Besides, he also controls a whole array of techniques, so he should do fine for now.

Eddy: It's no surprise. Lumpy's been our powerhouse since Day 1.

Michael: Also, you aren't going to be alone in being trained.

Edd: Huh? What do you mean?

Michael: I mean the others are going to be trained as well.

Eddy: What? Why them?

Michael: Well, you see… they're also Saiyans…

Edd: You mean to tell us we've been living in a Saiyan-inhabited community this whole time!

Michael: Yes, but you three stand out as the strongest Saiyans here.

Eddy: When do THEY start?

Michael: Once they've completely recovered. For now, you'll be setting examples for them.


(Edd and Eddy turn around to see Kevin and Rolf stretching and dusting themselves off.)

Kevin: 'Bout damn time we got out. That dorky sack was giving me cramps!

Rolf: It was even more painful than getting beaten like a sack of potatoes by She Who Gives Migraines(Sarah).

Michael: But those two will start now.

Eddy: No way! I ain't training them!

Edd: Well, you know what they say, the more the merrier.

(Corey walks over to Michael and gives him the rope.)

Corey: So you think that this cheap thing came from the RRR?

Michael: Well, it's only designed to withstand 12000 G's. So, yeah. It came from the RRR. Where else do you-?

(Michael looks up.)

Corey: What? What is it?

Michael: Hmmm…

Corey: Androids? Hornets?

Michael: Five to the south of here….Three to the northwest….And two coming towards Drew and Zach…

Corey: Balnaans?

Michael: And they've got pretty good Power Levels as well… Must be about 14000 G's-23000 G's..

Corey: Lemme guess… Android Squad?

Michael: Ohhhh….Yeah…Definitely..

Corey: Should we get ready to fight?

Michael: No. We're not fighting. THEY'RE fighting.

Edd: Excuse me?

Michael: That's right, you guys. You're fighting this time. Besides, it's good training for you.

Eddy: Might as well. I'm dying to try out my Kamehameha in a real fight.


Michael: Just in case things get hairy, Corey will be fighting with you.

Corey: Me? Why me?

Michael: You know exactly why, Corey. You know exactly why.

Corey: What the hell is he talking about? I don't know why he's choosing me…

(Zach and Drew come flying in.)

Drew: Dude, they've got us surrounded.

Michael: I'm aware of that, thank you very much. No need to worry, though. Corey and the Eds are going to take this one.

Zach: Whaaaaat? These little pipsqueaks?

Michael: Don't underestimate them, Zach. You haven't seen what they can do yet.

(The Android Squad flies down.)

Android Squad Leader UT-1: Hmph. I was expecting a more high-tech headquarters, but I guess it's natural for Saiyans to establish such a primitive and inferior base.

Android Squad Soldier T-1: Nonsense! This looks more like the encampment of a mere human! A Saiyan camp would have to be much more primitive than-

(Corey punches T-1 hard enough to split him in half.)

Android Squad Soldier T-1: -this?

(Corey then destroys every piece of the android with a huge Ki blast.)

Android Squad Leader UT-1: You cur! You'll pay for-!

(Eddy prepares a Kamehameha.)


(The blue blast destroys UT-1.)

Eddy: Now that's what I'm talking about! HELL YEAH!

Edd: Eddy! Watch your language!

(The rest of the Androids surround the four Saiyans.)

Zach: You think those kids will be fine?

Michael: Of course they'll be fine. These Androids are just cheap scrap compared to the higher-ups.

Drew: True, but what if they try to pull THAT attack on those newbies? Every Android Squad knows that move.

Michael: What? The Meteor Combination? Oh please. Corey knows how the move works, so he can just tell them what to do. That's why I sent him along with the Eds.

Drew: Still, I'm a little concerned about those guys. Especially the one with the sock hat. He doesn't look like he was built for battle.

Michael: Double-D? Yeah, that bit is true. He doesn't seem like the fighting type, sure, but his Sixth Sense exceeds even ours, so he can tell which power level is rising, and its precise location.

Zach: Whatever. He still looks like a weak-ass bitch. Probably not as weak as Drew.

Drew: Hey!

(Edd tries to formulate a battle plan for a minute and then he turns to Ed.)

Edd: Oh, Ed! Want to play catch?

(Edd forms a small ball of Ki above his hand.)

Ed: Oooh! Oooh! Pretty light!

(Edd throws the Ki ball at three of the androids, Ed goes flying after.)

Ed: Ahaha! Hahaha!

(The ball detonates upon contact with the front most Android, thus destroying it.)

Android Soldier T-5: Darn it! Where is he?

Android Soldier T-8: I can't see anything with all this smoke!

(Ed flies right into the smoke and head butts one of the Androids into the sky.)

Android T-8: Aaaaarrrghh!

(T-8 goes flying so high he becomes as small as a gnat in the horizon.)

Ed: Where is the shiny ball?

(Ed wheels around with his feet kicking out and hits T-5 in the face. He goes flying out of the smoke and Edd uses the Kamehameha to destroy it.)

Edd: Take this!

(The Kamehameha obliterates the Android.)

Kevin: Even Double Dweeb is sending them to the scrap heap! How can those dorks be so strong!

Rolf: Having as much strength as Mama's kerjacks isn't hard, He-Who-Rides-On-Two-Wheeled-Carriage.

(Eddy gets assaulted by three Androids.)

Android T-6: Prepare for the Meteor Combination, Saiyan scum!

(T-6 does a storm of punches and kicks on Eddy and kicks him down to T-9, who kicks him and sends a flurry of Ki blasts at him. T-4 flies above the field of smoke and unleashes his deadliest move.)


(A white beam pours out of the android's chest hole and engulfs Eddy, forcing him to crash to the ground.)

Corey, Edd & Ed: EDDY!

Zach: Dammit! He's down! We've got to help him!

Michael: Don't worry. Just watch.

(The ground starts shaking. Then Eddy bursts the surrounding concrete off the ground with the red aura emitting violently from his body.)

Eddy: RAAAAAAAHHH! That's it! You're f-king dead!

(Eddy disappears and then reappears behind T-4 and punches his head off. He then unleashes a huge Kamehameha which completely destroys T-4 and the other Androids.)

Eddy: All right, who else wants some!

(Corey, Edd, Ed, Zach, and Drew are gaping at the rage-consumed Eddy.)

Michael: Heh. All it took was his short fuse to master the Kaio-ken. I just hope he doesn't destroy the Cul-De-Sac in that form.

(Eddy flies toward a pair of Androids.)

Eddy: DIE!

(Eddy forms a large sphere of Ki in his hand, throws it up, and punches it. The result is a whole bunch of Ki balls flying right at his targets. They all detonate and destroy the Androids.)

Eddy: Who's left? Ah, YOU!

(Eddy moves toward the remaining Android. The Android attempts to throw a few energy blasts at Eddy, but they all miss, and Eddy stops right in front of the Android and prepares a Kamehameha.)

Eddy: !

(This Kamehameha is even bigger than the last one he shot off and instantly obliterates the Android. The beam goes sailing off towards the horizon. After a minute, it causes a huge explosion.)

Eddy: And don't you ever mess with me again, you bastards…

(Eddy's body completely stops emitting the red aura.)


Rolf: May the Holy Meat Lord have chickens!

Zach: Holy shit…

Drew: Daaaaaammmnnn….

Michael: See? What did I tell you? I told you they'd be fine.

(Chase and Bowen come flying from the infirmary.)

Bowen: Did we miss anything?

Michael: Ummm…no, you didn't, there was just a tea party… Of course you missed something!

Chase: Okay, you didn't have to be so harsh.

Drew: Wasn't there one more? The one Ed head butted?

(T-8 comes back down and breaks in half on Ed's head.)

Ed: Who say what?

Drew: Never mind…

Zach: Not bad…For little kids.

(Eddy glares at Zach and his body starts emitting a violent white aura.)



(Zach and Eddy's bodies begin emitting red auras as the tension between them grows. They glare at each other fiercely.)

Edd: All right, you two, break it up!

(Zach and Eddy's bodies stop emitting red auras and look away from each other.)

Michael: (sigh) You always know how to piss off a guy, Zach.

(Hours later, Drew and Zach are instructing Kevin and Rolf in the basics of martial arts. Kevin and Rolf are moving through most of the lessons very quickly.)

Eddy: Huh. So Shovel Chin and Stretch actually don't suck. I don't believe it.

Edd: Well, Eddy, it's not that surprising. They have mastered the fundamentals of basic fighting. Also, they already know many fighting tactics.

Ed: Why are you asking if I want breath mints, Double-D?

Edd: Ed, what are you talking-? Wait, you thought I said Tic-Tacs?

Eddy: What else do you think, Sockhead? He's a dumb bimbo as always, so what else would he think?

Drew: Okay, you two. That's enough for now. We'll pick up training in another hour, so rest well!

Kevin: Aw, geez!

Rolf: Rolf…is….pooped…

Michael: Oh come on! Don't be such a crybaby! Back when the intensity of the School Wars was at its peak, it was like experiencing 15 hells at once!

Zach: Yeah, you don't know what the School Wars was like, and you wouldn't want to know.

Edd: Really? What is it that we don't know about that series of completely heartless killing and destruction?

Corey: There's a lot of things you don't know, Sockhead.

Chase: Yeah, so shut up.

Edd: Really, now! You don't have to be like that! If I don't know anything about it, then perhaps you'd like to tell me about it.

(Corey, Drew, Zach, Bowen, Chase, and Michael all look at each other. Then they turn to the Eds.)

Michael: Well, if you're that interested in hearing about it, then listen well…
Edd: Well, this should be interesting…

Ed: Oh boy oh boy oh boy, story time for Ed!

Eddy: Whatever…

(A field of gore and destruction. Lasers and Ki blasts are flying all over the area, and both sides of the battle are suffering heavy losses. Bodies and bits are being dragged back to their home base.)

Michael: At that time, we were real fools. We used to act first rather than devise a strategy.

(A younger Michael is shown clutching his left shoulder, which is bleeding.)

Younger Michael: Damn! Those bastards!

Younger Drew: You idiot! You're wounded! Let me tend to that!

(The younger Michael flies up and fires off a Kamehameha.)

Younger Michael: Have a taste of this!

Corey: Yeah, we used to be idiots back then. You went ahead and beat the living crap out of those guys each time you took a wound.

Younger Corey: WTF, Michael! STOP! You'll kill everyone here!

Younger Zach: Shit! That idiot! Drew, we have to help him out!

(The younger Zach and Drew fly out and start throwing a storm of Ki blasts at the opposing side.)

Michael: Little did we know, despite our huge advantage in the battle, that one of our own had turned traitor.

Edd: Oh my…

Alpha Commander: Whoo-eee! That boy's got 'em on the run! All right! It's time for an all out attack! Be sure the wounded are tended to!

(A dark hooded figure comes up behind the Alpha Commander and whispers a chilling message.)

Dark Hooded Figure: I'm afraid that won't be possible without High Command's jurisdiction.

Alpha Commander: Whadda ya mean? I'm ranked 6th Grand Advisor to the Grand General. We can do any action with my jurisdiction and view of the situation. Why are you implying such a ridiculous notion, Urik?

Urik: Because you've been relieved of said duty, sir.

(Urik fires off a red blast which kills the Alpha Commander.)

Alpha Commander: Wha-?


(Zach comes flying up.)

Zach: What the hell? Urik, why'd you kill the Commander?

Urik: Because he was a fool! Why should I side with you Saiyan peasnts! I am of royalty, and I deserve more than this! Besides, I won't be outclassed or beaten by you lowly scum!

(Urik punches Zach in the stomach and knocks him out.)


(Drew, Corey, and Michael fly up.)

Drew: Zach!

Corey: Urik, what are you doing? Explain yourself!

(Urik's thin mouth curls into a sneer and then he points at Michael.)

Urik: Michael! I've always wanted to kill you, watch you writhe in pain and hear your screams for mercy… Now, I will have the chance for that experience!

Michael: Urik! Stop! Why are you doing this now!

Urik: Because I need to prove….

(A black aura begins emitting violently from Urik's body.)


Michael: That's ridiculous! Why are you doing this now!

Urik: Heh heh heh… I've always dreamed of such a moment, Michael… You always were the greatest nuisance to my goal… And to reach that goal…I HAVE TO KILL YOU!

(Urik unleashes a large dark orb.)


(Corey, Drew, and Michael fly out of the way. The ball then falls like a comet on the battlefield, creating a huge hole the size of a small metropolis.)

Michael: Guys! Grab Zach and tell the Reda Commander immediately!

Corey: What about you, Mike?

Michael: I know this isn't the best time to imply this, but… I have to finish what me and Urik started! NOW GO!

(Corey picks up the unconscious Zach and flies away with Drew.)


(Urik throws another Gekkun Shandianzhan, but Michael jumps up and deflects the orb.)

Michael: Leave them out of this, Urik! It's me you want! Not them!

Urik: …I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. You know what they say… You can never defy fate…and this is our fate…and you won't walk away alive!

(Urik appears right in front of Michael and punches him twenty times in a split second.)

Michael: GAH!

(Urik unleashes a devastating blow, sending Michael careening down the large hole Urik had made.)

Urik: Heh…I guess your grave was already made the instant I threw that attack…Heh heh…

Michael: …You always were a crazy bastard, Urik….

(Michael bursts out from the hole.)

Michael: Now bring it, bitch!
Urik: Heh. Me? Crazy? I'm merely expressing myself, my dear Michael.

Michael: So you say…

(Michael's body begins emitting a very large red aura.)

Michael: (Thinking) Damn, even with the Kaio-ken x5 my power doesn't even come close to Urik's… When and where did he get such strength?

Urik: Hrm…So you still use that pathetic technique you call the Kaio-ken? Well it won't do you much good this time, because I've gotten much stronger!

(Urik and Michael fly towards each other and clash. Disappear and clash. Disappear and clash. Finally, Urik ends the process by landing two hits on Michael. Michael returns the debt with five kicks. However, Urik does not seem fazed by the blows.)

Michael: Hm?

Urik: That the best you can do, weakling?

(Urik suddenly starts pounding on Michael and sends him flying skyward. He flies behind him and throws a storm of Ki bombs at him.)

Urik: DIE! DIE! DIE!

Michael: NOT TODAY!

(Michael dodges every last one of them. However, Urik seems to have another trick up his sleeve.)

Urik: Heh heh.. I've got you, fool!

(Urik flies towards Michael and head butts him.)

Michael: GAH!

(Michael falls to the ground but lands right on his feet. Urik slowly floats down.)

Urik: Feh. I wouldn't even call this a warm-up.

Michael: Grrr…(thinking) Oh man! I'm getting my ass kicked all over the place… Dammit! I didn't want to have to do this, but I have no choice!

(Michael's body emits an aura, only this time it is orange. Michael puts on a grin.)

Urik: Hm?

Michael: Just as long as you can, body!* It's time to use that form!

*Son Goku had also said this in his first fight with Vegeta.

(The orange aura expands, while Michael's hair begins to rise and turn into a brown-reddish color.)


Urik: Wha-What?

(The aura finally explodes, creating a huge light. Urik puts his arm over his eyes.)

Urik: What the hell!

(In a location 106 meters away from the fight, Drew looks up.)

Drew: That light..! Michael? No…if he's been forced to use that form…then Urik must be powerful enough to destroy the earth!

(Back at the fight.)

(Michael is now violently emitting an orange aura, the pupils in his eyes gone.)

Urik: What!

(Michael is suddenly in front of Urik and Michael hits him 30 times.)

Urik: GLAGH!

(Michael roundhouse kicks Urik and follows it up with a punch augmented with his Ki.)

Michael: HYA!

(Urik is sent flying towards a cliff and Michael head butts him through it. He manages to plant his feet on the ground.)

Urik: Grrrgghhh….

(Michael lands close.)

Michael: Haff…Huh…(thinking) Damn, this isn't good…My body's already starting to wear out. If I try to drag this out, I'll get killed…

(Urik's temper boils and a large black aura is emanating from his body.)

Urik: Damn him! Damn him! Damn him! When did Michael get so damn strong! He cannot surpass Saiyan royalty! He's just a lowly piece of crap! RRGGGHHH!

Michael: (thinking) Urik's got some serious anger management problems…

Urik: RRGGHHHH! That's it, you're dead, trash!

Michael: Huh?

(Urik flies 30000 miles above the ground.)




(Urik puts his hands on one side of his body. A large black ball of light materializes in his cupped hands.)


*Burasutodakuhebunzukara means "Blast from the Dark Heavens". I dare you to say it fast 10 times.

Michael: CRAP! (thinking) I can't dodge this, but I can't attack him either! I've got no choice, then!

(Michael also puts his hands on one side of his body. From those hands materializes a blue light.)

Michael: Let's see how he handles a Kamehameha!


Michael: KAAAAAAA….



Urik: Prepare to die!



(Urik unleashes his blast. The horizon is filled with darkness as it jets straight to the ground.)


(The blue wave bursts from his outstretched hands as it jets towards its dark counterpart.)


(Both beams meet, both with the intention to overpower the other.)



Michael: (thinking) We're too even..! I can't counter it! Unless….


Michael: (thinking) Maybe if I use the Kaio-ken to augment my Super Saiyan form, there might be a chance I'll win this..! Hopefully the strain put on my body won't be too much for me to handle…

(Michael carries through with his plan, as what appears to be red electricity surrounding his aura. His Kamehameha begins to overpower Urik's blast.)


(Urik's blast enlarges, but Michael is quick to boost his Super Saiyan strength with Kaio-ken x2.)

Michael: !

(Michael's beam finally overpower's Urik's, as the black beam dissolves into nothingness.)


(The beam engulfs Urik and it continues to jet upward. It reaches into space and finally explodes, apparently taking Urik's life.)


(Back at ground level.)

Michael: Guurrghhh…

(Michael passes out and Drew notices his waning power level.)

Drew: Get a medic, immediately! Michael's dying!

(Drew, Corey, and a few medic units rush to Michael's side.)

Drew: Michael!

(Back at the present time)

Michael: And that was the end of my battle with Urik…After that, I was placed under intense medical care for four months. I didn't imagine that he was so strong…

Eddy: Holy crap…You? A Super Saiyan?

Michael: Yup. But I'll answer questions when we're done telling the story. Guys, it's your turn…
Corey: Right…Anyway, most of the battles after that were really minor compared to the last one that concluded the war, so we'll just skip on over to that part.

(Fields that were once lush and green are being desecrated by explosions, cannon fire, and for some reason, toilet paper. Both sides are suffering heavy casualties as they both discharge their ion cannons and laser shots. A younger trio of the cousins Zach, Drew, and Corey is seen infiltrating a very large domed building.)

Drew: This battle was very dangerous, and it required us to infiltrate the last of the Super Schools.

Zach: Blasts and sparks were flying everywhere, and we had little time to get into that Super School.. Luckily, by this time Michael had fully recovered and there were two new recruits AKA Bowen and Chase.

(The younger Bowen and Chase are shown to fighting several robot squads.)

Bowen: Eat this, you pieces of scrap! TRI-BEAM!

(Bowen fires off a Tri-Beam which destroys 3 robots, one half of a robot, and nearly hits Chase.)

Chase: Dammit! Bowen, watch where the hell you're firing! You almost got me killed!

(The younger Michael is shown to be decimating the battlefield. Green Alpha Commander is forced to reason with him.)

Green Alpha Commander: HEY! Be careful out there, kid! You'll kill us all if you keep this up!

Michael: I know what I'm doing!

(Inside the Super School, the cousins are fighting off a horde of Androids.)

Zach: Dammit! These things just keep coming!

Drew: If we don't end this now..!

Corey: Gurgh! Why you-!

Drew: Corey! Go on without us! We'll handle them ourselves!

Corey: What! B-but..!

Drew: The sooner you cooperate, the sooner we can get the hell out of here! NOW GO!

Corey: A-all right…

(Corey jumps over the horde.)

Corey: You morons get out of here alive, or I'll never forgive you!

(Corey flies into the central command room.)

Drew: Well, Zach. Looks like it's just me and you, man.

Zach: Sure is. What say we give 'em the ol' one-two?

(Drew and Zach split up and fly on opposite sides of the horde. They fire off a multitude of Ki blasts but instead of hitting the enemy, they just surround them.)


(The balls of energy close in on the horde and it takes out a huge portion of the school, taking the androids with it.)

Drew: Huh. Why didn't we think of that in the first place?

(Zach shrugs his shoulders. Then he suddenly throws a Ki blast jetting at Drew.)

Drew: What the-!

(The blast careens over Drew's head and explodes, revealing an Android that was just about to stab Drew with an energy spear.)

Zach: …That was close..

Drew: I don't think we can relax just yet…

(Two pairs of red eyes appear across the dark hallway.)

Zach: Oh, I think I'm gonna enjoy this…

(Back to Corey..)

Corey: Sounds like Drew and Zach took care of things back there. That clears up the exit issue.. Hm?

(Corey notices a bright light emanating from a large doorway.)

Corey: What the-?

(He flies right in, only to discover what appears a large energy radiation battery, and a spiky blue robot.)

Spiky Blue Robot:….

Corey: Who the hell are you?


(The Robot flies toward Corey with blinding speed and head butts him.)

Corey: Gurgh!

(The Robot continues its assault by stretching out its robotic arm and grabbing Corey, shocking him with 2,000,000 volts.)


(The Robot then begins pounding him with his other hand and knees him to the groin.)

Corey: GEHOFGH! I don't think I'm gonna have any kids…ooogghh…

(It throws Corey up in the air and it smashes him down back to the ground. It positions itself on the seemingly defeated Corey, and a white ball of light materializes in its hands. Three head scientists are watching the fray with delight.)

Head Scientist 1: Heh heh heh.. That boy stood no chance against our top model!

Head Scientist 2: For a Prototype, it exceeds all of our calculations…

Head Scientist 3: Interestisng…

(Back at the field of battle.)

Corey: (thinking) D-dammit… I'm cooked…Guys, I'm sorry….I couldn't do it…

(Almost as if they had heard him, the voices of his cousins ring in his head.)

Drew: Now what kind of talk is that, Corey?

Zach: Yeah! You ain't gonna let no scrap pile push you around, are you?

Drew: Now get up, and kick its ass!

(Corey's eyes bulge open as he suddenly stands up and an orange aura is emanating violently from his body.)

Corey: It's over for you…

(The aura increases in size, as his hair turns a golden brown. The light fills up the entire room.)

Head Scientist 1: WHAT!

(Outside on the battlefield, Michael notices the rapidly increasing power level.)

Michael: So…he's awakened it…(thinking) Damn! That power level's going up fast!

(Back at the room, Corey now looks very much different, as he has awakened a much more different persona.)

Corey: Prepare yourself, robot….

(Corey instantly appears behind the robot and elbows it to the ground, breaking it in half.)

Head Scientist 2: I-impossible! He broke it in half with one hit!

(Corey then unleashes a devastating blast upon the robot.)

Head Scientist 3: His power level's at 600,000. That's unusually high for a Saiyan. Especially for kid like him…


(As the blue light envelops both halves of the robot, Head Scientists 1 and 2 weep over the destruction of their most precious model.)

Head Scientist 1: NOOOOOOOO! HOW!

Head Scientist 2: WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Head Scientist 3: Get over it, you babies! He was a Prototype, anyway! What's more important now is getting out of here!

(The Head Scientists head to the escape pods. The metallic spheres launch away.)Head Scientist 3: We can at least make sure its sacrifice wasn't in vain. Computer! Activate the self-destruct sequence in the Super School.

(Back inside…)

Corey: Huff…Wheeze…Urgh…

(The aura disappears, his hair returns to normal and he slumps on the ground with a thud.)

Corey: Damn… I don't even have the strength to move…

(An automated voice comes on the intercom.)

Intercom: All personnel, please evacuate the building immediately. All personnel, please evacuate the building immediately. This facility has been set to self destruct in T-minus 2 minutes.

Corey: Aw, crap…This is not my day…

(At the hallway where Zach and Drew were, they've just finished off the last two Androids.)

Zach: Tch! They were pretty tough…

Drew: Shut up.. Let's go…

(The two fly out through the large hole they made while fighting.)

(Back at the room where Corey is…)

Corey: Dammit.. Got to…move…

(An orange figure flies through the doorway.)

?: Thank goodness! You're still alive! Hurry! You don't have much time!

Corey: Wha-? Who..are you?

?: No time for that! Here, eat this bean!

(The stranger gives the bean to Corey. Corey stares at the bean and eats it.)

Corey: Huh? M-my body! It feels like its on top of the world!

?: Good! Now are you ready!

Corey: Ready! Ready for what!

(The stranger grabs Corey.)

Corey: H-hey!

?: Cover your head! Once you see light fly away as fast as you can!

Corey: Yeah, but what about you?

?: Never mind me! Just do as I say!

(The stranger throws Corey up, and he busts through the roof. Corey flies away from the facility.)

(Back at the present.)

Corey: I never saw that guy again after that. I think he might've been killed in the explosion that followed just seconds after I flew out.

Double Dee: How sad. One thing that intrigues me though. When Michael described himself as a Super Saiyan, your description of your transformation seemed to be identical.

Michael: In truth, I knew he became a Super Saiyan during that battle, but I never told him.

Zach: Huh. So both me and Drew would've been whupped by Corey back then…

Drew: Guess I better go fetch Kevin and Rolf. Eddy, this time you're showing them some tricks.

Eddy: You're kidding… I ain't training those idiots.

Bowen: You'll do it whether you like it or not. Now just go do it.

(Sighing, Eddy drags himself to the training spot.)

Michael: Hopefully we'll have no more attacks until everyone is feeling better.

Chase: Somehow I doubt that…

After recounting the terrible war, the heroes decide to train Kevin and Rolf a little more before calling it a day. However, Chase feels they'll be facing more assaults before everyone has recuperated. Will Chase's prediction be true? How long will it be before everyone is up and able? And will Eddy learn to stop his whining? Find out on the next episode of..


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Re: Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z Episode 6: The School Wars

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....ED, EDD n EDDY Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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